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The Succubus And The Four Hunters

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Tara Asmodeus, the youngest of the Asmodeus siblings. She was born a beauty and after thousands of years, no man has ever touched her before. The young succubus princess, was not just only the fairest of them all, but the purest of them all... The Succubus And The Four Hunters, is the fourth book in The Forbidden Fruits sequence, taking place after the events in My Incubus Professor 2. Tara made the worst enemy out of the Four Huntsmen, by simply screwing them over. As Tara enters a new chapter of her life after making a sacrifice by tying and linking their lives with hers, the four men decide to take their revenge on the succubus princess in their own way. Tara has always dreamt to become impure by the hands of her true love, but now the hunters will make it their job to crush all of her dreams.

Chapter 1

“Are you ready, Milady?” asked Jorden, looking at her through the rearview mirror.Tonight was going to be a very glamorous evening. The excitement was sparkling in Tara’s pink eyes and she couldn't wait to get there, throughout the entire drive. She was ready because she has waited for this moment her entire life. It was a legacy Uncle Solomon left behind and because he had no children, he wanted her to take it. Club Fournight was a place he owned and birthed, which got burnt down after his death. He handed her the ownership, which she only found out about fifty years ago and since then Tara decided to take ownership of this place and make it what it once was again. She couldn't have done it without Ira’s help honestly. The official reopening ceremony was tonight. And as the co-owner of the event, it was her job to cut the red ribbon. Ira wanted to give her the honors. “I was born ready,” said Tara to Jordan, her chauffeur. Like the gentleman he was, he got out of the driver's seat and came around to open the passenger side door for her. Tara smiled sweetly at him before stepping out. Her silver glittery shoes sparkled under the red carpet lights as she stepped one foot out first and then the other. She almost got blinded by how many cameras were snapping pictures of her, even the media was there. Celebrities were here too, so in a way, it did make sense to her why there was a whole paparazzi there. If only they knew what this club truly had inside it. “You look beautiful,” Jordan complimented her as if her beauty hadn't already gotten him all flustered. He wasn't the first man getting flustered, that's a fact. “Thank you, Jordon.” She said to him, holding her purse. “I can handle myself, you don’t need to worry. You can come inside after you parked the cab.” She added and then nodded before walking across the red-carpet going inside. She was so excited. After the red ribbon was cut, all the guests came storming into the club and soon everyone started dancing to the music. Since a young age, nobody thought Tara had it in her to even run such a place. Four Nights weren't just a nightclub. It had a world-class food court, hotel, spa, and even a brothel, located on the upper floors of the building. The best service people could offer and all for the supernatural and human alike. Humans don't easily notice the supernatural as the walls of the place were spelled with a glimmering spell. Humans remain unaware of any supernatural occurrence and that's how this place has been run for centuries before it burnt down fifty years ago. Tara ended up standing at the bar, drinking a cocktail as she looked at the place. Everybody danced and partied as drinks got served one round after another. She knew deep down that Uncle Sol would be so proud and even took selfies she sent to Tobit. Tobit was going to flip he saw this, good thing he wasn't around to give her an earful. “We did it!” She heard Ira from behind her and turned around, seeing Ira taking over at the bar counter. Tara smiled at her and nodded happily, “I know, right!” She put her glass down on the counter and tucked her hair behind her ear. They had to raise their voices so they could hear each other. “This is the best opening night ever! Mmm, and there are so many hot men around here! You should see our new management team!” Ira cocked her eyebrows. Oh, Ira never changed. Despite not being from the same supernatural race as her, Ira and Tara have known each other for a hundred years, literally. “We already have a new management team?” Tara then asked and she was so happy to hear this. Everything fell into place. “Wait till you meet them!” said Ira very eagerly. Ira came around the counter and grabbed Tara’s hand before she could even think of saying no. It was a bit soon to meet the management team as she thought that they could deal with that tomorrow, along with all the other crap that comes with running a busy. But Ira was so excited and eager, that it was clear this couldn't wait. Ira liked these four hot guys, Tara thought. As they entered the elevator, Tara turned around looking at the club. It looked so lively and she felt like crying but she didn't. The doors slowly closed and then the elevator went up. And as the elevator slowly elevated to the upper floor, the club music died out eventually. The ground floor ceiling and walls were all soundproof so sound couldn't travel further out of the club. “Trust me!” Ira added and she was still talking about these guys. “You should see their tattoos!”A shiver ran down her spine at the mention of tattoos. It only reminded her of four individuals that had tattoos and right now she didn't want to think about them. “Okay, Ira. I get it!” She silenced her friend, not sounding too harsh but sounding like she did hear enough now. They were going to meet these four new managers and Ira has her permission to f*ck them whenever she wants to.The doors of the elevator slowly opened and then it was quiet. Ira stepped out first leading the way down the hallway to the door. That was the door to Tara’s new office, and she found it rather odd for the men to wait for them there when the party was downstairs. “Who are these guys exactly?” She asked Ira. She couldn't sense or detect any presence in that room. It was practically empty. Ira wasn't so keen on answering her though, “You’ll see...” And suddenly it just didn't feel right. Something wasn't right here. Reaching the door, Ira twisted the doorknob and pushed it open before entering. Tara waited a moment after her before entering, till Ira looked at her and urged her to come inside. She walked inside and then her cocktail slipped out of her hand and fell on the floor, shattering into pieces. ‘IT'S THEM!’All five in the room looked at her and Ira frowned at her wondering if she was okay. “Tara, are you okay?” She asked her, clearly with concern. Tara’s face was pale and for a moment she didn’t know what to say. Still in shock or maybe she just couldn't believe that this was happening. She remembered all four of their names. Alec, Eros, Blaise, and Landon, or as most people know them, the Four Huntsmen. They were sitting there in her office, all four with their cocky looks on their faces. Blaise was the only one who didn't carry any expression, but she saw through that cold stare of his. “Tara?” Ira touched her shoulder, and she snapped out of her trance. She looked at her, then at the four men again. She gave them a fake smile, before grabbing Ira on her arm and dragging her out the door before closing it. “Are you kidding me?!” Ira snapped at her, but quiet so the men in the room won't hear them. “We can’t hire them.”“I would like to know why.”“We just can’t trust me on this!”Ira would fold her arms, glaring. She didn't look very happy about this, obviously because she already had some ideas swirling in her head of how she planned on seducing all four men, but it just couldn't be all four of them. Tara knew that Ira would trust her. With a sigh, Ira unfolded her arms and shook her head. “Fine, but then we have one problem.”“And that is?”“They already signed contracts, so it would take a few days to exterminate the contracts, but we also can't wait a few days because since this place got reopened after fifty years, it hasn't had any inspection for a while. So the Edinburgh Council is sending someone in tomorrow.”“What?” Tara didn't know about this, and it did sound like they were going to have a problem. “There’s no way we can hire four people fit for these jobs, overnight! And if we fail the inspection...””We lost everything,” Tara groaned and held her head as she started pacing up and down. She then clenched her fists, already getting so frustrated. Ira didn't know who these four men were and there was a reason Tara never told her. They were her soulmates.“You can head back to the club, there are probably a couple of people that would want to see one of us and I don't think someone is attending at the bar,” Tara told her and then walked back to the door. “What about them?” Ira asked her. “I will handle it and I promise I will tell you everything.” She placed her hand on the doorknob and glanced back at her. Ira carried a worried look but nodded once Tara reassured her that she would be fine, before leaving. Tara then pushed the door open and she walked inside. “I wonder what that was all about...” Eros said to Alec, who smirked from behind the desk. Alec was sitting there with folded arms almost as if he owned the place. Eros was sitting on the edge of the desk, while Landon stood by the window and Blaise was paging through a book he stole from her shelf. “Don't touch my stuff!” She scurried the book from Blaise before grabbing it from his hands and hissing at him. “What are you doing here anyway? What do you want?” “Is that how you speak to your new employees?” Eros asked her. She looked at him and the moment she looked at him, she remembered that day. The day they first met, also the same day he spanked her. “Don’t get too comfortable.” She then told them, all four of them. “This is only temporary because once the inspector leaves tomorrow, I am burning all four of your contracts.”“You mean, the same way you burnt these marks onto our bodies?” Alec suddenly stood up. At the mention of brand marks, Tara tenses up. She knew that had to be the reason they came here, but there also was no point in bringing that up. She wasn’t going to undo that spell, it was her trump card and she was doing it to protect her family. “I don't see the problem,” She said to Alec and then walked to him. “All you have to do is stay away from my family. You can kill as many of our kind as you want but just stay away from the people I care about. It’s not that difficult to understand.”“But what we don’t get is how you did it. All four of us are divine beings, we may be human but we have divine power running through our veins. Magic doesn't work on us.”Tara frowned as she didn't know that. The spell she used wasn't exactly just some ordinary spell, she used a different kind of magic, a magic that would only work on all four of them for that one reason. They were her soulmates. “Just, tell us how you did it,” added Eros. Tara stepped back. She wasn't going to reveal that secret because it would only expose her and they would take advantage of it. Nobody could know that they were her mates. She turned around and headed for the door, but Blaise appeared standing in her way and then Landon came up behind her, grabbed her hips, and then pulled her back with him to the desk. Blaise stepped forward as the other two came around her cornering her. “Come on, tell us Little One,” said Blaise as he grabbed her chin. “Tell us how you did it.”

Chapter 2

For years Tara lived as a succubus and never faced the hunger or temptation to taste a man’s cock. Maybe because of her beauty and innocence, at least that's what her brothers believed but all that was going to change. Landon was holding her still and all three men were closing in on her. Pushing her for the answers they wanted, but she wasn't going to give it to them. At the same time, Landon held her hips firmly while his hands came around her waist, rubbing her abdomen. His other hand slid down her hip over her thigh and then it touched her bare skin as soon as it reached the slit of her dress. Her body immediately reacted to his touch and she tensed up. Heat rushed to her core and for the first time, her pussy felt like it awakened from an infinite sleep, and now craving for a man’s cock. Their cocks. “S-stop it!” Tara resisted and pushed Landon’s hand off her, but Eros grabbed it while Alec grabbed her other hand. All four of them were to


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