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Entwined Mate With Three Hot Alpha's

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Daniel, Derrick and Dennis, these three brothers were the full definition of playboys and cassanova(s). Especially when they were mated to the same lady, Cassandra who was in quest for luxury and power. She dined and lusted with three hot Alpha triplet until she fell for Dennis, but love wasn’t part of the game as the three brothers would never let go of her for another. Cassandra would do anything to own the man she had chosen and still lust with the others till death, she led a life of pleasure and luxury until she became pregnant and couldn’t point who the father was.

Chapter 1


/Cassandra's Point of View/

I stood as though my feet were nailed to the floor. The world around me came to a stand-still that even a graveyard couldn't compete with. Alpha Stephen's words had taken me by surprise.

He brought his fingers to my face and wiped off the tears I didn't realize I had been shedding. "Don't think too much about it, sweetheart, now that your mom and dad are dead, there is no one to take care of you—"

"I cannot marry you, Alpha!" I yelled at the top of my voice, cutting him short. His eyes widened in utter surprise... why is he surprised? that a poor omega like me could reject a rich alpha like him?

He closed his eyes with his eye brows furrowed. His nose flared as he drew in small puff of air. Then, he opened his eyes and I saw the bright red color they had turned to, which was different from their usual blue color. "Cassandra, I will say this one last time..." He said through gritted teeth, "Marry me."

My lungs felt constricted, like it had been emptied completely. Small gasps escaped my lips as I s*ck*d in a few dissatisfying breaths. Death felt like the only solution to this problem.

Suddenly, I felt him wrap his hands around the back of my neck. I shrieked when the pain that followed caught me unawares... He gripped my neck and dug his sharp claws into my skin, I tried to cry for help, but the only people around were on the other side of the locked door— and they wouldn't do anything against the alpha. I was helpless!

My cries came out as whimpers while he dug deeper into my flesh, aiming for my jugular. His eyes had turned completely red at this point and the atmosphere around us had darkened. For a fifty year old man, alpha Stephen was still as powerful as my parents used to describe him.

He brought out his wet tongue and ran it across my neck and up to my face. "If you do not accept my proposal, then you and your baby brother would become slaves! I will turn you to my dirty little wh*r* whether you like it or not!"

My eyes burned with hot tears as his fingers tugged in between my flesh. "Please—" Was all I could let out.

"One last chance!!" The impatience in his voice could no longer be masked. What a sick b*st*rd, I am only eighteen for crying out loud! I was still in the black dress from my parents' funeral, I was still mourning their deaths!

"Y-yes." I whispered amid tears.

Just as the words left my lips, his red orbs gradually changed back to their original icy blue color. He pulled his claws out of my neck and I fell to the floor almost coughing my guts out. The wounds he inflicted on me had begun healing.

I looked up and saw the smile that had enveloped his face, his grey beard more visible from down here.

He pushed off the strands of golden hair from my face to the back to my ears and pulled me up. "I can't wait to taste your innocence."



The sky gloomed with a mournful ambiance as I watched the remains of my late 'husband' get buried into the earth. A heaviness lingered in the air around me, blocking my airways and making it hard to breathe.

All the pack members surrounded the coffin, paying their last respects to their alpha. As for me, I had no respect for him, not an iota. But for the sake of it, I shed a tear or two, he did serve a purpose in his lifetime.

At that moment, I felt a sudden sense of freedom, a feeling I had not experienced in years. Dare I say that freedom tastes sweet?, like a strawberry from the heart of Europe. I was done pretending to be the perfect little wife. 'Wife' was just a fancy word for his punching bag. The old b*st*rd derived from hurting me, from making me cry.

I looked up and my eyes connected with his children's on the opposite side of the grave. All five of them were busy staring daggers at me. How is it my fault that their old father died of a heart attack?

Pfft! Who cares? I had nothing holding me back, thank the heavens I bore him no child. All I had was Ethan, my baby brother. I already had my bags packed, and Ethan was waiting in the car to drive us both out of this hell hole.

After the ceremony, I managed to leave peacefully without another drama from the alpha's two daughters, Rhea and Heather. And just like that, I got into the red Ferrari that the alpha had bought for me on my birthday. Ethan revved up the engine and just like that, we were out of that suffocating town.

After hours of driving, we came to the big city of Azaunah. The number one city in the werewolf world—where you can find the richest werewolves. The most famous people in the city were the alphas, also called the Wesley brothers. Their faces were all over the tabloids, billboards, you name it. It was time for a change and I knew this would be the place to start.

Ethan drove us to a nice-looking neighborhood, and after a few minutes, he stopped right in front of a white building. We got out of the car and took out our luggage, then we made our way into the condo which I had bought a week ago. This was our new home! We needed a fresh start...a place far away, where no one knows who we are, and we just found it.

Here I was, in a new town, wanting to build a better life for my brother and me.

Little did I know that my fate was about to change drastically...

Chapter 2



/Dennis's Point of View/

The telephone rang, distracting me from the task at hand but I ignored it. My fingers grasped a handful of brunette hair belonging to the hot model on her knees. I groaned as her tongue ran across my tip. Slowly, her warm mouth engulfed my length, giving it a good suck.

The damn phone rang again.

"Fuck" I cursed under my breath and picked up the call. "What?!"

"Where are you?" My brother, Derrick's voice came through from the other end of the line.

"I'm busy" I replied, trying not to breathe too heavily.

There was a brief silence on the other end before Derrick laughed. "Don't tell me you're getting a blow job"

"Idiot! What do you want?" I didn't bother denying it, cause it was true.

He chuckled, then continued. "


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