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The villain has nothing to say

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Amis is tired today, too. Disguised as a small staff in the villain base to work, every day to consider how to raid the company's vault to rebuild the spaceship to run away from an alien, today was also sent to a superhero by the villain's accomplices to study. Amis Techno Soos: I just want to build a spaceship and get out of here. After I build it, I'm leaving. What do you mean, I'm gonna piss off the big boys on Friends of Earth! ... Dachao: I remember her. She's the doctor who pricked me last time Captain: I don't know why, but the back of my head hurts when I think of her Tin Can: Ha, she says she never wants to see me again Two buckets: She's fierce, but she's also a p*ssy ... Amis clung to her ship and did not dare to speak. ... One day, the villain bosses took to writing letters to communicate their feelings: Laidou: Dear Hi Claw friends, please allow me to send my best staff to you for technical exchange as a witness of our friendship. Hi Claw: Dear Boss Jin, I have a versatile employee here who can certainly meet your expectations of excellent employees. Fat Kim: My friend Black, I know you won't want to miss this great talent... Anonymous Black Mask: One of you take her away!! ...

Chapter 1

The man in the pod fell asleep.

His eyes were quietly closed, and his face, as beautiful as a work of art, showed no sign of restlessness or hesitation.

If one did not notice the test tubes on his body and the green liquid gnawing at his skin, one might have thought that he was having a good dream.

But that's not true.

What he's going through is not a beautiful thing.

As liquid kryptonite poured into his skin from the bilge, the man of steel was forcibly destroyed, and the needles inserted into his skin began to ingest a steady stream of his blood.

Finally, the pain of the overload made him frown.

With his painful movements, Amis's heart lifted.


Exactly why things turned out the way they did was something that Amis still couldn't figure out.

Amis is a part-time worker and always works hard for the bosses. But she just wants to save money to build a ship, and find a job that pays and benefits according to human biology researchers, how can she suddenly be persecuting superheroes on Earth?

Yes, Emis... She was an alien.

It all goes wrong when her spaceship maloperates during a space jump through a wormhole, forcing her to crash land on an off-course planet - Earth.

In order to get the money needed to repair the ship, Emis disguises herself and joins a human company.

Her boss was someone who was willing to invest in talent development, even though Ames was not senior and didn't feel like she had any choice in salary. But when she delves deeper into the company's inner workings, she discovers that the city's top company is a villain whose business content can be sent to jail at any time.

Well, a villain is a villain.

It is not as if Emis has never worked for the villain boss, according to her years of working experience, the villain organization is the best place to stay, with high salary and good commission, in addition to the need to pay attention to the risk of the boss running away, the risk of dying in the middle, the risk of not paying wages on time...

To be honest, Amis was not in such a bad mood when she just learned the news of the company's background, after all, repairing the spaceship not only requires money, but also some special materials that can not be bought casually in the market, and Earth's resource control seems to be particularly strict, and the villain organization has a unique advantage in this resource

It's easier to get what you want where you want it.

Without your boss finding out, you won't feel too guilty about taking advantage of the opportunity to borrow company resources.

It was all very nice, but then I came up here and saw their people had tied up the most powerful superhero on Earth...

Amis is going to pass out.

Who is Superman?

Even if Emis didn't know that much about the planet, he wouldn't have heard of the superhero's name, which is almost the most frequent word that Elos has seen since she was connected to the Internet.

Superman's name became familiar to her as soon as she began to learn the language of Earth.

The crash of the spaceship should not be such a serious thing. The damage wasn't that bad, and Emis was constantly running around in space, so she was pretty good at fixing her own ship.

Use the villain organization to collect and collect resources. As long as it is not done too aboveboard, I believe that even the interstellar law can not take her, but also can say that the company in the recruitment of false propaganda.

But if we get caught screwing the guardians of the planet...

She will be forcibly deported and taken to the star court!!

Why didn't she check the boss's mental health and the credibility of the work content before joining the job? Their boss is really good, and he does not care about the psychological ability of these small employees.

The handsome son of Krypton in the deep water of the Green Chamber furrowed his eyebrows, his rarely felt pain made the corners of his lips quiver, a wisp of air bubbled out of his mouth, and his habit of mimicking the human breathing response indicated that he had regained consciousness.

Just as Emis thought, the deep blue eyes of the twinkling eyes looked straight at her, and the energy monitor on the biobab lit up with a red alert of fluctuating energy.

The combination of green tank water and harsh red light... Emis, looking directly into the hull, wept.

Clark's breath was aggressive the moment he opened his eyes, and it's no surprise that he reacted in such a way that anyone who realizes that he's in a bad situation wakes up and their first reaction is to guard against the person in front of them. He was restrained, his muscles were sore and weak, the super powers that could easily break free were gone from his body, something was sucking his blood, and he couldn't move.

But the first thing that appears in front of him is not the person who is trying to trap him, but a seemingly harmless girl.

MMHHHMMM... Or maybe not as much as he thinks

Uh-oh. Judging from her white lab coat, she was probably part of the lab where he was being held captive, and the data pages she was holding were, unsurprisingly, all about his data analysis.

But it may be funny to say it, but the way the girl in front of him tried to hide her anxiety and nervousness with heavy, black-rimmed glasses made Clark seem to see himself - a less-than clever disguise, just as he had when he got his first job.

His sea-blue eyes withdrew all aggressiveness and scrutiny and returned to their usual gentleness and tolerance, and he moved his lips slightly, even though the liquid environment would not carry his voice, but the gentle movement of his lips made it easy to see: 'Why are you crying? '

Amis:... You may not believe it, but I was really blinded by the unscientific lighting layout.

So what kind of creature is a Friend of Earth superhero who cares about a potential enemy when he's in danger?

He also That's great, QAQ.

Amis, who already felt as if she had done something bad, felt even more guilty.

Although the alien was thinking about whether she should find a way to help the guardian of a friend planet Earth, she remembered that this month's unpaid salary.

No, calm down. You're just a worker, and employees can't be on the same page as their boss.

Even if you wanted to help and there was nothing you could do, how could you save a man from an impenetrable underground base right under your boss's nose?

She finally pretended not to see what he said, the blank eyes, the small face under the black frame mirror tight, carefully fill in the data page of the data report, let him know that she is a member of the monitoring record this project, he cares about the wrong object.

She quietly glanced up at him again.

... He's still looking at her.

The man watched her carefully as she recorded the data, seemingly without much tension about the situation he was in, without showing the anger or unease of being imprisoned, seeing her look up secretly and nodding politely to her, as if to show understanding of her work.

That's -- that's a big heart! Does he have the consciousness of being kidnapped? He is not the kind of person who is sold for money!

This whole money thing... Clark is not able to do it, the last memory of the battle with the alien invaders, he defeated the enemy at the end of the battle, fell into a coma, woke up in this place.

From the surrounding high concentration is not to

Judging from the kryptonite environment that killed him, whoever took him knew how to deal with him, and probably prepared for his capture for quite some time.

He has not yet seen the person in charge behind the scenes, has almost lost his motivation, and has nothing better to do than to observe the surroundings and the purpose of the people in the absence of a means of negotiation and escape.

Clark's apparent ease of mind was paid for by his choice to ignore his discomfort, and when the blood was drawn and the titanium tip buried deep in his back was pulled away from him, inevitably, he frowned in pain and the son of Krypton in the green liquid compound weakly closed his eyes again.

Amis saw this scene, holding the nib of the hand could not help but a meal, knuckles also slightly invisible pull. The needle wasn't stuck in her, but she had this strange feeling of numbness in her arm, as if she'd been shot.

Slightly stiffly, she tapped her knuckles twice on the data pad in her hand, trying to make the movement natural.

If this is a kind of empathy psychology, it is not very realistic in the alien who does not understand emotions so well. She felt more like a vibrant plant in front of her had suddenly been forcibly removed from the sun, tottering and dying, and she was a little overwhelmed.

"Is the data collection complete?" A man, also wearing a white research coat, walked over.

"Dr. Donovan," Amis said, looking at the man approaching, "It's done. The blood sample is done. Do you want to take it to the boss now?"

"No, I'll send them along later." Donovan took the information page that Airos handed him and flipped through it.

The project was carried out in secret, and there were not many people at the base. In addition to them standing beside the experimental bench, several other researchers were busy with their work in their respective positions.

Seeing that no one was paying attention, Emis pushed at the heavy frame, looked into the biologypod, and asked, "Doctor, Superman looks pretty bad. Is he going to die?"

"What do you think Superman is, and why are these Kryptonians as fragile as you think they are?" Hold on, wait... And so on... What's going on here?" As Donovan flipped through the data, he saw the steady green line on the nearby screen suddenly slide down, and the monitor's light gradually dimmed into gray.

"Which one of you has done something! ? Turn the tank water down quickly... Forget it! Pump all the water out first! The boss didn't say he was gonna die!

Donovan rushed over and shouted at the crew controlling the pod.

The researchers below were busy explaining that none of them had disturbed anything, and the people who had already begun to dilute the water in the tank, heard the order and panicked to open the water control valve.

Seeing the chaos over there, monitoring the location of the dead corner, Amis quietly moved two steps, and took off a metal jammer that had been thrown on the monitoring instrument and took it back into her pocket.

I thought that no one noticed the little movement, but the water behind him gently floated a ripple at this time.

Emis paused before she was about to leave, and she looked back into the glass cabin, where the man of steel was giving her a clear smile under the receding water. Even in the closed laboratory, where there was not much light, you could see his clear blue eyes, the spotless, gentle night sky.

'Thank you. 'he said.

Thank for Thank you?

No, you're wrong. I didn't do it.

The corners of Emis's lips made her look even more cold, and she turned and stepped off the table.

... Besides, it's not worth thanking. She didn't do anything.

Their boss is on high alert for Superman, not only has kryptonite been injected into the tank water at the base, there are several other radiation devices fixed around Superman's tank, and Donovan is safe to remove the water because he knows he has no chance of regaining his powers.

What she did did not make much sense at all, at most made him feel better for a while, and could not let him escape.

Are all their superheroes that good with the enemy?

If that's the case...

Well, can you put in a good word for her if she does end up in interstellar court one day

Chapter 2

This was not Amis's first visit to Earth; she had visited Earth once before, but that experience could be described as tragic.

Something goes wrong that day, too, when Emis accidentally touches a space energy while working for a boss in space, and by the time she realizes what she's touched, she's transported to Earth with her ship. In order not to tear the ship apart, she chose to land on Earth.

Amis had heard of the Earth and liked the blue planet at first sight.

An interstellar pirate who knew her told her that the people of the earth star were hospitable and easy to talk to, and Emis thought that since it was a friendly planet and accidentally transmitted here, she would take the initiative to register for a visit, and it would be good to have more opportunities to play later.

But everything is always a little more than good expectations.

Amis's spaceship accidentally crashed into the roof of the Earth Sanctuary house on the snow


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