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Shadow Scent (Book 1)

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Sarka didn't know what was wrong with him. Ever since he got an eye donor from someone else, he felt strange things started to come to him one by one. Like being able to see scary ghosts, being attacked by nightmares all night long that make him wake up in the middle of the night, until the most awkward and strange thing, every nightmare that comes, he always finds someone's name written in blood in his personal notebook. Actually, what is going on? Sarka's mind wondered. His fear grew when the names of the people written in blood in his notebook, the next day died tragically.

Chapter 1 : He Can See Again

Sarka's heart immediately beat twice as fast when Doctor Vino said that he would soon remove the bandages covering Sarka's eyes. Sarka felt both happy and scared.

"Mom?" Sarka swallowed harshly. He tried to feel for something. And after finding his mom's warm hand, he immediately grasped it tightly.

"Yes, I'm here," his mom replied while stroking the top of her youngest son's head, which she loved so much.

Sarka repeatedly sighed and took a long breath. He did not need to be excessively afraid because his mom would still be by his side. Sarka tightened the grip of his mom's hand even more. He was afraid that suddenly his mom would not be here beside him.

"Mom?" called Sarka once again.

"Yes, dear."

Sitting on the hospital gurney, Sarka turned his head to the right, where his mom's voice was coming from. The rhythm of his breathing was getting faster. He began to feel afraid, afraid that his long-awaited wish would not happen.

"Mom, is it true that soon I will be able to see?" asked Sarka, just to be sure. After all, he needed reassurance. He didn't want to be lied to.

His mom smiled warmly, even though Sarka could not see her. Sarka's mom then gently ruffled the top of his head, followed by a peck that landed on his forehead.

"That's right, soon you will be able to see again," his mom said, sounding very confident. A split second later, Sarka felt relieved.

"You're not lying to me, are you?"

Sarka's mom smiled, then gently kissed the forehead of the youngest son she loved. "I wouldn't lie to you. Soon, what you wanted all this time will be achieved. Doctor Vino also said it himself, right?"

Sarka had to believe what his mom said. He nodded firmly once again while emphasizing to himself that this was all real, not just a dream.

For the first time in six months, Sarka could smile brightly. His black world would soon end, and Sarka would be able to see again. He couldn't wait for this to happen.

Not long after that, Sarka heard the door to the room open. It must be Doctor Vino, he thought. Apparently, Sarka's guess was not far off. Doctor Vino really did come and was ready to show Sarka how beautiful this world is.

"Sarka, are you ready?" asked Doctor Vino.

Taking a deep breath, Sarka nodded once firmly. His lips immediately pressed together. "I'm ready!"

"Alright, I'm starting, huh?"

Sarka's grip on his mom's hand tightened. It wasn't just Sarka's heart that was beating fast, his mom felt it too. In addition, there was an overwhelming sense of anxiety experienced by them.

The bandages wrapped around Sarka's eyes were slowly removed one by one by Doctor Vino. Until it was finished, Sarka still closed his eyes. He waited for further instructions from Doctor Vino. Sarka's heart was beating uncontrollably.

"Sarka, now try to open your eyes slowly," Doctor Vino said gently.

Sarka complied, his head nodding. He opened his eyes slowly, then blinked for a few moments. Although Sarka's vision was blurry at first, a few seconds later, he could see the room he was in. Everything was very clear.

Sarka's tears just broke out. He immediately hugged his mom very tightly. "Mom, I can see again."

Sarka's mom patted her son's back gently. "Yes, you can see again; I'm glad you finally got through this." His mom pulled Sarka into her arms.

Their tears came out in unison. Doctor Vino, who saw it, just smiled with emotion. Sarka released his mom's embrace, then he rubbed his eyes. He didn't expect that he could finally see again.

"Finally, you can see now. I'm happy about this." Doctor Vino smiled kindly.

Hearing that, Sarka quickly turned his face to look at Doctor Vino, who had been very meritorious for succeeding in making his eyes able to see again.

"It's all thanks to you, doc. Thank you very much. Thanks to you, I can see again. Thanks again, I'm very happy." Sarka spoke at length. His eyes flashed with emotion and gratitude.

"You're welcome, it's my duty. I myself am also happy that you can finally see again."

Sarka nodded quickly, then he looked at his mom. Both of them were smiling.

"Thank you, doctor? I, as Sarka's mom, am really happy that my son can see again. I wish you good health and good fortune. I hope all your affairs are made easy. I don't know what else to say, you have done so much for me and my son."

"You're welcome, Thank you for your prayers. Then, I'll leave first, okay? There are other patients I need to check on," Doctor Vino said as he looked at the expensive watch wrapped around his left wrist.

"Yes, please."

Doctor Vino nodded once while giving a big smile before he turned around and walked out of Sarka's room.

After the doctor who had done so much for Sarka left, Sarka then cast his gaze around the room, then his eyes stopped and focused on the back of the door. There, Sarka saw something.

Sarka turned to his mom, and then he spoke softly. "Mom, why is there a little girl crying over there? Why is there so much blood on her clothes?" asked Sarka as he squinted his eyes. No, he couldn't have seen anything wrong. The little girl was very obvious.

Hearing Sarka's explanation, Maria stiffened on the spot. The middle-aged woman looked at her son intently.

Sarka's gaze did not shift at all from behind the door.

Maria, Sarka's mom's heart was beating twice as fast, her goose bumps were already bristling.

With trembling lips, Maria tried to force a smile. She moved closer to her son, then sat beside him as she embraced him.

No, this can't be happening. Maria said to herself. She suggested to herself that there was nothing to worry about. Everything was normal and successful. And look, Sarka can now see again. Just like what Sarka wanted, as well as Maria herself as his mom.

"Sarka, what are you talking about? There's nothing here, you can't talk out of turn." Maria said with a slightly trembling tone of voice, then she turned her gaze, following the direction of Sarka's gaze. "Where? There are no children, I don't see anything." Indeed, Maria did not see what Sarka was referring to, but Sarka could see that there was indeed a little girl very clearly.

Sarka shook his head vigorously. He ignored his mom's words. "No, I'm serious. I'm not making it up or talking nonsense. Look, poor little girl! Her clothes are full of blood mixed with mud. She also looks very pale, mom."

"Sarka, listen to me talk." Maria cupped Sarka's face, so that Sarka looked at her. Their eyes were now locked. "You can't see yet, Sarka. You must be seeing something wrong. Your eyes are not functioning normally yet. You also lack rest, that's why you're hallucinating now. That's enough; now you go to sleep."


"Sarka, I understand. Yes, I trust you. Now you just rest."

Sarka exhaled harshly. He then nodded. He looked back at the door. The pale-faced girl who had been there earlier, complete with blood smeared on her clothes, was nowhere to be seen. Sarka blinked his eyes. Then he shook his head.

"You're right, mom. Maybe I saw it wrong. Now that little girl is gone." Sarka smiled at Maria.

"Well, you rest now. Maybe tomorrow or the day after, you can go home."

Sarka nodded without thinking. "Okay." With great caution, Sarka laid back down on the hospital bed.

Maria brought her lips to Sarka's forehead, and she kissed him gently. "During sleep, I love you."

"I love you too, mom." Once Sarka's position had changed to lying down, his gaze was now directed at the hospital ceiling.

Just as Sarka was about to close his eyes, he saw the little girl, who was just moments ago behind the door, now hovering right above him. Sarka was transfixed with bulging eyes.

The little girl was grinning widely with completely black eyeballs. Her body, which was so pale, made her look even more terrifying. A second later, her mouth made a giggling sound that made Sarka's hair stand on end.

Chapter 2 : He Feels Strange

Six months of not being able to see the outside world had made Sarka feel very miserable. And now his eyes are functioning normally again. How grateful he is that God still gives him the opportunity to see and enjoy the beautiful scenery in this world.

"Well, now we're home," Maria said with a big smile. She looked at Sarka. "How was it? You're happy, right?" she asked.

Sarka nodded enthusiastically. There was nothing different about the house as it was six months ago. Everything was almost the same as the last time Sarka had seen it. The only slight difference was that there were now a few flower pots on the terrace. The rest was just the same as before.

"I'm so happy," Sarka said honestly. "I'm really happy to be able to see you again."

"That's it, let's go in now."

Without another thought, Sarka nodded firmly. The two of them then stepped into the house. Maria took the ho


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