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Désirée Nephus

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Author of Steamy Dark Fantasy & Romance, Supernatural, Shifter, Werewolves, & Paranormal Romance


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"Forever Yours" is a captivating story of love, betrayal, and redemption. Evan Sterling, initially mistaking Estera Roberts for a trespasser, finds himself drawn to the young orphan living in his father's opulent world. Despite the significant age difference and the complications surrounding their relationship, Evan becomes Estera's protector, determined to shield her from the dark realities of his life. When Evan's father pressures him to marry someone else, he devises a plan to trick Estera into a fake marriage, unaware that his father has sinister intentions to eliminate her. Manipulated by his father, Evan is devastated by the revelation of a fabricated video and the subsequent shattered trust. Years later, fate reunites Evan and Estera at a party, leading to a passionate encounter. However, the complexities of their circumstances, Evan's marriage, and societal expectations threaten their chance at happiness. As Evan learns the truth behind his father's actions and the horrors inflicted upon Estera, he seeks redemption and embarks on a quest to find her. Meanwhile, Estera has built a new life abroad, supported by her hot boss who harbors deep feelings for her. With the revelation of Estera carrying Evan's twins, they work together to uncover secrets and overcome the dangers that tore them apart. Evan's determination to reclaim Estera and their children fuels their journey, as they unravel mysteries and confront the lies that plagued their past. Amidst the chaos, they renew their vows, symbolizing their commitment to one another and their shared future. "Forever Yours" is a tale of resilience and the power of love to conquer adversity. The story delves into the depths of betrayal, familial secrets, and the pursuit of true happiness. With a blend of romance, mystery, and emotional turmoil, it offers readers a captivating and satisfying narrative filled with redemption, forgiveness, and a happily-ever-after ending.

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In a world consumed by deep-seated animosity between witches and werewolves, Jinelle, a formidable shapeshifting hybrid witch—a reincarnation of a powerful ancestor in her lineage, finds herself burdened with a legacy of ceaseless conflicts and unending loss. With her parents already casualties of the relentless warfare waged by werewolves against her kind, the final straw is drawn when her younger sister falls victim to a brutal attack and abduction by werewolves. Driven by a relentless thirst for vengeance, Jinelle embarks on a path of destruction. She delivers a stark ultimatum to the werewolves: return her sister and all the other children abducted by their kind, or she will unleash an inferno of fury upon them, sparing none in her quest for retribution. Among the werewolves, Percival, a striking hybrid lycan, remains imprisoned due to his father's audacious rebellion against the oppressive leader of the pack, Alpha Colton. With his father brutally slain and his mother and sister enslaved, Percival's fate becomes inextricably tied to the ruthless alpha who knows that releasing him would be a grave mistake. Witnessing the threat that Jinelle poses to the pack, Alpha Colton devises a cunning and dangerous plan to eliminate her. He releases Percival, promising him freedom and restoration of his family if he successfully kills Jinelle. Conflicted by loyalty to his pack and family and the morality of the quest, Percival reluctantly accepts the deadly mission. An accident involving a love potion renders Percival infatuated with Jinelle, complicating his mission, and leaving him ensnared and vulnerable to the witch's vices.

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"Angel: The Enslaved Alpha" is a gripping story set in a world where werewolves face extinction. Angel, a kin to Xavier and Isabelle, is an alpha werewolf trapped in enslavement by a mafia boss, Antonio Rufus. Enduring unimaginable torture and humiliation, Angel is forced to commit heinous acts under Antonio's command. Despite his dire circumstances, Angel finds himself irresistibly drawn to Nadia, Antonio's niece, even as she treats him with disdain like the rest of her family. In a moment of unspeakable horror, Nadia sexually molests Angel while he is bound and drugged for experimentation. Deeply humiliated and emasculated, Angel swears to exact revenge on her. When Xavier and Cole Miller arrive to liberate him and the other captives, Angel seizes the opportunity to take Nadia as his slave, intending to make her pay for her actions. As Angel forces Nadia to live among werewolves who despise humans, he struggles with his conflicting desires for her and his thirst for vengeance. However, their complicated relationship takes an unexpected turn when Angel discovers Nadia's pregnancy, which she tragically loses. Faced with a pivotal choice, Angel must decide whether to reject Nadia and let go of his past bitterness or forgive her and accept her as his mate, knowing that her forgiveness may be equally challenging to obtain. "Angel: The Enslaved Alpha" explores themes of revenge, forgiveness, and the complexities of love in the face of past trauma. It delves into the psychological struggles of a tortured alpha werewolf torn between his desire for retribution and his yearning for a genuine connection. The story raises questions about redemption, second chances, and the power of forgiveness to heal deep wounds.


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