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The Divine Luna Awakening

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“No Father, I would rather go rogue before I continue with this mating ceremony!” As the unwanted daughter of the Beta, Leila has always known her place in the Black Pool Pack. She is used to flying under the radar, but all of that changes when she discovers her fiancé's betrayal with her best friend. Suddenly, Leila becomes the target of cruel bullying and vicious attacks that almost cost her her life, until the pack's ruthless Alpha, Xander steps in to save her. Will she find peace and solace with the Alpha or will her past comes lurking in the shadows?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

***Leila POV***

“shhhh,” a familiar voice hissed from my bedroom. And outside, my hands froze over the doorknob. “Stop, someone might hear us,”

It sounded like my best friend Alessia. I felt a sickening knot tie in my belly. As soon as I heard my fiancé, Damian reply her.

“And who cares if they do?”

Through the keyhole on my door, I could see them lying on my bed, with Damian caressing her, urging her to consent to his erotic desires.

“What will the pack say when they find out?” Alessia purred, darting her eyes at him. Her tone, seductive as she trailed her finger across Damian’s luscious lips. “Apha Xander hates a fuss in the pack and Leila would be heartbroken when she finds out what we are about to do.”

“I’ll protect you from all of them, remember I am your knight in shining armor.” Damian said, lowering himself to kiss her forehead. He sounded confident.

I had seen enough and in a burst of emotions, I flung my door open. Pulling my bag as I sent it flying to the back of my fiancé head.

The sound of the bag making contact with his face caused him to groin in pains.

“Ahhhh Leila calm down.” he said, in a quivering tone. I felt a wave of mixed emotions wash over me, my heart broke into a million pieces as all the dreams I had built around my union with him, vanished instantly. Dreams of finally leaving my toxic family behind, and being mated to a man I would have sacrificed anything for, all fizzled into thin air.

Damian left the bed, coming towards me, but I moved backwards, creating some distance between us.

“I’ll chop your head off, if you come any closer” I sneered at him. choking up a sob.

“This is not what it looks like, Leila” he said quickly.

“Yeah right,” I said through gritted teeth, as I rolled my eyes. “Enlighten me Damian.”

“I came here looking for you” he stammered. “I um, saw Alessia crying and I came in to console her when you walked in.”

“Right, you were consoling her with your hands all over her,” I scoffed. “Let me guess, she passed out from all the crying and you had to give her CPR by kissing her right? ”

I zeroed in on the other culprit, Alessia Filanii, who everyone knew as my best friend.

She had a triumphant smirk on her face as she didn't fail to display the hickeys that Damian had left on her neck and cheek. Like a trophy. At that point, I knew, she had done this to spit me, to prove to me that she could take what belongs to me.

“Leila,” she started softly. “ Damian and I didn't mean to hurt you. It just… happened.” shrugging her shoulders.

“shut up you bitch,” I yelled, racing towards her, but Damianl yanked my arm from behind pulling me into his arms.

“Leila, you know I love you,” he said.

I clenched my teeth, rubbing my chest to soothe the increasing pain I was feeling within.

“What happened was a mistake, nothing even happened to be honest, please stop acting like a child will you, and let's settle this. ”

A wave of nausea washed over me as I began to slowly understand what was unfolding before my eyes. These two have been sleeping together for awhile now behind my back.

For years, I had imagined what a happy ever after with Damian would be like. A nice house on the island, far from the pack, with a garden where we can grow old together as we raise our kids. Where we can all roam free and hunt.

Tears of humiliation sat heavy in my eyes, but I battled it off. And in that moment, I decided I was done with Damian and the mating ceremony.

“He's all yours, Alessia”. I said, shaking my head in disbelief. “ You two deserve each other. You've won.”

“What!,” Damian’s face cracked at the thought of what I just said. “You can't be serious, Leila. I am your mate, your best shot at a happy marriage life. No one would settle for you”

His words stung, because he was right. But I wasn't prepared to break in front of him. Not today.

“Guess I'll have to take my chances then.” I replied behind gritted teeth.

As I sauntered to leave, opening the door to my room I met the shocked face of my father, step mother and my step sister.

I froze not knowing how long they've been there or what they must have heard.

From their joint expression, I could tell, they had a hint of what was going on.

“What's happening here leila? ” Father ordered.

The room was silent as I told them everything that had happened. My father’s face tightened.

“Was that what happened Damian?” Father asked, his gaze furrowed at my finacé.

“ I walked in here searching for Leila when I saw her friend Alessia crying… so.. I umm. I… I…” he stammered.

“The mating ceremony is off” I blurted out. “This is who Damian true is and I don't want to spend the rest of my life with a man like him.” with teary eyes.

Damian tried to speak in his defense but a stern gaze from my father was enough to shut him up.

“I understand Leila, but I don't think that will be possible.Everyone already knows about your relationship and there are promises to keep. Our family name will be soiled in the dirt if you back out now.” father said.

“No” I said begging. “no, no, no, please dad, don't make me do this. I fell to my knees before him.

“This will ruin my life dad, don't you understand. I caught him cheating on me with my best friend.” I retorted. My voice strained from crying.

“I wish it was that simple child.” father said in a stern voice.

“No dad, this is one sick joke. I can't marry someone who would cheat on me with my best friend.” I snapped in defiance.

“I have spoken and my word is final Leila!.” father growled, as he stormed away.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

****Leila POV***

“You pathetic failure…” Damian growled. Before he could say another word to me, my father grabbed him by the collar, pulling him close enough that their foreheads were almost touching each other.

“Mention Leila’s name again and I will see to it that I hunt you down. Even if you hide under a rock.” Dad warned, in a cold, menacing voice.

Watching my father now, it was easy to tell that Carlson Romanov was the Beta of Black Pool pack. This made my face flush with emotions.

I felt proud of his show of strength, but also hurt because his solution to my own predicament was to marry me off just to save the family name.

Damian waved my father’s hands off his collar, taking a couple of steps back.

“Oath breaker!” Damian yelled, a frown creased across his forehead. “ Your family is a disgrace, a bunch of liars and cheats. You deceived me into this relationship with your d


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