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The Live Shadow
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"When the darkness spread out. There are three things must do. Number 1: Stay inside the house. Number 2: Close your eyes begin Number 3: Do not blink This is the typical open mouth expression of the residents of the village of Bulawan in Pagoda province. Bulawan is a town that is too difficult to reach by transportation. It is a rural and uncivilized area as the place we’re surrounded by lavish mountains, coconut plantations, and rice fields. And because the area is far from civilization. The place has often power interruptions. According to the speculations of residents there. It is always said that people should be inside the house already before the darkness spread out. Otherwise, live shadows will appear and kill people. According to a seasoned herb doctor in the area. The owner of the house should have a glass of water, salt, and garlic cloves that must be put in front of the door outside of the house so that the live shadow killer cannot enter inside the house. Because it is believed that when water, salt, and garlic are combined it can block the power of the monster’s live shadow. It was also believed that the monster live shadow brought scarcity and poverty curse. Countless lives were lost already in the village of Bulawan because of the live shadow killer. Everyone is scared and no one is brave enough to face the live shadow killer Until Dana Wong's arrived in the town of Bulawan, a Filipina-Chinese registered social worker was assigned to conduct a rural community social evaluation that addressed inadequate living conditions. In the first week, Dana lived well and carried out the mission in the area. But instead, she will discover various problems in the life of the residents there. She was discovered terrifying experience. At first, Dana didn't believe what she heard. But one afternoon when she was on her way home where she was staying. While she was passing by in an abandoned hospital named Greenwood Hospital located in the center of town.

Sold One Million Womb
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David Lucero and Dayan Ilustre-Lucero has a perfect love story. They met at Saint Louis University in Baguio City during their college days. Both of them are professional individuals. David is a certified mechanical engineer. Dayan is a certified public accountant. But their relationship will be ruined due to one tragic accident where Dayan’s uterus was damaged and she was no longer able to carry a child in her womb. Dayan was hopeless but despite this, she endured pains and has sacrificed. They won in a raffle before in able for them to preserve frozen eggs and sperm cells. Until she met Cara where she offered help worth one million in exchange Cara will carry the baby through IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. Dayan’s plan was successful but she was found out that David and Cara has a forbidden affair. Dayan did everything to save the family. She will not allow the family she has worked so hard to build to be ruined. But she discovered that Cara was pregnant and that David still wanted her to live in their house. A serious matter that Dayan couldn't handle. She left and took the son secretly. After six months, their marriage has been annulled. Dayan has accepted everything that has happened especially and she already has an avid new lover who is very kind to her. But David felt the opposite because he had the remorse of having their marriage annulled. He cannot accept that his ex-wife has a lover. When David found out that Dayan was getting married. David kidnapped Dayan on the day of her wedding. Instead, a fancy wedding happened. Warm lovemaking took place between David and Dayan who never thought that the hidden love would re-emerge despite the resentment and anger created by the four words SOLD ONE MILLION WOMB.


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