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The Were-Pire’s Human Mate

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Selena Lupa, and her family were brutally killed in the 15th century, by the evil Alpha Damien. On the verge of death, she begged for a second chance to life, so she could take her revenge on everyone. The Moon Goddess granted her wish, and Selena reincarnated in the 21st century as a human girl, Aria Grayson. But with a lost memory, and destined never to remember her past. She was born into a human home with lots of enemies from her past life. She has a gift that would either be a curse or a blessing; her blood would wipe out the entire existence of the werewolves and vampires. Lucas Damien was born to a werewolf father from a vampire mother, making him the only specie of his kind; a were-pire. He was born with a curse and the only one destined to break this curse was his fated mate. What would happen, when Lucas found out that Aria was his fated mate, but she has another? Will Aria regain her past memories? Will she be able to take her revenge on everyone from her past life, including Lucas? Will she be able to break his curse? Find out in this intriguing story of romance, reincarnation, pain, love, deceit, and entanglement.


In a dynamic world, where different known species existed, which were:

The Werewolves: a species of humans who had the ability to shapeshift into wolf-like creatures, mostly under the full moon. They were stronger and faster, and more ferocious than regular wolves. They had supernatural abilities, like enhanced senses or power to control other animals. At a certain age, every werewolf was connected to their fated mate or chosen mate.

Vampires: these species were immortals, bloodsucking creatures with supernatural strength. They had the healing ability, and were also known for their speed. They could only be killed by special methods, such as sunlight, cutting off their heads, or a wooden stake through their hearts. Not forgetting their pale skin, and fangs. They also had the ability to hypnotize or seduce humans.

Humans: a well-known species, they were primates characterized by their posture, ability to use complex languages and tools. Their varieties of skin tones cannot go unnoticed. Their hair and eye colors also describe who they were. They were known for their diverse traditions and cultures. With a complicated social structure.

Witches: hmmm, these species were rare but unique. I would tell you a little I knew about them. They were people who practiced witchcraft or magic, often using charms, spells, and potions. They were divided into the good witches and the evil witches. Their powers come from a variety of sources, including nature, supernatural beings, and deities. They had the ability to transform into animals, fly on broomsticks, and curse or spells. Like what you mostly see in movies.

The Were-Pires: How do I describe this? I would say, they are not a known species. They only existed as a result of a sexual activity between a werewolf and a vampire. I mean, they are birthed by a werewolf and a vampire coming together. They are very powerful because they have the abilities of both werewolves and vampires. And we have just one of its kind. 

All these different species lived in their different territories and didn't cross paths because they were enemies. Aside from the witches who were neutral.

I want to walk you through the story of a werewolf girl who was wrongly killed in the 15th century, and reincarnated as a human girl in the 21st century. But with a different face. She had a lot of prices to pay for the gift of a second life. These prices can either be a curse to her or a blessing. Oh, before I forget… Her name was Aria Grayson.

While on the other hand, was a cursed Immortal, who found himself between the werewolves and the vampire world. He was the only existing species of his kind; the were-pires. He was born of a werewolf father and a vampire mother. His name was Lucas.

Lucas and Aria found themselves in an Intertwined relationship. And then it all begins.

Chapter 1

Human’s world;

     Aria’s feet darted through the woods, and her lips parted, lost in gasp. Her trembling eyes sprinted through every corner of the woods, looking for a safe place.

     A branch caught her leg, sending her crashing to the ground, her lips letting out a scream “Please.. someone help me!” She cried, her body fluttering as her heart pounded in her chest. 

      She could hear the footsteps behind her, getting closer with every second that passed. Her battering heart increased as her eyes met the scary men in black suits in front of her, each with a wood In their hands. 

      “So, this is the distance your feet could carry you to, my dear, little daddy’s girl.” A gangster mockingly said and the rest of the gangsters maliciously laughed.

       “Please, If you need money, I can give you a lot of it. Just spare my life… I beg of you.” Aria cried out.

       “This whore thinks she can buy us with her Daddy's mon


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