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Angel's Revenge

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Alexis Marquez is a real example of a religious person with a pure heart. A loving sister, faithful and loyal servant of God. She devoted her whole life as a nun and serve God. She is a living testimony of God's faithful and loyal servants. However, a tragic incident follows that made her beliefs turn around and pushed her heart to disobey God's command. She loathes God and all religious beliefs. Hatred filled in her heart as she turned herself away from the convent and God. Her journey started as she set a foot in worldly deeds and left the world of Christianity.



It was total darkness as she set foot inside the church. It was heavily raining outside and lightning flashed inside as it brightens the dark room, making it more creepy. No one was there for it was midnight and only restless souls would attempt to visit the church during these hours.

A heavy feeling of grief was filling in her heart as she passed by the aisle. She was gripping her wimple and was staring at the altar with wet eyes. Her restless and mourning soul pushed her to be there these late and her slow steps echoed in the entire place. It was the only thing that you could hear aside from rain and thunder.

“I-I devoted my whole life to you..” She mumbled between sobs as she continued to walk closer to the altar, “I only a-asked.. For her better life and bright future-“

She paused as a tear escaped from her eyes once again. She had been crying for 2 nights and still felt the pain that was hurting her. She can't manage to talk straight due to her sleepless and endless cry that caused her hoarse voice, for two nights.

Lightning flashed that brightens her image in front of the altar as she slammed her hand with the wimple on the center table. Her cheeks and eyes are wet like she had been crying endlessly and her forehead was sweating.

“But what have you gotten her into!” She yelled although it sounded less. The sound of her tearing voice echoed that dominated the pitch dark church.

Her faded lips was shaking as she stared on the image of God on the cross. Guilt crossed her mind as she broke down once again and wail.

Her broken soul conquered the entire darkness as she mourned. She looked down and saw traces of her tears fell on the top sheet of the table. She gasped on her chest as she felt her heart was shattered into pieces once more. She gripped her habit on the chest part as she squeezed her eyes to stop the tears from falling but it didn’t work. It fell endlessly like a flowing river.

She slowly opened her eyes and glanced on the wimple that she was gripping the whole time. She pressed her shaken lips as she brushed her thumb against the wimple and closed her eyes as she looked down.

Without her call, she threw the wimple across her as she let out a painful wail. Landing it in front of the altar as another lightning flashed, the moment it hit on the floor. A loud thunder cracked from the sky as a strong wind burst in through the window.

A few smudges of rain fell on her wet face and on the altar with the wind that's blowing in the entire place.

Cold chills started to get in her as the wind hits her pale skin. Tears continued to fall across her cheeks as she looked on the image of God on the cross, with red and wet eyes.

“Am I a bad daughter to you?” She questioned in pity. Her wounded heart pushed her to question God and take over the best of her. She don't know what's right or not, if she's still in the right path. For her heart was wounded and her soul was shattered into pieces.

Lightning stroke once again with a louder thunder. She swallowed hard as she knew what the sign could possibly meant.

She felt a warm sensation surrounding her and slowly closed her eyes, despite of the cold breeze that overcame the entire place. Her eyes were swollen and her lips were pale like a sheet of paper and it was shaky.

She let the warm feeling get in her, making her tears magically gone and calmed her heart. She rest her grieving soul in it and let it dominate her.

Another lightning stroke and her eyes automatically wide opened. Her hands slowly clenching while resting on the top of the table. A tear escape from her eye and the warm sensation was slowly fading. Being replace by sorrowful soul. Her lips was shaking as she struggled to speak. She took a deep breathe as she opened her mouth to say a word.

“Justice was never been served good to righteous ones.” She said on a low but desperate hoarse pitch of voice, “Is that supposed to be that way?”

A loud thunder broke from the sky with a lightning flashed in the air. The rain continued to pour harder as the wind blew furiously as it burst inside. She gulped hard for she knew the sign must be an answer of her bitterness.

“Put me to death if it had to be. But forgive me, Father. For I will surely serve justice to righteous people. In my ways.”

Chapter 01

Chapter 01

She heard a knock behind the door but she didn't bother to open it. Instead, she drowned herself more by focusing on the anime that she had been watching.

Unexpectedly, the door opened and an image of a middle-age woman appeared on the open door. She heard the door was opened and she turned her gaze to meet the woman looking on her with crossed arms.

“Tita? What did I say about the knocking?” She said on a low but irritated tone.

“And what did your professor told you for today?” Antoinette questioned her back.

“15 more minutes and its done.” She replied and turned her back on her then put her eyes back on the anime show.

“Turned it off now, Jana. Otherwise, you will miss your exam.” The mid-age woman replied on an impatient tone.

“I’m on it.” She answered without looking back.

“You can watch that until your heart's content after class.” The woman added.

“I don't need another lecture Tita.” She respond w


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