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The Live Shadow

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"When the darkness spread out. There are three things must do. Number 1: Stay inside the house. Number 2: Close your eyes begin Number 3: Do not blink This is the typical open mouth expression of the residents of the village of Bulawan in Pagoda province. Bulawan is a town that is too difficult to reach by transportation. It is a rural and uncivilized area as the place we’re surrounded by lavish mountains, coconut plantations, and rice fields. And because the area is far from civilization. The place has often power interruptions. According to the speculations of residents there. It is always said that people should be inside the house already before the darkness spread out. Otherwise, live shadows will appear and kill people. According to a seasoned herb doctor in the area. The owner of the house should have a glass of water, salt, and garlic cloves that must be put in front of the door outside of the house so that the live shadow killer cannot enter inside the house. Because it is believed that when water, salt, and garlic are combined it can block the power of the monster’s live shadow. It was also believed that the monster live shadow brought scarcity and poverty curse. Countless lives were lost already in the village of Bulawan because of the live shadow killer. Everyone is scared and no one is brave enough to face the live shadow killer Until Dana Wong's arrived in the town of Bulawan, a Filipina-Chinese registered social worker was assigned to conduct a rural community social evaluation that addressed inadequate living conditions. In the first week, Dana lived well and carried out the mission in the area. But instead, she will discover various problems in the life of the residents there. She was discovered terrifying experience. At first, Dana didn't believe what she heard. But one afternoon when she was on her way home where she was staying. While she was passing by in an abandoned hospital named Greenwood Hospital located in the center of town.

The Wake



“Neighbors… help me” a woman shouted who was running with no direction at all. But people seemed deaf whenever darkness spread out. No people in the village of Bulawan in Pagoda province dare to open the door. There is only one reason. Because of the fear that reigns in the heart and subsequently becomes the victim of the monster live shadow killer.

The woman could have gone away. But she accidentally tripped over a fallen tree that blocked the road. The woman lost her balance. One foot clung to a tree branch. So! she won’t able to stand up right away. The woman was forced to stand despite the leg pain. But it was too late because the live shadow had reached her.

"Don't kill me…!"

"Have mercy on me…!"

“Please… I’m begging…!”

What were the last three lines of the terminologies that came out of the woman's mouth? Before squirting fresh blood liquid from each hole of the face. Starting with the eyes, nose, and mouth. The woman's eyes almost popped out. It shook before she finally lost his breath.

It's only five in the morning. The surroundings have too much noise.

"You're an animal!"

"Who are you to kill my wife?"

"Show up to me."

"And I will kill you, monster live shadow."

A drunk man can’t control himself. While the shout was incessant. Holding the bloody corpse of the wife. The woman looks scary. Its face is barely recognizable. The eyeballs are already bulging. Some people were still whispering around the corpse. Somebody said, because of the watch the woman was wearing, the husband recognized her.

"Carding, we can do nothing but accept what happened to your wife."

"The only thing we can do now is beware of the monster that roams our area." Said an old woman holding an umbrella.

"No one sanctifies the monster’s live shadow.”

"Any creature that lives in this area can be killed at any time."

“It's scary. We need to take care in a triple way, for the sake of our family. ”

“We don't see the enemy monster live shadow”.

"Who else will be next to this woman?"

"We can't count on our fingers how many people are dying in our area, because of that monster." Added a woman who did not look too old.

"Are we still waiting for us all to disappear from this place?" The man continued to shout, grieving the loss of his wife.

“That monster must show up to me. I will end d*mn life. It is enough to sow dread in Bulawan village. ”The man was furious. It even took the sharp bolo out of the sheath tied around the waist.

"Carding, please don't say that." An old man stopped along with the scene

"We don't see the monster living shadow."

"Just take care of your wife's burial," the old man calmly ordered

“Before I came here I asked Inggo for advice. He said Nena also needs to be buried before darkness spread out today. Otherwise, people's lives will be more in danger. ”

Inggo is the veteran herb doctor in Bulawan village. Inggo is known in the area as a powerful herb doctor. It has a strange amulet.

“I don't care what you say. This is my wife's life. ”Carding insisted

“Carding, I understand how you feel right now. But Nena was gone already. She is dead already. And many more lives are at stake if you execute stubbornness. We knew that darkness could bring a big risk for people. If they sympathize with Nena during the wake. Their life will be put in danger. ” the woman explained.

“It's also for the safety of your family. Remember that your house cannot be open when the darkness is scattered along with the village. Because at any time the monster can attack inside your house.”

“Tell everything you want to tell me. But I will not obey your idiot advice. It's easy to tell you all that. Because you are not the one who lost a loved one. ”The man said hysterically.

“Just run away from me. Because the blood is running in my head. You might be the first one I kill. ”The man shooed and threatened.

People who care about Carding’s family have done nothing. But left with a shrug. Although they want to support Carding this shows his stubbornness.

"Carding, we sympathize with Nena's passing." The woman stood in front of Nena's coffin made only of thin plywood. This woman was a close friend of Nena’s who was always with her in the riverside laundry.

"Thank you." Carding replied sitting at the foot of his wife's coffin.

Only a few people dared to visit the wake of Nena. Because almost everyone is afraid of the invasion of the monster’s live shadow. How can they go home after mourning when the darkness surrounds them. There is a high possibility to encounter the monster’s live shadow.

The people who were present in the wake are the people who are only about a meter away from the house of Carding.

"Carding ---" the woman's face turned pale when she called Carding.

"Why?" Carding answered immediately

"Did you notice anyone passing over Nena's coffin?" the woman's face seemed to turn into white vinegar as the fears showed up.

"What are you saying?" confused Carding stood up on the seat and even wiped the surface of the coffin.

“You're just kidding. Maybe it was just Nena's soul. You are being visited. She is happy because you remembered her. ”Carding said

“Carding if you don't feel bad. I will have to leave as well. My husband and kids are waiting for me at home. ”Fears could not hide but they cover the woman's face.

“Alright… if that will ease your will. But first, sip a cup of coffee to get rid of your drowsiness. ”Carding did not wait for the woman to answer because he had already entered the small kitchen with only covers of coconut leaves and bamboo.

Two minutes didn’t pass yet

"Ahhhhh ----- don't -----" a shout broke the silence of the night.

Carding is in a hurry to get back to the coffin’s place. He was no longer managed to grab a cup of hot coffee. The glass was collided and fell to the floor.

Carding's face was shocked after seeing fresh blood spread over the coffin. Slowly lowered his gaze to the floor to see the dead woman. The blood is flowing. The woman's nose was slashed. Chopped mouth. The bulge in the eye was also chopped. The fresh blood was still flowing from the woman's ear and head.

The more shocking incident was when Carding saw that the three men facing each other at the table outside the house were also dead. Carding approached the three men. He covered his mouth to see that fresh blood was also flowing from the manhood of the three men. The three men were stabbed in the abdomen. And what is even more horrifying is that the s*x organs of three men were cut off. They are still scattered on the ground.

"You monster…!"

"Get out…!"

"Let's fight…!"

"I'm not afraid of you monster live shadow."

"Show up to me…!" Carding was screaming

Carding turned around as he shouted and held a sharp bolo. Carding was unaware of the appearance of a shadow that suddenly strangled him. The monster stabbed him several times in the abdomen.

Like three men. Carding's s*x organ was also amputated. The monster looked excited in the dark. But for some inexplicable reason, the live shadow is also in tears.

A ten-year-old girl daughter of Carding is trembling with fear. Coincidentally, there was a small hole in the nipa division from their bedroom. The child would have come out of deep sleep earlier when she heard a cry. But the little girl stopped when she saw the woman sprawled on the floor and instead peeked at the command to witness the heinous massacre committed by the monster. The little could see how the monster had killed her father, Carding. As long as she wanted to seek help from the neighbors but she couldn’t. Because she was sure that no one has enough courage to give help to them.

The Burial

It was already 6:00 in the morning when the dazzling sun appeared.

The entire Bulawan village, led by the local government, has already held a large scale of united people called “Bayanihan” or a group of people helping each other.

The corpse of Carding, Carding's wife, a friend of Carding's wife, and the three men who attended in the wake who was died were buried on the same day.

Five coffins have already been placed in the tomb. The only thing left was Carding's coffin.

"The pit is too shallow." Said a man holding a shovel

"It's dangerous if we dig more." a man complained who was mixing cement.

"Why? We'll just dig. ”The man replied

“The place is too crowded. The grasses are very tall and too thick. We do not know the danger that awaits us. Yes! the government will pay us a large amount of money. But our life will be put in danger, probably we will be the next to be buried here. ”The man who was mixing the cement was very scared.



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