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Desire steve

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About me

Have you ever doubted yourself about a thing, and when you finally chose to push every mistrust away, you found out it was your best decision ever? Well, this is the thing. Growing up, I had always enjoyed reading books, especially novels. I also love to write but I never believed I could do it. I'm one person who loves communicating with the outside world through my imagination, but never knew the best ways to do it. I got lots of advice from close friends and family. “Hey, desire, why not give this a try? You would never know how you would come to like it.” They always said this to me. Finally, I picked a pen, pushed all my doubts away, and decided to start. It's funny how I'm enjoying every bit of it. And I'm glad I did pick up that pen, cause this is now my safe place. I am finally creating my world of imagination, and everyone is welcome in my world. You can call me Desire Steve. The one author who focuses on fiction paranormal romance and billionaire romance.



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