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The legend Of the shadow heroes

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Thousands of years ago, in the province of Zhewu, they lived very powerful beings, people with extraordinary abilities. The land overshadowed by good and evil sects, where the evil Blood pearl sect seem to dominate. They've ruled and terrified the Zhewu kingdom for years after forcefully taking power from the previous master of the sword pavilion. All other sects have been massacred, anyone born with extraordinary ability is immediately sought for and killed. Years passed as Zhewu kingdom is ruled under the tyranny of Wu Long, master of the blood pearl sect. As fate would have it, a boy was born...his name was Fu Zhi...It's his duty to deliver his people from Wu Long...find out more in this mysterious story...

Chapter 1: The Beginning

"Fu Zhi," a voice called out."Fu Zhi," a voice called out."Fu Zhi," a voice called out."Fu Zhi," a voice called out.

That was the voice of Fu Lan, Fu Zhi's mother.

It was calm and cheerful as always.

"Mom... I'm coming right away," Fu Zhi responded from the backyard.

Fu Zhi then ran briskly to her mom who was in the kitchen preparing lunch.

"Mom...I'm here!" Fu Zhi said as he opened the back door.

"Come here my boy, you are as playful as always," his mother said as she held him in tight embrace.

Fu Zhi was a 12 year old boy who was known for his dexterity despite his young age.

He could do anything just by taking a glimpse of it. He was a young gifted lad with special abilities, his parents were amazed by his abilities as they seemed impossible for an ordinary human.

His abilities were off the charts, which made his parents were over protective of him and always ensured his abilities were kept a secret, even from the neighbors.

Despite the fact that the neighbors overhear some berating noises, they just overlook and mind their business.

What made his parents live at ease was the fact that the village they lived is several kilometers away from the capital.


"Fu Zhi! Hope you were not making fire or moving objects with your bare hands this time around?" His mother asked.

"Mom... please cut me some least I wasn't playing with other kids this time around and none of the neighbors saw me do it," Fu Zhi responded in a playful tone.

"Son. I'm doing this for your own good. When you grow up, you'll understand why we intend to keep your abilities a secret," she said.

"But mom, I believe there are still some persons outside this village who possess same abilities as mine...Besides, why do you and dad always insist I hide my skills....

I feel they are not restricted as I am now," Fu Zhi said murmuring.

"Stop spouting nonsense. Okay! I know what to do,"

"When your father returns, he would tell you a story and I believe you'll understand the reason for all this," Fu Lan said.

"Alright! I'm now eager to see dad and have him tell me this story," Fu Zhi said.

"Okay! That's my boy. Go help me buy some charcoals, we are out of gas," the mother said as she handed some two copper coins to him.

"Okay mom," Fu Zhi said as he grabbed the money and went on the errand.

Fu Lan heaved a sigh of relief as he saw his young boy jump out with excitement.

"I hope this happiness is destroyed," Fu Lan said within himself.

Fu Zhi's father, Fu Meng was a hard-working farmer. He was known for his prowess.

It has never been recorded that he came back home from his expedition without something huge.

His return home always put smile in Fu Zhi's face as he knows there's plenty of meat for everyone.


Finally Fu Zhi returned home with a bunch of charcoal.

"Mom... I'm home," Fu Zhi said in excitement.

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Chapter 2: Back In Time

He went straight to the kitchen and handed the charcoal to his mother.

Chapter Two: He went straight to the kitchen and handed the charcoal to his mother.ght to the kitchen and handed the charcoal to his mother.

"That's my boy," Fu Lan said as he rubbed his hair.

"Your food is just at dinning table, go enjoy yourself... remember to call me if you need more," She said.

Fu Zhi who was already balling with excitement stormed the dining.

He ate his lunch which was fried potato and salad.

Although his parents were not the wealthy type, they can be considered in the average class.

The Fu family is doing everything to ensure Fu Zhi lives a good life. Fu Zhi was glad to have such parents.

He couldn't imagine what life would have been without them in the picture.

Each day, he hopes that fate would be fair enough to let them live in continual happiness.

After lunch, he decided to take a nap and await his


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