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Grandes High School (Angie)

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Angie Megan is a woman who was born into a family of psychics. Unlike her father and grandfather, she is frustrated at being unable to see and communicate with ghosts. To hone her skills, she chose to study at the Grandes High School, which is famous for its awesomeness. Her life changes when she meets a girl named Sylvia who can see and seal ghosts. Their friendship begins, and together, they seal the ghost plaguing the students of Grandes High School. One day, Sylvia mysteriously died, and Angie could feel that Sylvia's spirit still haunted Grandes High School. Angie is determined to find out the truth even though she has to involve her student and now best friend, Leslie. Angie and Leslie try to appease the curious spirits, not those that roam freely in Grandes High School, but the spirits that Sylvia used to seal. How will Angie and Leslie's struggle solve the ghost's problem? Can Angie uncover the truth of Sylvia's mysterious death and find her spirit that still haunts Angie? Find the answer in their story. NB: This story is a sequel to the first series, Grandes High School (Leslie)

Chapter 1 Minerva Part 1

Life... no human being knows what her life will be like, nor can she choose the life she will live. Humans cannot choose their parents and where they will be born. Human destiny has been determined by the Creator, you can only accept and try to do your best to live life. Like me...

I come from Megan's family which is known for its psychic abilities. Our family is known as great psychics. Lots of people who were bothered by ghosts came to ask for our help.

My grandfather is the head of the family. He is the most powerful psychic in our family. After my grandfather, my father was the greatest psychic. Coming from a family of psychics indeed got me used to deal with ghosts, but I had a drawback.

I can feel the presence of spirits but can't see or communicate with them. Born as an only child, one day I will become the successor of the family.

My father and grandfather had extraordinary psychic powers. Not only can you feel, see and communicate with spirits. They can also accompany the wandering spirits to go to their world. I was amazed by their abilities and at the same time frustrated because I was different from them.

To train my abilities so that I can match the abilities of my grandfather and father, I deliberately studied at Grandes High School which is famous for its spookiness. Terrible incidents often occur there. Just looking from the outside, I can feel the sinister air from that school.

Since studying at Grandes High School, my ability to sense ghosts has gotten stronger. However, again feeling frustrated because they are still unable to see the apparitions or communicate with them.

I often went to the school building alone at night. My only wish is to be able to see the appearance of the ghosts that live in the school. However, my efforts were in vain because there were still no sightings that I saw.

Flashback On

Until one night, I met this person. She is a student at Grandes High School, but we are in different classes. I come from class 1A while she comes from class 1B.

When I first met her, I was amazed that she dared to come to school alone in the middle of the night. There's not the slightest hint of suspicion, I just judge her to be a brave girl.

I immediately changed this thought when I heard her say something strange.

"Hm, she's quite a scary ghost. Must have suffered a lot during her life."

I'm sure I heard right, she mentioned a ghost. That's when I suspected her of having the ability to see spirits.

"What did you say?" I asked, making sure once more that I had heard correctly.


"You said something about ghosts just now, right?"

"Oooh, that... I'm talking about the ghost that just passed in front of us. She's quite the ghost."

"Y-you can see ghosts?"

"That's it. Can't you see it?"

I shook my head in response. It turned out that my suspicions were right, she can indeed see ghosts.

"Did you bring paper and a pencil?" she asked suddenly.

"It's in my bag, what is it for?"

"Come here give it to me, later you will know."

This girl is a bit rough and tomboyish. I don't like hanging out with people like her, but her ability to see ghosts makes me curious to get to know her better.

I complied with her wishes, then I gave her paper and pencil as she requested. The girl whose name I don't know yet started to draw something on the paper I gave her.

It didn't take long for her to draw, and she returned the paper and pencil to me. Was surprised by her behavior, and I widened my eyes when I saw the picture.

In the paper, there is a picture that is quite terrible. Image of a woman sitting on the floor, while walking with a shuffle. The woman's face was not very clear because it was covered by hair. What makes this picture scary is that there are lots of black stains on the woman's clothes. I did not understand the meaning of this picture so I immediately asked for it.

"Why are the women's clothes in this picture so dirty?"

"Dirty with blood." The answer was relaxed, in contrast to my response, which jolted in surprise.

"Is the woman you drew the ghost you said earlier?"

"That's how it is. You can't see it, so I described it so you can know and imagine the ghost."

The girl walked away from me and quickly I ran to catch up with her.

"Hey, wait for me. Where are you going?" I asked after I managed to match her steps.

"Of course follow the ghost."

"What are you following her for?"

"I just want to know where she went. I want to know why she often terrorizes girls in this school."

"What do you mean?"

"Haven't you ever heard of rumors that many students are possessed? Many students are carrying picket duties or are following possessed extracurricular activities. That's why no one dares to be in this school when class is over." The girl explained seriously, her steps didn't stop, and so did I, who was still following her.

"It's not certain that the ghost you drew possessed them?" I asked her again to talk because for several minutes only silence hit.

"It's obvious it's the ghost possessing them because I heard the possessed girls walk swaying."

"Can you communicate with ghosts?"

"Of course, you can't."

I frowned, if I can't communicate with her, why is this girl following the ghost? I started to wonder. "It's useless for you to follow the ghost if you can't communicate with them?"

"Don't be fussy." She stopped walking, turned to me, and gave me a sharp look that made me freeze in place "I will find out why the ghost is haunting this school without having to communicate with it."

The girl kept walking, and I still followed her from behind. I don't know why I'm so curious about her. I wonder what she will do.

She stopped in front of a room. If you look at the writing stuck above the door, this room is the teacher's room.

"It seems the ghost is a teacher. This clue is enough to find out about her identity."

"What do you mean?" I do not understand the meaning of her words, asked for an explanation.

However, instead of answering. She just walked away from me.

I rushed after her. "Hey, wait. Please answer me, what are you going to do with that ghost?"

"If you want to know, tomorrow night come to this place," she said as she looked back over her shoulder, then smiled faintly. “See you later."

Even though I was still confused by her words, all I could do now was stay silent while watching her back receding further.

Chapter 2 Minerva Part 2

That day, I was ordered by my math teacher to collect my classmates' workbooks. I'm currently walking towards the teacher's room.

Arriving at the teacher's room, I was surprised by something. The mysterious girl I met last night is here. She was talking to a teacher. I don't know what are they talking about.

As soon as I arrived at the math teacher's desk, I immediately put my friends' assignment books. When she turned back to the mysterious girl, she was not there. I looked around to find her. However, her figure was indeed not in the teacher's room.

Out of curiosity to know what they were talking about, I ventured up to the teacher who had been talking to the girl to ask her directly.

"Excuse me, Sir."

The teacher turned when she heard my greeting. "Oooh, yes. What's wrong?"

"My name is Angie from class 1A. Can I ask you something?&quo


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