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Devil's Apartment

Devil's Apartment

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Allera Nightray is a 25 year old woman from the Nightray family. She was gifted by her grandfather a luxurious apartment in the Silver Vine Garden. The apartment has 5 bedrooms. Allera is a realistic person and doesn't believe in demons and the like. Allera even thought that demons were just a bunch of atoms. Allera decided to live in the ity apartment because it was closer to her workplace. At first, Allera did not see anything strange about the apartment her grandfather gave to Allera, but Allera felt suspicious when she often saw a black shadow enter her room.Then, Allera is also surrounded by strange neighbors. Kei is a demon from the wolf race. He has a twin brother named Ken. They both lived in one of the units in the Silver Vine Garden apartment. Silver Vine Garden is an apartment that has few fans. In this place, demons and humans blend into one. However, none of the humans realized that their neighbor was a demon. Only poor humans choose haunted apartments because of their cheap prices. Ken and Kei also act like normal humans to hide their identity as demons. They also have neighbors named Shin and Belphie. Allera doesn't know the story, why her neighbors are now renting a room in Allera's apartment. Allera, who really likes money, of course wants to rent out the 4 bedrooms to these strange young men. The four demons compete for the attention of Allera Nightray, the owner of the apartment they live in. Then, who managed to win Allera's heart? Then, they have to face Allera's brother also named Althair.

The Twins

She is Allera, the owner of one of the apartment units in the Silver Vine Garden. Lately, Allera felt that something was not right with the apartment next door.

Allera was about to knock on the door of the room next to me, but she refused because Allera heard voices which she thought were 'strange'.

"I'm so sorry for the little brother, he must have been tormented while living with his brother." Said the person who happened to pass by there. They also greeted Allera beforehand. Two man in their 30s.

"So what?" another replied.

Before she could answer, a faint sound came from within the voice that would make anyone think perverted thoughts.

"AH! Huha, huha! My lips are swollen like this, Ken!"

"My lips are red because of you too, Kei."

"Give it! I can't take it anymore, Ken!" Ssshhh ... hah ... hah."

"You want this?"

"Yes, quickly give it! Srlrupph uhm ... so delicious."

"Careful! Oops blisters! You! See the water got on your clothes, Kei. You can't wait."

"I can't take it anymore, Ken. So, I just put it in my mouth."

"Huh ... you bastard! Come here, Kei! Ummh!"

"After this, I ask for my payment."

"What do you want me to pay with, Kei Darling?"

"Tsk! Hahhh ... Uh very hot! I want ice cream! Looks like I have to take a shower. I'm sweating a lot because of our activities, Ken."

Allera growled. Her brain has already digested the no-nothing at this time. What was? Pay? Use ice cream too! Aren't there two twins in this room? So, what did the two brothers do with such ambiguous dialogue?

Even though Allera is a lover of the Boy Love comic, she doesn't want her grandfather's apartment to be inhabited by these perverted men. At the very least, the two of them had to do it without the neighbors hearing.

Allera's lips curled up as she imagined scenes like the comics she usually reads. However, currently she carried the great name of the Nightray family. So, Allera will refrain from screaming excitedly when a Boy Love live action scene is presented in front of her eyes.

Allera hastily put on a cold and grumpy face. She had to rebuke the two young men. Otherwise, Allera would definitely be branded an incompetent apartment owner by the two women. The two women who previously heard the ambiguous dialogue between Ken and Kei.

"You guys are pervert!!" Unaware of Allera cursing at the door of the room. Cursing the tenant who knows how long he's been in this place.

The apartment that Allera wants to visit is Irine's apartment. She was a friend who also lived in this Silver Vine apartment.

However, Allera stopped right at the door of Ken and Kei's room. Allera immediately overheard the conversation of the two perverted youths.

Allera thought that the two brothers were making love. This is even more exciting because Allera feels that the scene carries some perverted genres. Not only Boy Love, but also the romance of two brothers a.k.a incest. Allera's favorite comic genre so far.

Out of curiosity, Allera refused to go to Althair's room. She even stood in front of Ken and Kei's room before the two man passed.

Allera then returned to her room after eavesdropping on Ken and Kei's dialogue.

However, what exactly happened inside the apartment?

"Change your clothes, soaked in cold water from rushing to drink. You bastard!" Ken ordered his twin brother.

Ken and Kei are identical twins. What sets them apart is their hair. Ken has silver hair. Meanwhile, Kei has jet black hair color.

"These noodles are very hot, huha ... huha! So I can't wait. This is also your doing, Ken! You forced me to eat spicy! Anyway, pay me with ice cream for your pranks, Ken! Look at my swollen lips! Sweating again."

"My lips are as swollen and red as yours, Kei. My fingers are blistered too because you can't wait to get the water out of my hands. I'm sweating too, Kei."

Oh it turns out, they're eating hot spicy noodles! No wonder.

However, Allera, who is a lover of BL comics, already thinks otherwise. Besides, what did the neighbors mean? Normal people would definitely think like Allera like before.


Couples, strange sounds, familiar sighs? What else do they do?

Ah, so it wasn't Allera's fault if she thought the two young men were doing perverted activities. Allera returned to her room with a red face. She actually imagined the live action BL comic scene.

It's only the second day that they've lived in this apartment, but Allera has seen some strange things done by the residents of this Silver Vine apartment. It all started when Allera had to move into her grandfather's apartment, because this place was close to where Allera taught.

Allera is a teacher at one of the senior high schools in the city. Even though she was born in a rich family, Allera prefers to live independently and not rely on the Nightray family's wealth.

Allera remembered the first time she met one of her other strange neighbors besides the twins Kei and Ken. The youth's name was Shin Vessalius.



Kevin braked suddenly when he felt he hit someone. Kevin looked forward to find someone who had fallen sitting in front of his employer's car.

"Hasss, dammit! Why am I so stupid?" mumbled Kevin as he hit the steering wheel.

"Gosh, you hit someone, Kevin! Stupid!" Shin shouted while gaping, forcing Belphie who was next to him to stuff his son's mouth with a handkerchief.

Belphie's Son



Kevin braked suddenly when he felt he hit someone. Kevin looked forward to find someone who had fallen sitting in front of his employer's car.

"Hasss, dammit! Why am I so stupid?" mumbled Kevin as he hit the steering wheel.

"Gosh, you hit someone, Kevin! Stupid!" Shin shouted while gaping, forcing Belphie who was next to him to stuff his son's mouth with a handkerchief.

"I warned you to be more polite to my servant, Idiot! Kevin is my butler, Shin!" said Lord Belphie.

"Then, what's the difference, Pa?! Am I not your son?!"

"You are my son, but Kevin's rank is higher than you, Shin! Kevin is more than a servant to me. I even consider Kevin as my brother. So, be polite to Kevin!" shouted Belphie to her naughty son.

"Okay, I'm sorry, Uncle Kevin!" said Shin, looking down. He looks sorry.

"By the way the girl seems fine


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