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Travel to become Queens!

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Luna a special agent in an organization is stunned by the betrayal of her bestie who's carrying the child of her fiance. The evil best friend-turned-mistress proposes a fight that ends her own life. Luna on the other hand falls down a cliff, awaiting death. Ichika Hasegawa is of age and still a virgin. She is the only girl given that privilege as the successor of madam Okada, Head of the top brothel. Ichika has made her debut as Oiran and makes her way on the auspicious date to the first super-rich client who hired her. Who knew she'll suddenly vanish when he was about to make advances on her? Sakura, the most wanted Geisha is stunned to find an ancient relic that makes her body suddenly start fading. Aisha, a bullied high school girl who's secretly the daughter of a mafia king keeping a low profile is chased by some anonymous men to a cliff where she mistakenly loses her footing. All four girls are stunned to find themselves in a place covered in fog with nothing but disgusting-looking skeletons and rotting corpses scattered about.

Chapter 1

"Oh my gosh!"

"Alina, why are you suddenly exclaiming? What happened?" Luna Blackfield, a soldier asked her bestie and comrade, Alina Garfield.

"Hehe! After this mission, you'll be getting married to the most eligible bachelor. I envy you." Alina, a lady who had black hair tied in a bun and held in place with a white ribbon said.

"Well, you knew about this a month ago. Why act surprised now?" Luna's eyebrows creased.

"Hmm? I love your fiance."

"What?" Luna asked.

"You heard me. I like your fiance. You do not deserve to be with him."

"This... Alina..."

"Specialist Luna Blackfield died in the hands of wild beasts. She gave me this. She is self-sacrificing and worthy of emulation." Alina took out a small black box and pointed her gun at Luna.


"Well, I'm pregnant for Blake anyway. He doesn't like you. He won't blame me for this." Alina said and pulled the trigger. Luna dodged the bullet but Alina wasn't joking. She fired more bullets at her.

Luna ran through the forest, using the trees as cover for a second before proceeding.

Soon, she found a good spot and brought out her gun.

She shot at Alina who doddged all the bullets while advancing toward her.

Luna couldn't wait in that spot any longer and continued the run.

She just couldn't believe that her bestie would do this to her.

She was already pregnant for Blake Anderson, her fiance? Fine, she could have him. She didn't want such an unworthy man but why kill her off. Was she that insecure?

Whenever she found a good spot she'd fire at Alina but she also recalled that Alina was very good at fighting and flexible too.

She, Luna Blackfield couldn't continue this anymore.

She threw her gun at Alina.

While Alina tried to dodge, Luna took out her so=econd hidden gun and shot at her, successfully injuring her right arm.

The gun fell from Alina's hand and she looked at Luna in spite.

"Why? Why Alina? You think I would fight with you nfor a man? You are pregnant for my fiance. Great! I wish youi happily ever after with your b*st*rd child. But why do you seek to kill me?" Luna closed in on Alina.

Alina retreated until her back touched a tree.

"I thought we were besties. I thought we had each other's backs. How could you do this?"

Alina looked at her and smiled.

"Do I look amusing?"

"You are the biggest clown I've ever seen." Alina kicked the gun off Luna's hand.

Luna expected this.

"To hell with those weapons. Let's use our fists to do the talking." Luna said and initiated a fight.

From time to time, they sent each other flying and hitting trees.

Many trees were destroyed because of this fight.

"You child of a b*tch. What bestie? Did you really view me as your bestie? We entered the forces together but you got all the good things while I got the dregs. How laughable am I? Besties? That's on paper! I'm glad I got to bed your fiance. Let me tell you, his naked body is incomparable to any other man on earth. Those 8 packs, lean waist, scarred body and his family jewel. Luna, his member is 9 inches. Thick and long and tasty. His seeds taste unforgettable. You know the first time he broke my wall with that c*ck we rode each other 9 times."

"You b*tch. Is this time to preach about your shameful act? You disgrace!" Luna became fiercer in the fight so did Alina.

Soon, Luna saw she was at a disadvantage. She wondered how Alina who was even injured on her right hand could force her to retreat.

Luna tossed the guns fawraway as she ran east.

Alina took out needle and shot them at her.

Luna got him by two of them but did not stop in her movement. Soon she got to a dead end.

It was a cliff.

Anyone who fell from this height would certainly die.

Alina had caught up and she chuckled.

"So Luna baby, where can you run to now? Why did you stop? Go on! Continue running."

"Alina, do you really have to go this far?" Luna asked, her cheast heaving up and down.

"I'll do anything to secure my treasured spot as  future Mrs Anderson." Alina replied.

She took out several more needles. These were longer and poisonous. Luna knew the power of these needles as they killed one within 3 minutes if two could penetrate the body.

So she really had nowhere to run. Down the cliff was death, facing this betrayer Alina was also death.

Since she wasn't going to live either way, she'd just drag this ungrateful b*tch of a bestie to the death with her. Let them visit Yama together.

"So, we can't be reconciled at all?" Luna asked with a sigh.

"Make sure to breathe all the air you can and widen your eyes to see more of the world. You'll drop dead soon." Alina said and threw the needles at Luna.

Luna dodged them except for one. She was immediately rendered to her knees.

The pain gotten from the needle that had stabbed her shoulder was much.

"Haha. That's one." Alina said and took out another set of needles.

"We'll just die together then!" Luna scofffed and threw a dagger at Alina's stomach.

Alina could not dodge it in time so she got stabbed in her belly button.

Once it met with her flesh, it transformed into a long thin sword and passed through her stomach to the other side.

Alina looked at Luna in disbelief.

She clutched her stomach and pulled the sword out.

She went on her knees, gritted her teeth. Blood flowed from her mouth and trickled to her chest.

"I regret being some d*mn bestie with you." Luna took the sword that Alina threw to the side and pointed it at her.

"Hahaha! Hahaha!" Alina laughed despite the pain.

"Even if I couldn't embed the second needle into your skin, I didn't lose. Your fighting me has activated the poison. You'll die in 15 minutes anyway. Even if a comrade finds you now, you can't be cured. You're destined to die today. Hahaha! Hahaha!" Alina laughed hysterically.

At that moment, Luna coughed and there was blood in her hand.

"Hahaha! I didn't expect it to be this advanced already. You'll die in 5 minutes. Hahaha! Hahaha!"

"Alina, you disappoint me." Luna stabbed the betrayer through her chest.

She took the box from Alina's pocket and opened it. There was a jade ring in it.

She closed it back and put it in her pocket.

"You take the ring. You must feel glad in your heart, huh? That was the mission. I'd already found it a yesterday." Alina struggled to speak.

"Give it to me, b*tch!" she tried to stretch her hand towards Luna.

Luna chuckled and wore the ring on her finger. She put the empty box on Alina's hand.

She threw it away.

"You... I'm your sister. I have the right to a good man and a bright future." Alina took some pills and sat on the ground, breathing heavily.

"My sister?" Luna asked in shock. She was 2 years older than Alina. Last time she checked, she had another surname. How come she's claiming to be her sister now?

"Dad put me in my mother when you were two."

Luna's eyes widened.

Does that mean her late father cheated on her late mum. So this bitchy bestie was her sister-an illegitimate child?

"No, that can't be. My dad could resist the advance of many beauties. I've seen your mom's picture. She isn't that beautiful. She's ugly." Luna spat.

"You wanted to play on my emotions."

Alina started laughing then she coughed out blood.

"So what?" she continued laughing.

"I'll hack you to pieces, Alina." she roared and started hitting Alina who felt her life ebbing away by the second with the sword.

There were many cuts that were formed on her body but Luna would not stop until she herself was dead.

She cut Alina's shirt and tore it off.

She then cut off her boobs.

"You rode and pleased Blake's little brother with them. I detest seeing them." Luna tossed the severed parts down the cliff.

"B*st*rd!" Alina wanted to shout but could only out a whisper.

Luna spat out blood and nearly fell. She felt a great headache.

The poison must be acting up faster now with all the big moves she was making.

She looked at the chuckling Alina and her eyes became cold.

"We'll just die together then." Luna cut off Alina's head and tossed it down the cliff.

She sank to her knees and spewed out more blood, clutching her chest.

Her vision became fuzzy.


She heard this sound and knew a snake was coming and it wasn't here for fun.

She didn't want to end up in its stomach.

So struggled to rise and looked around but her vision was fuzzier.

She felt her knees go weak and she crouched.

She crawled to the cliff's end and slowly stood.

The snake had gotten nearer.

It was better to die feeling what it means to be in the air casually than to end up in that thing's stomach. Thankfully, she'd gotten her revenge on Alina.  That b*tch ended up with an incomplete body.

"Goodbye, world!" she muttered and closed her tired eyelids, spreading her hands sideways.

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Chapter 2

It was a cool, auspicious evening. Many people converged on both sides of the street wearing curious faces while discussing amongst themselves. From afar, a melody could be heard.

This music and the chant that accompanied it could only belong to one individual- the most beautiful Oiran (high-ranking courtesan) Ichika Hasegawa. She was adopted at age 11 by the proprietress of the brothel she worked for. And of course, she had to assume the family name and assigned name given to her by her Madame. Hence, she jettisoned her former name, Aoi Yamamoto.

When she was still a Kamuro (Oiran attendant) a translucent peach-coloured face veil frequently obscured half of her face. This routine persisted even when she became a Shinzo (a rank next to Oiran) Now she had made her debut and become an Oiran a month heretofore. That day, she was seated on a golden palanquin with 20 Kamuro walking ahead, sprinkling petals in sync from golden baskets. She was then paraded around the chosen st


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