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Martial arts world

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With a different world of swallow sky martial arts, waste master Jedi attack, jumped into the shock of the mainland martial arts genius! The mighty are at your disposal, the mighty enemy is under your feet. Mysterious family, unknown areas, all the wonderful, all in the world of martial arts!

Chapter 1 The three children of the Lin family

Shiling County Yunlang Country, the warm sun of the morning has not yet risen completely, the entire small county city is enveloped in a dense, quiet and distant!

Lin Chen lay back on the soft couch, eyes staring at the roof, eyes wandering. He has been in this position for a whole day and night, and even now, he is still struggling to digest the additional memories.

One day and one night, finally let him figure out one thing - he Lin Chen crossed.

The plot that can only appear in novels and movies all the time actually happened in reality, and it happened to him without bias.

He still remembers that he was admiring the relief frescoes in the palace of the Jokhang Temple, but suddenly the relief of the beast on the wall came to life and swallowed him up. When he woke up, he came to this world and possessed the boy who was also called Lin Chen.

The same name, so that he is not very repellant to his new body, and after a day and night of combing, he has a rough understanding of his identity in this life.

The son of the master of the Lin family, the third oldest generation, was born with a golden spoon, but the talent is very poor, the age of sixteen, still stay in the sad state of two yuan environment, is called the waste maple of the entire Shiling County, by the mockery of the clanders and outsiders. And because he was not liked wherever he went, the third master of the Lin family simply gave up on himself, learned nothing all day, felt sorry for himself, and was idle in addition to drinking and enjoying himself, which could be said to be nothing.

A day ago, the third master of the Lin family in order to please the Cao family Miss Cao Yunfei, single-handedly into the black maple forest to find exquisite flowers, but because of a careless fall into the valley, died, if not for the Lin family to find the timely, I am afraid the body will be eaten by warcraft.

"Picking up girls and putting their lives on the line, this is really a lot of money!"

Memory combing to the last moment when the third master of the Lin family had no thought, Lin Chen finally stopped browsing the new memory and finally sighed long.

The former Lin Chen is gone, and from now on, he is the third master of the Lin family, and the third master of the Lin family is him, no longer distinguishable from each other.

"Hey, anyway, this life is to be a young master, better than the previous life alone." With a smile, he immediately became relieved.

In the original world, he was an orphan who grew up in an orphanage and was about to start his own life, but he did not expect such an accident. But this is also good, the previous life of his unencumbered, and now to this world, all as a restart of their own life.

"Ho! Oof! Oof!"

Just when Lin Chen thought of here, outside the window of the porch, a neat and uniform shout suddenly came, attracting his attention.

"Morning exercise has begun!"

With a bright eye, he quickly rolled out of bed, casually dressed himself with his uninjured right hand, pushed the door and walked out.

The Lin family's morning exercise has become a tradition, but all the children of the Lin family reached the age of ten years old, have to participate in the morning exercise, once Lin Chen because always mocked, the most hate morning exercise, but today's Lin Chen is not. He had never seen the martial arts of this world with his own eyes, but his heart was full of expectations!

If you want to become a strong fighter, you must work much harder than others. Although you are all young masters now, if you cannot become a strong fighter, you will still be bullied in the future."

As soon as I went out, there was a rough cry on the training ground, and from a distance, a middle-aged man was urging a group of young people to practice martial arts.

For this middle-aged man, Lin Chen is no stranger. This person surnamed Wu Hao, is the Lin family to spend a lot of money to hire back the instructor, specializing in teaching the children of the Lin family martial arts, it is said that now has a seven times the poly Yuan environment repair.

"Your talent is very general, not like the martial arts as unique, so be sure to double efforts, only hard practice, can continue to break through, now look at me."

When Lin Chen just focused his eyes on the middle-aged man, the latter suddenly sank his back, and his fists danced like thunder. Suddenly, his fist was covered with a layer of bright white light, the air around him, like being ignited, snapped, and as his fists began to dance, the whole small square, the wind blew.

"Hiss, so impressive, is this the martial arts of this world?" But it's much better than the fake one in the movies." See Wu Hao personally, Lin Chen eyes bright. For a world that honors martial arts, nothing is more attractive than a powerful force, especially for a man like him who has always had a martial arts dream but has never actually seen martial arts.

"Coach Wu is just an ordinary fighter, the strength is so great, if this is changed into a Wu Lingwu, do not know how strong?"

Although the former Lin Chen did not like martial arts, but for the Wu Lingwu, how much or understand.

Wu Lingwu, is the martial arts among the different, they are born with an extraordinary talent of martial arts, and will wake up at an unknown time. There are many kinds of martial arts, there are animal martial arts, there are plant martial arts, there are some more special objects of martial arts, and any martial arts with martial arts, the speed of cultivation is a thousand miles a day, the combat effectiveness is much stronger than the ordinary martial arts, so, as long as there are martial arts, it will become the object of the major school forces.

Of course, the martial arts are very rare, 10,000 martial arts are difficult to appear in one, the entire Shiling County for so many years, there is only one martial arts born, and that is a few years ago. Speaking of it, the original Lin Chen, also had the honor to see the Fang family Wu Lingwu to display talent, the impression is still quite deep.

"Wu Lingwu is too ethereal, I'd better keep my feet on the ground."

Shook his head, temporarily cast aside the message of the Wu Lingwu, he stared closely at the field of martial arts children coach, subconsciously close to the past.

Coming to this world that honors martial arts, it is obvious that cultivation is essential. Once he lagged behind too much, if he wants to move back to the decadence, I am afraid he has to make more efforts.

He is still stuck in the bottom of the second heaven, and people of his age are now the worst of the three realms. The former Lin Chen was accustomed to obedience, but he could not. The thought of living his life in mockery and bank runs revolted him to the core. When a traveler is bullied, it's a disgrace to a traveler!

"Eh? Look, look, look. Isn't that a junk maple? This guy's not dead yet!"

"It is really waste maple, TSK TSK, I heard that he wanted to smile the day before, he was stupid enough to go to the black maple forest to pick Linglong flowers, accidentally fell down the valley, now, the third master of the Lin family for the beauty of the black maple forest feat has been passed on as a good story."

"Hey hey, this guy does not pee to take a look at himself, waste like this, even want to pursue Miss Cloud two, is really a toad want to eat swan meat, lose our Lin family face."

"Such waste is better than falling to death, and living in the world is also a waste of resources!" ......

In Lin Chen just close to the martial arts field, the field of martial arts is to find him, see him close, all even Wu instructor martial arts are no longer concerned, have looked at the former, whispering up.

"Oh, no!

Just standing on the outside of the training ground, Lin Chen heard the boys talking. Listening to the sarcasm of a young man, he could not help but be speechless.

Here in the morning exercise, are the direct children of the Lin family, said are brothers, originally he thought that these guys would look at their own injuries on the high hand, did not expect these guys actually become more serious, his injury as a sarcastic conversation about him, so it seems that he underestimated his unpopularity.


"Ah, how can this be, this instructor has worked so hard to teach you to practice martial arts, and you are still lazy, as if it is really mud that can not help the wall."

The whispers of the teenagers naturally cannot escape the eyes and ears of the children's coach. At the foot of a stamp between, Wu head face a sinking stopped. Hearing his anger, the young men straightened their faces and no longer dared to talk to each other, and they all practiced boxing honestly.

"Well, let's call it a day and continue tomorrow." It seems that because of the attitude of the young people some angry, Wu coach a shake off, when the first left the training ground.

Before leaving, his eyes glanced at Lin Chen on the periphery of the training ground, but he said nothing.

In the Lin family everyone knows, Wu coach temperament is strange, everything is arbitrary, if he is not happy, what people also don't want to affect his decision.

And Wu head to look at each other, Lin Chen nodded, but also did not make a sound. Speaking of, this Wu coach for him can definitely not be good, no way, the former Lin Chen ignorant, it is Wu coach the most hated type, did not deliberately make trouble for him, is already a net.

"Youyou, someone is really doomed, fell into the valley did not fall to death, life is really hard!"

"TSK, TSK, sixteen-year-old second-class fighter, he really has a face to live in this world, if it was me, I would have died."

"Yes, it is a disgrace to live. I would say that such people should be expelled from their families and waste cultivation resources."

"Hey, walk away, or stay away from this mix of people waiting to die, it is said that there is ferret meat to eat this morning, everyone hurry to the dining room, afraid that it will not be robbed later." .....................

Head Wu left, a group of young people immediately relax, one by one Lin Chen side, deliberately loud and noisy.

Everyone's every word fell in Lin Chen's ears, and for these taunts, Lin Chen just shook his head, all when not heard.

"Hey, brother? These are my good brothers!" Watching a group of young people leave, Lin Chen's fist, subconsciously clenched up.

This is a world where whoever has the biggest fist can call the shots. Today, he is just a dual martial arts, but also injured in the body, and the other group of people are the worst of the three martial arts, this time to resist, obviously is not wise.

"Cultivation, if you want to change all this, only cultivation."

With his eyes fixed, he walked directly to a bluestone beside the training ground and sat cross-legged.

This is his first real sense of cultivation, calm, the Lin family's Pei-yuan work slowly began to operate, immediately, a ray of Yuan force is mobilized from the lower abdomen.

Having inherited all the memories of Master Lin SAN, he did not feel strange to cultivation. Soon, he entered the state of cultivation.

Half an hour later.

"This body is really bad, the Yuan force running for a week, almost no increase, no wonder so long still stuck in the Juyuan Jing two."

It took nearly half an hour for Lin Chen to bear the pain to run the Yuan force for a week, but unfortunately, the whole week, the ray of Yuan force is still the original shape, almost no improvement.

"This is really not a way to continue, at this rate, even if I keep cultivating all the time, if I want to achieve the triple Juyuanjing, it will take more than a year!" Smacking his lips, Lin Chen couldn't help but frown. His current body is too weak, and the foundation is too poor, obviously, the former third master of the Lin family has fallen behind too much homework, leaving him with a mess.

"Take your time, the so-called diligent can make up for clumsiness, when I recover from my injury, I will start from scratch and redouble my efforts, I will not believe that I am not short of arms and legs, I will be worse than others!"

Mouth a pick, but he is not discouraged. In his previous life, he grew up in an orphanage, what kind of difficulties did he not encounter? Compared with the previous life, this little difficulty is really nothing.

Anyway, he has a heart that does not admit defeat, and he is absolutely unwilling to be left behind.

"Third brother, third brother!"

At this time, a slightly immature voice suddenly came from the distance, heard the voice, he subconsciously turned to look, just see a little boy of eight or nine years old running towards this side, the little speed is not slow, still holding a large white jade bowl in his hand, and he has reached the front.

"Xiao Dong?" See the bearer, Lin Chen could not help but smile.

Lin Dong, the youngest son of the fifth master of the Lin family, is only nine years old this year, but his talent is beginning to show, Peiyuan Gong has been introduced, only after the age of ten, he will join the team of morning exercise. Lin Chen's father is the master of the house, busy affairs, and he has not seen his mother since childhood, only the five uncles with a good relationship with his father are still taking care of themselves, usually, he goes to the most places are also five uncles there.

"Hee hee, third brother, I heard that you were injured, Xiao Dong specially took ferret meat from the kitchen to mend the third brother's body."

Lin Dong smiled, the white jade bowl in his hand passed directly to Lin Chen.

"Ha ha, little one, or you are good to the third brother." Took the jade bowl on the side, Lin Chen reached out and rubbed the small head of Yuan East, the heart flowed a hint of warmth. In my impression, the Lin family generation can not dislike him, it seems that only this little cousin is left.

"Hey, the third brother is good to me, and Xiao Dong must be good to the third brother." The boy's face showed innocent smile, "third brother, ferret meat is delicious while it is hot, third brother or eat it quickly, I also want to go back to eat." He ran back to the dining room, like an elf.

'The little fellow! Watching yuan east run away, Lin Chen for this little cousin is more and more like up.

"Ferret meat, you're really hungry!"

Looking down at the jade bowl, a bowl full of shiny white ferret meat, the smell is delicious, mouthwatering. Ferrets, has entered the stage of warcraft, the meat of this thing is delicious, is absolutely a rare delicacy, in Shiling County, even the Lin family, can not often eat.

However, as soon as Lin Chen saw the ferret meat, something happened.

In his mind, a vague image suddenly flashed out of nowhere, this image can not be found, but it is real, and in his thoughts, the image has appeared from the top of his head, at the same time, eight big words do not know how to directly appear in his mind.

"Devoring the gods, devoring the sky and devoring the earth!"

"This, this is..."

Lin Chen was stunned, looking at the beast shadow above his head, his heart was first shocked, but then it was suddenly excited.

Chapter 2 swallowed heaven martial arts

At the beginning of the second master Luo Feng cast black tiger martial arts, Lin Chen had the honor to see once, and at this moment, the beast shadow appeared on his head, and the black tiger martial arts of the second master of the Luo family, the shape is simply not two. Only the warrior spirit of the Luo family was a black tiger, and the shadow of the beast above his head was a hideous alien beast.

Staring at the shadow of the beast overhead, Lin Chen's body trembled a little. This beast shadow was not unfamiliar to him, because when he passed through, he was watching the relief of this beast shadow, and then was swallowed by this beast shadow and came to this world.

"This, this is... A warrior spirit? I'm not dreaming, am I?"

Excitement and joy filled every cell of his body, at this moment, he could not find a word to describe his mood.

Although he had not personally seen what it was like when Wu Ling woke up, the beast shadow that ap


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