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About me

I like to write dark romance, romance and also pure smut novels. I started writing on Wattpad and "Can I Have Your Number" is the first book I've ever written.


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For a man who has spent years without any emotional attachment due to the nature of his work and because he saw them as distractions, he fell pretty hard for Nova. Years of restraint down the drain at the mere sight of the gorgeous black woman, that soon became his maddest obsession. Even though I tried to stay away... "She's like the strongest addiction, She's my obsession" He's a stranger "She belongs to me. Her very being, and just like every cell in her body will call out for me soon enough." "He makes me feel things, that I've never felt before" "She's mine to do as I want, She's mine to ruin" "In the end, I was only His To Ruin" Nova Carter is a 19 year old, beautiful black woman who moves away from her negligent family, to college. College is a breath of fresh air. New people, a new friendship that doesn't seem to last very long. Her relocation also brought one more thing.... a stalker. Leonardo Ricci, tall, handsome and crazy. He sets his eyes on gorgeous Nova and Decides to learn whatever there is to learn about her. And he's surprised to find that the quiet, innocent, beautiful, Nova Carter isn't so innocent at all. She's been keeping a secret. Leonardo takes it upon himself to make the melanin goddess unravel from her lack of knowledge for his identity among other things, while settling his scores with his old friend, Edward Carter. Nova's father. Lies, deception, craziness, murder, blood is everything this story is mixed with and alot more.


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