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Vampire Shadows

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Kara covey's life has not always been normal, living in a broken family with her mother and very disturbing irresponsible Sister Kendra. Her life takes an even more dramatic turn when her handsome yet suspicious cousin max visits. He's hiding something, and she definitely wants to find out. He's up to no good, and she fears it might rip her already torn family. But what happens when she finds out that max isn't the threat but someone else? Knowing she's a half vampire and going through the struggles as she finds herself in the middle of an ancient vampire war.

Chapter 1

"He’s Soo tall , his ebony hair and dark eyes... ohh i can get lost in those eyes, he's the perfect example of perfect, " Kara, come say hi to our guest" mom said, destroying my train of thought, bringing me back to reality. I smiled as I made my way down the stairs, still staring at the strangely good looking man.

"Hello Kara" he said when I finally got to where they were standing. Mehn his voice sounds better than I imagined.

"Hi," I managed to say, barely audible.

" This is your cousin Maxwell, he's Victor's son.” mom said, excitement visible in her voice.

"Oh" was all I could say. So it's Maxwell, well, I'm not surprised I didn't recognize him, we haven't met in ages, literally, the last time I saw him was 12 years ago, I was just 6, I don't even have clear memories of him, but I do remember that our families were close, Uncle Victor is Mom's only brother, they grew up together after losing their parents in an accident. He took over their parents business and made sure mom grew up comfortably. Years later, he got married to Max's mom and mom got married to dad . Even though they lived in different cities, he made sure to keep in touch with us, they always visited during summer breaks.

But things changed after his death. His wife made sure she cut all ties with us, for reasons Known only to her. It still hurts mom cause she couldn't meet Max anymore , her last surviving relative.

" Maxwell is here on a business trip, he called and said he'll be staying at our place through out the trip" mom said " go and freshen up sweetie, dinner will be ready in thirty minutes. Kara please show him to his room" .she added. "Okay" I murmured.

The walk up the stairs was long and quiet, it was d*mn tiring, and fact that his eyes were on me the whole time, wasn't helping! .

I've always wondered why our house didn't have an elevator, it's a mini Villa for crying out loud. After what felt like forever, we finally arrived! "Your room," I said, opening the door, "enjoy your stay" I added, before leaving the room quickly.

Huhhhh what a relief, finally I'm going to be on my own, and I have thirty more minutes to enjoy .

In case you are wondering, yessss I'm an introvert, I don't like talking or being around people, Even my family , I find comfort in being alone, with little friends, no besties, just me myself and I oh, and my little sis, Kendra.

Wait, I haven't seen Kendra all day, I hope she's not getting herself in some kind of trouble! If she is, I don't mind , I mean, she's used to it anyway.

Kendra's my little sister, she's 16 but she acts like a freaking 20 year old. She's either at a party or running around with some dude, we're getting used to this side of her, bad grades, bad friends, gross guys, plus she dresses and acts like a little sl*t, and not to mention she's been ditching school. And it hurts me that I can't do anything about it, she doesn't even listen to mom. But, Kendra hasn't always been like that, she used to be the perfect daughter too, until dad left us three years ago and ran off with some lady, we all became shattered, especially Mom. But in the midst of being broken we totally forgot about the youngest member of the family, things were tough , but I Wish we didn't forget her, I wish we cared for her and noticed her just a little bit, maybe she wouldn't be like this. She just needed attention and we couldn't give it to her, so she found company from a bunch of freaks, and that's how I lost my kiddo, but I'm not going to give up, I still hope that she'll change, I Know she will.

"Ma'am, dinner is ready" the maid informed, I raised my head, staring at her, but she was still there staring back! "Ehhnm ma'am, I heard we have a guest...." She started "well why don't you go confirm that yourself" I said, glaring at her. After a few seconds of staring contest , she finally left. That's Tracy, the nosiest maid in the whole Villa , she's always trying to know what's going on in our lives, but mom won't let her go and even made her me and Kendra's personal maid. Kendra and I have always been mean to her, because she is just a few years older plus, her nosy attitude.

Enough talk about Tracy, I need to go down and get this dinner over with.

I was already half way down the stairs when mom suddenly yelled from the dining hall, telling me to go get Max. ughhhhhhh...... I turned around slowly, and started walking back up. I was already at his door, about to knock , when I heard him saying something, so I did what any normal person would do, I moved closer to the door so I could hear clearly. "What do you mean you can't make it" I heard him say, his voice a little impatient and desperate. " I need it, right now! I don't think I'll be able to control myself any longer, and I don't want them suspecting any thing, it'll ruin everything" he said the last part with a little bit of anger.

Then, I heard foot steps, he's coming towards the door, I ran and hid behind the closest pillar, I peep to see if he was coming my way, then I saw him, he was standing by the door , his ebony hair was disheveled, and his eyes, they we're as dreamy as I remembered.... He looked frustrated yet cute, I could get used to staring at him, at his eyes... Wait his eyes weren't this dark the last time I saw him.

*****At dinner*****

I met mom and Max at the table, they were discussing something , his eyes weren't as dark as the way I saw them a few minutes ago, and he wasn't looking distressed any more, in fact , he looked totally different. Like nothing happened.

Chapter 2

I sat next to mom and started digging in.

"Mom must be really excited about Max's visit, for preparing such a feast", I thought.

As we ate, mom and Max were having small talks, she kept asking him about how his life has been, and kept reminding him how good looking he was. That kind of made me feel awkward.

While he, well he'd just laugh anytime mom says something like that. But his mood suddenly changed when mom asked about his mom, that flirty smile of his faded and was replaced with a deadly look, his face looked almost the same way he did when I saw him upstairs, only, this Time he didn't look frustrated, just angry, and sad. And the way he held the table cloth tightly freaked me out more.

I guess mom sensed that he wasn't interested in the issue, so she quickly changed the topic and in a few seconds, his mood was back to normal. “wow" I said to myself, how can a person's mood change Soo quickly! Then my mind we


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