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The Wolfless Luna

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After Clare’s boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend, she decides to transfer to an elite academy to get away from the two. However, as the poor student with no connections, Clare struggles to fit in with the other students. Some even bully her for being a scholarship student. That is until a professor asks her to tutor a struggling student. Turns out he is the Lycan Prince, Xavier Wilder, who wants to be more than study buddies. He wants to be her mate. But she has too much to worry about. Between figuring out her new, strange power and studying hard to keep her scholarship, romance is the last thing she needs. Too bad it’s the only thing on Xavier’s mind. *** Mature Content (18+), Slow-burn Romance, Weak to Strong FL

1 - Twice Betrayed

Clare hurried up the stairs to the apartment she shared with her best friend, Natalie. She was running late and needed to get ready before going to pick up some things at the bakery.

Her professor had kept her back after the lecture to tell her about a scholarship opportunity at an elite academy in C City.

While she had been glad to be given the chance to go to an elite academy to further her studies, Clare didn’t want to leave her boyfriend, Matthew.

Instead, she told her professor that she would think about it.

As Clare got to her apartment’s floor, she tried to go over the list of things she needed to do before she went to meet Matthew. It was his birthday after all and Clare wanted to make it special.

She had even planned a small birthday party for the two at the Lotus Hotel, one of the most popular hotels in the city. It had cost her half her salary from her part time job at the convenience store, but it was worth it.

Today was the day she was going to give her virginity to Matthew.

She had long kept onto it, wanting to give it to someone she cared for. Maybe she was old-fashioned but today she was finally going to do it. 

When she got to her apartment door, she found it unlocked. Opening the door silently, Clare peeked her head inside to see Natalie’s heels on the floor along with some man’s shoes. The air was filled with the smell of Natalie’s pheromones and another’s. 

She let out a sigh of relief, realizing her best friend had probably forgotten to lock the door. Still, Clare was surprised Natalie hadn’t texted her about having someone over.

Natalie always texted her when she had a male friend over.

“Goddess!” A male voice suddenly cried out. “That’s it, Nat baby!”

Clare paused as the voice, it being all too familiar. She swiftly took off her shoes, careful not to make a sound as she wandered into the apartment.

Peeking through the slightly ajar door of Natalie’s bedroom, Clare found herself staring at a scene of her worst nightmare.

Sitting on the edge of Natalie’s bed was her boyfriend, Matthew. He was naked with his clothes lying on the carpet floor. Natalie was sitting naked between his legs.

She was sucking his c*ck, Matthew’s hand twisted in her brown hair. He suddenly forced her head down, his fangs slipping out as he cried out in pleasure.

Clare clasped a hand over her mouth as she watched in horror as Natalie pulled away and gulped down. She then stood up and pushed Matthew onto the bed, wiping a hand over her mouth.

“That was delicious.” Natalie purred as she straddled Matthew.

Matthew let out a chuckle as he gripped her *ss, thrusting his c*ck into her p*ssy. “You know how to make a man feel good on his birthday…So tight!”

Natalie moaned as she rode him, her nails scratching his chest as he moved her up and down his c*ck. One hand moved up her body, grasping Natalie’s breast.

Clare continued to watch the pair unable to move a muscle. Her chest tightened in pain as tears dripped down her face, her heart shattering into a million pieces. She watched as the two people she trusted more than anything betrayed her in the most unspeakable way.

Clare wanted to barge in the room and confront the adulterous pair but with them mating, Clare knew they would attack her. 

Werewolves were territorial when mating and would harm anyone who got in the way, even if it was accidental.

Instead, she turned away and hurried to her room, not wanting to see the two any longer. Clare didn’t even want to be under the same roof as them.

Locking her bedroom door, Clare grabbed her suitcase and began stuffing it with her clothes and other important items. She didn’t own much so everything fitted into one travel suitcase and her backpack.

As she packed everything up, Clare sobbed quietly as she tried to figure out what she was going to do. She didn’t have any family in the city, her father dying three years ago, and the hotel room she had booked would only be available for two days.

She couldn’t stay in the apartment either, not after everything. Going to the pack house was an option but Clare knew she wouldn’t be welcomed there.

She was the only werewolf without a wolf and had been ridiculed her whole life. At least until she became friends with Natalie…

Clare shook her head. Now was not the time to think about the past. Natalie had destroyed their friendship if they even were friends to begin with. Going to the pack house would only end in disaster for Clare.

Suddenly a thought dawned on her. The scholarship!

If she took her professor’s offer, she could transfer to the academy and leave the dreaded city. Clare quickly sent her professor a text accepting the offer before she opened the door of her bedroom.

Clare hurried past Natalie’s room, moans still coming out from the room. She tried to ignore them as she headed to the front door. 

She dropped her set of keys on the kitchen table before she put on her shoes. As she got up to leave, she heard a gasp from behind her, making her turn around. She spotted Natalie standing there with Matthew shirt on.

“Clare?!” Natalie said in horror. “What are-”

“I’m leaving.” Clare yelled, fuming as she stared at the woman she thought was her friend. “Enjoy your life with that b*st*rd, you homewrecker!”

Natalie’s eyes filled with tears as Matthew suddenly appeared with a towel around his waist. He went pale upon seeing Clare was there. Not wanting to be in the same room as the two, Clare quickly opened the door.

“Clare, wait!” Matthew’s voice cried out as she hurried outside. “Let me explain-”

“You don’t have to explain everything. We’re over so enjoy being with Natalie.” Clare exclaimed.

Tears dripped down her face as she ran out the apartment, Natalie and Matthew calling after her. She ignored them, not wanting to listen to their excuses. She just wanted to get away.

2 - The Heartbroken Girl

When Clare got to her hotel room, she dumped her bags in the corner and stared at the romantically decorated room. The king sized bed had a large heart made of red rose petals and candles stood on the nightstands too, a reminder of the night she had planned for her boyfriend’s birthday.

Well, ex-boyfriend.

Clare sighed as she sat on the bed, looking at the cake box in her hands. After leaving her apartment she had gone to collect the birthday cake from the bakery, it being too late for her to cancel the order.

Goddess, I was so foolish for thinking this was a good idea.Clare thought to herself.They’ve probably been going behind my back for months.

Clare wanted to cry but stopped herself. She had spent enough tears on those cheaters and needed to think about her future. It was the only thing she had left.

Placing the cake box on a nightstand, Clare pulled out her phone and opened it. It seemed Natalie and Matthew had blown


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