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The Hybrids

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The virgin and the stranger named him ALPHA MERCURY - destined by his ancestors to defend the werewolves, vampires, humans, and HYBRIDS. Brando Ramirez is a playboy in Manila, the Philippines who go to Barrio Anting-Anting at the invitation of James Ramirez and falls deeply in love with Mary - the virgin. He falls in love without knowing that a baby is destined to be born in the Azzo Tribe and will be named Mercury Ramirez, who is a human and a werewolf with special strength and abilities through their Azzo ancestors. Their love is destined to live with a man named Mercury, who is a hybrid of humans and werewolves. The war between the Azzo and the Azzwang Clan's false belief that it is not suitable for people's lives. But the Azzo Tribe wants to live with the people and help in a good way. As time goes on and people become modernized, the same thing happens to werewolves, vampires, and fairies, and people learn to accept werewolves and vampires in their daily lives, but they have their own rules. and lifestyle. Mercury's sister grew up not knowing each other until Darya Montenegro crossed their paths. Mercury Ramirez was reincarnated in another time and opportunity until he fell in love with a pureblood vampire Annie Mikaelson. They were blessed with a son - Mercury Ramirez Junior. Because Mercury is a Mega Alpha, he is constantly protecting his Pack and the other descendants of the Azzo Tribe. He experienced many wonders and adventures in other times and places. His love is set to help werewolves and hybrids live with humans. The unknown son of Mercury and daughter of Arnold Rivas like each other at school and fall in true love with each other. "That's Mercury's destiny to fall in love with people, werewolves or vampires - help his pack even if they go their separate ways. A PARANORMAL-FANTASY-WEREWOLF-VAMPIRE ROMANCE

Chapter 1: In The Beginning

Mary - The Beautiful Girl POV

She did not expect this moment to come, like the cold breeze of dawn that gently touched her face. It seemed to her that the place never provided an opportunity for her to love; a normal feeling that God has granted to people. Why is it so hard to understand my deepest desire to know more about myself? Darkness crept in slowly as she wandered on the balcony of their house made of bamboo and palm leaves.

She understood very well that they were different from other people living in that area; a mountainous place where no one dared to live because of its distance. She has a beautiful face, like the fairy of all fairies who know nothing about earthly things. Maybe she's the Fairy of the Wild?

But you can know that she is sad, and lonely and wants love. She is a woman who has no right to love and be loved. What a beautiful name her mother gave her, Mary.

"Tomorrow ... it's your're eighteen years old," said her mother as she approached her on the balcony. So what if she's a fairy? Will this change anything and her future? In her mind, she could not tell her mother about what was on her mind now.

"What do you want for your birthday?"

She looked at her mother with sadness in her eyes. "Do you have anything to give me besides fresh human meat and bloody human drink?"

Mary's mother, Virginia Ramirez suddenly left her speechless. It was almost dark when Mary's father, Daniel Ramirez, came home from the farm. He tied the buffalo he had used for farming to the fence next to the house. He went upstairs and saw Mary eating white rice and dried fish. He knew very well, that Mary would not ask him to join because they did not eat such food. "Virgie ... where are you?"

"Are we leaving now Daniel?" Virginia's voice came from their room.

"Yes ..."

"Mary, we're leaving," Virginia said to her daughter as she looked at Daniel. Mary did not move a bit to answer her mother. She was busy eating at the table. The couple went out of their house to the back of the house. Here, their forms changed slowly until they became werewolves. Their clothes were damaged as they changed and they were covered with thick hair. After a few minutes, they were ferocious animals that wanted to eat human flesh. They hurried away to hunt their prey.

Along the main road, near the forest, not far from Mary's house, a man is looking for his missing buffalo. He has a torch to illuminate his path, and he is completely innocent about this place. The werewolf couple trapped their claws and teeth, approaching the man. The couple grabbed, and first shot the man's head, then his hands and feet. They carried the fragmented body into the middle of the forest. They quickly ate their hands and feet. Opened the head to the two and ate it. Also, they destroyed the body and removed the intestines. Some precious flesh was left for their daughter. Covertly, Mary saw what her parents were doing at the time. She wanted to run away, but she couldn't. She continues to hide as the werewolf couple leaves the area. She asked herself, "Why is this? Why are they both followers of Satan? And why did I follow them?" Mary quietly cried and left the place resentful of the werewolves' parents.


Brando - The Playboy POV

An energetic Brando Ramirez prepares to leave while playing with car keys in his right hand, walking quickly towards his newly purchased sports car. He is happy with his trouble-free life because his parents inherited the wealth of their ancestors. A tremendous land for them to manage and thrive on another treasure for their future. "Where are you going son?" Asked his mother Yolanda Ramirez. Brando kissed his mother's cheek, and replied, "Just wander around Ma."

"Don't do any nonsense and don't be late to our dinner," Yolanda warned her son.

"Yes Ma and bye!"

Brando happily walked out of the house, he wanted to fly to their garage, if only he could. He chose the red Ferrari car to use. The guard opened the gate when he saw Brando's car and paid respects by saluting him. Brando exited the Subdivision and accelerated his vehicle with full force.

Carla Villa waited for Brando outside their gate when it arrived. "I thought you weren't going," Carla said pointing a finger at Brando. "D*mn it, believe me, I can't forget. Remember, I love you?"

"Yeah, but this last time I waited for you and you didn't come, you remember that, don't you?" Carla replied.

"Okay, okay ... come now, you're spoiling my day ... go ... go ..." While in the car heading north of the subdivision, Brando asked Carla. "By the way, what's your type now? Eat or wander around the forest?"

"Both, we'll eat and roam together, and you know my favorite thing to do, don't you?"

"Same? How's that?"

"Yes, we would go to that place before, to that place you took me there. We can eat and we can go to heaven at the same time." Brando just smiled when he noticed what Carla meant… the same in the previous story. He took Carla to the motel they used to go to and also here at the motel, Brando was taking his chicks. The workers knew him and his purpose as well. And they already know Brando's habit. Brando immediately locked the door, kissed Carla on the lips, and undressed quickly. Brando carried Carla to bed and began the rapid foreplay until they reached the climax of pleasure.


Randy - The Suitor POV

Randy Ramos used the large tree to hide his identity secret when visiting Mary. He has been there so many times. He loves Mary, but cannot express his love for the woman. He didn't have the courage to face Mary's parents, Daniel Ramirez and Yolanda Ramirez. "Mother, I'm going to the river to wash our clothes," Mary said to her mother.

"Yes, but don't stay there too long."

"Yes, Mom." Randy saw Mary leaving for the river, he smiled and quickly followed her. As they neared the river, Randy appeared in front of Mary. "Good morning Mary!"

"Hello Randy, how are you?" Mary asked.

"I'm fine Mary. I want to go with you… to the river."

"Why? Are you going to wash clothes too?"

"No, I'm not going to wash clothes ... I want to talk to you."

"What about Randy?"

"About my love for you, about… you and me ..."

"Sorry, Randy ... don't bother talking to me again. I won't love or cherish you ever again. I don't want you."

"But why Maria, I'm handsome, and hardworking?"

"Don't ask me again, go and find another woman for you !!" Mary shouted at him. Randy was left without a word; his heart was trampled by a thousand giants. He could not understand why Mary was so mad at him.


The Ramirez Family

In the office, Brando hurriedly answered the phone. She was looking forward to this call from him. "Hello?"

"Brando?" Said a woman's voice on the phone.

"Who is this?"

"You forgot b*st*rd, why aren't you visiting me here!"

"S-Sharon?" Brando was shocked.

"And who do you think….your other woman !! "

Brando just smiled, he was used to such scenes. "How are you babe?" A question as if he had done nothing wrong for his other girlfriend Sharon. "I'm busy here in the office, you know, isn't it ..."

"Busy with what, for whom, in your other class?"

"Okay, even if I'm busy I'll go to you, where will we meet?"

"That place used to be, like it used to be," Sharon immediately hung up the phone.

"Sharon's dog ... didn't mention the time ... that woman was really mad," Brando said to himself after putting down the phone receiver.


Parents of Mary POV

Mary's parents were farmers who worked hard on their lands every day. But they did not eat their harvest because they wanted human flesh and blood. All the time, they wanted to kill for the food they both had. "Daniel, take a break. We're not in a hurry for the rice harvests. Don't work too hard, tonight we can have a fresh dinner."

"Okay Virginia, I'll finish this one first."

"Our victim yesterday was Yoyong ..."

"Tonight we're going to attend our friend. Our donation is ready for him."

Virginia and Daniel didn't like what they were doing but they inherited as werewolves through their ancestors. A tough curse they couldn't resist at night, especially when it was a full moon. They give their money to their victims and they do so until death.


At Brando's House POV

A car suddenly stopped in front of the gate of Brando's mansion. Sharon approached the guard disrespectfully. "Hey, you ... why aren't you opening the gate, b*st*rd guard!"

"Why? Who are you madam?" The polite guard asked.

"I'm Brando's fianceé, he'll be the father of my baby! Where's Brando?"

"Okay go inside and ask Mrs. Yolly Ramirez, mother of Brando," said the guard as he opened the gate. Sharon entered the mansion, knocked on the door shouting. "Mrs Ramirez… Mrs. Ramirez where's Brandoooooo?"

Mrs. Ramirez opened and slammed the door and immediately shouted at Sharon. "Why are you screaming you witch, what do you need?"

"I want your son! I'm pregnant and he's the father !!"

"She's not here right now! I'll tell him when he gets home !! Go..go..go, you b*tch !!"

"Tell him about this thing or I'll tell your rich friends about it. You have no place in society when this thing happens. He hid from me, didn't he? Didn't he?"

Mrs. Yolly Ramirez turned away and suddenly closed the door in Sharon's face. Sharon left the mansion blazing with anger.


Brando enjoys these moments with his new girlfriend, Lucy Lee. They spent their precious moments on the beach outside Metro Manila. "Wow, how nice of you in your two-piece swimsuit Lucy," Brando shouted.

"No, it's just s*xy," Lucy replied.

They enjoyed the night together swimming and drinking wine until they found themselves in the bathroom where they shared an eternal moment for their neighbor and tasting God's precious gift. Brando left Lucy at the beach cottage alone. He went straight to the mansion. His mother and father are waiting for him to come home. They wanted to tell Sharon's condition. Mrs. Ramirez was furious while waiting for his son. Brando suddenly appeared at the door, smiling and handing respect to the couple. "Good evening Ma, Pa. Why are you still awake at this time?" Brando asked his parents.

"Did you know Sharon was here this morning."

"Of course I don't know because I'm not here."

"Sharon is here because she told me, she's pregnant, and you're the father of her pregnancy."

"What? That b*tch, how, a hundred men were with her, and I'm the father? Ha-ha-ha..b*tch !!"

"Son, you'd better marry her. We don't need problems in our society. And, besides, I want a grandchild."

"No Ma, I'm not going to marry that dog ... I'm not ready yet." Brando left his parents in confusion, went into his room, and sat down next to his bed. He is thinking of something strange to avoid this event and needs adventure while he is single and young. He collected his backpack, some personal belongings, and cash. He slowly stepped out of the house toward the gate and asked the guard to open it. "Open the gate, quickly!" Brando shouted.

"Sir, why, where are you going, where is your car?"

"Don't ask me, quick, open the gate ..."

"All right sir."

Brando left the mansion in the middle of the night and headed for the city center.


Chapter 2: The Runaway

The Friendship of Brando and James

It was early in the morning when Brando arrived at the domestic airport, Philippine Airlines. He wanted to buy a ticket to Bacolod city, the capital city of Negros Occidental, but it was closed. He had to wait for trade hours tomorrow to buy an airline ticket. Brando went to the coffee shop, bought a cup of coffee, and sat on the bench near the shop. Some passengers are asleep waiting for their flights; some chat about pastimes. He had almost finished his coffee when a man sat near him, eating biscuit crackers. He was also carrying a backpack, but it was too old and his clothes were old as well. No one would have thought that this man had lived a healthy and stable life before. The man was anxious after eating the biscuit and the tension on his face was there in his gesture. He stared into the darkness of the night, instead of sleeping. Brando wondered about him, he looked at him with remorse in his heart. Suddenly the man wi


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