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The Maverick's Mate

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He was a hybrid Lycan, the most powerful of his kind: ruthless, merciless, and his father's executioner. But there was a problem—he didn't believe in unnecessary killing or spilling innocent blood, an act his father deemed a weakness. This division caused the pack to split, forever branding him as the Maverick. While his father ruled with mayhem, the Maverick built a peaceful pack, welcoming all. When his father's evil deeds caught up with him, the Maverick showed no remorse. But when those actions led to the death of his baby brother, he thirsted for revenge. However, there was another seeking vengeance: his mate, Noria. She vowed to end the Maverick's father's reign, and his second son became collateral damage—a victim of a conspiracy from the Black Wolves pack. Now, with both the Maverick's father and brother dead by her hand, Noria is on the run from the Maverick, who seeks vengeance, and his father's men, who blame her for the accidental death of the Maverick's brother. She has only two allies: her old high school crush and his father. But there's a problem—she's now pregnant with the Maverick's child and he refused to relent in his pursuit.

Chapter 1: Noria - Alpha's Gambit

Noria looked down at her body at the warrior-like yet feminine leather getup her mother had prepared. 

It was quite an intriguing choice. It depicted her sensuality in the most enthralling way, accentuating all the curves she never knew she had, and also announcing her status, showing power and strength. 

She thought she looked like a medieval warrior with a Catwoman vibe.  Melanie; her mother’s hired beautician, stepped forward to clip a hooded coat around her shoulders. It wrapped around her like a blanket and held together on her left shoulder with a golden brooch of the Pack’s emblem of a wolf with jaws wide open. And now she looked like a warrior princess. 

"It's… Perfect," Noria said in almost a whisper. 

Melanie curtsied with a bow and quietly left with her team. 

Two of her father’s men came to escort her to the back of the building and down a pathway to an outdoor clearing prepared for the gathering of her homecoming party. 

The Grey wolves Pack was quite a number and by the look of it, it appeared her father had invited them all. She let out a nervous chuckle. 

A stage was already set up ahead. A long side table, groaning under the weight of delicious food, was set aside in a corner: roasted medium to rare meats, fresh fruits, vegetables, and desserts. The display of savory dishes filled the air with mouth-watering aromas.  About twenty servers stood behind the table, waiting.  

Indistinctive murmuring echoed in the grounds mingling with laughter.  It all stopped when her father turned in her direction and the pack erupted in cheers and applause. Amidst greetings and yells of congratulations, the crowd made a way for her to walk through. The look on her father's face almost made her laugh out loud. And her mother's smug smirk made it difficult to contain. She was watching him and grinning openly. Noria cleared her throat to hide a giggle. When she got to his front, she held his gaze for about a second, before slowly bowing with a curtsy. 

"Noria," his deep voice sounded in the now quiet night, "child," he added, reaching out his hand for her. Noria raised her face and took the hand offered. Her father then shepherded her atop the podium. 

Making her stand in between her mother and him, he raised her hand up and said in a loud booming voice, "GrewWolves! I present to you, your future alpha, my daughter, Noria Aedelwulf!" 

A loud roar and howls rented the air accompanied by deafening applause. 

"Welcome home, Noria!" someone shouted from the crowd. Noria giggled, beaming with smiles. 

From the corner of her eyes, she saw Beta Owenan Farry standing in a corner at the foot of the podium. his cold, hate-filled stare was unmistakable and made a chill run down her spine. 

Minutes later, the party was in full swing. And Noria was the center of attention, surrounded by old friends eager to reconnect and new ones excited to meet her.

The pack members laughed and chatted as they filled their plates, the sound of clinking glasses and silverware adding to the lively atmosphere.

As the night wore on, the music began to pick up. Noria and her parents shared a special dance, and the entire pack joined in.  Two pack members came to sweep Noria away to another side of the dance floor where pack mates of her age group were gathered, twirling, and laughing as they moved to the beat. 

"Noria! You look amazing! We've missed you so much!" an old friend exclaimed, embracing her tightly.

"I've missed you too, it's so good to be back," Noria replied, her face alight with happiness.

Alpha Mikain Aedelwulf, mingled with the guest with his mate by his side, greeting each member as they arrived for the celebration. 

"Congratulations on your daughter's milestone, alpha," one greeted.

"Thank you, Riagánedy Gallen, glad to have you join us with your lovely family," he replied. 

As the party started to wind down, the sounds of simultaneous explosions rent the air, causing a horrific gasp from the gathered wolf pack. 

Alpha Mikain Aedelwulf, mind linked with his Luna; Lynexia, holding her intense gaze across the field and told her to get their daughter, Noria, to safety.

Luna Lynexia looked torn, but the pleading look from Mikain Aedelwulf galvanized her into action.

Grabbing Noria by the hand, Luna Lynexia said, "We need to go!" 

“Papa…” Noria protested, giving her mother a pleading look and darting a worried gaze at her father’s imposing figure.

“He is the alpha, he will handle this. We must go, please, my lovely. That’s what he wants,” her mother pleaded. 

The two disappeared into the crowd and into the side woods before legions of werewolves surrounded the pack. Howling and loud growls rented the air. 

Luna Lynexia and Noria went to hide in the woods, watching as the leader of the invading pack, Alpha Roffe Hallard, mocked and challenged Alpha Mikain Aedelwulf to a fight, taunting him to save his pack.

The centered field then grew alive with the sounds of battle as Alpha Roffe Hallard and Alpha Mikain Aedelwulf clashed in a fierce fight. The two alpha wolves, both powerful and skilled in the art of Ninjutsu, moved with lightning speed and precision as they fought for dominance.

Alpha Mikain Aedelwulf had the upper hand, his superior strength, and agility allowing him to land powerful blows on Alpha Roffe Hallard. But just as victory seemed within his grasp, Owenan Farry slithered behind Mikain and plunged a poisonous knife into his back. 

"Nooo!" Luna Lynexia cried out in horror and excruciating pain. Noria whimpered, covering her mouth with both hands. 

"Lynexia, Noria, run!" Alpha Mikain Aedelwulf roared in the direction of the woods.

Chapter 2: Noria - Bloodied Betrayal

Alpha Roffe Hallard seized the opportunity, using the distraction to his advantage. He quickly overpowered the weakened alpha and half-shifted causing his claws to extract and deliver the killing blow. 

"I'm sorry. I have to go to him," Luna Lynexia whimpered to Noria, 

“Mama, No!” Noria cried quietly. 

“I’m sorry. One day you will understand when you find your mate. He is my heart…” she said the last part in almost a whisper. 

“Mama…” Noria continued to cry. 

"Run, my pet, never trust anyone" she muttered right before she pushed away from her daughter. 

"Mama. NO!" Noria cried. 

Luna Lynexia ignored her, shapeshifting into a fierce Lycan and letting out a loud vicious roar. Bullets and poisoned darts whizzed through the air in her direction with a few hitting her. 

She leaped and managed to evade Alpha Roffe Hallard from stopping her, scaling through the air at Owenan Farry. The treacherous beta looked stunned as Luna Lynexia jumped h


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