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Accidental Mate

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In a world consumed by deep-seated animosity between witches and werewolves, Jinelle, a formidable shapeshifting hybrid witch—a reincarnation of a powerful ancestor in her lineage, finds herself burdened with a legacy of ceaseless conflicts and unending loss. With her parents already casualties of the relentless warfare waged by werewolves against her kind, the final straw is drawn when her younger sister falls victim to a brutal attack and abduction by werewolves. Driven by a relentless thirst for vengeance, Jinelle embarks on a path of destruction. She delivers a stark ultimatum to the werewolves: return her sister and all the other children abducted by their kind, or she will unleash an inferno of fury upon them, sparing none in her quest for retribution. Among the werewolves, Percival, a striking hybrid lycan, remains imprisoned due to his father's audacious rebellion against the oppressive leader of the pack, Alpha Colton. With his father brutally slain and his mother and sister enslaved, Percival's fate becomes inextricably tied to the ruthless alpha who knows that releasing him would be a grave mistake. Witnessing the threat that Jinelle poses to the pack, Alpha Colton devises a cunning and dangerous plan to eliminate her. He releases Percival, promising him freedom and restoration of his family if he successfully kills Jinelle. Conflicted by loyalty to his pack and family and the morality of the quest, Percival reluctantly accepts the deadly mission. An accident involving a love potion renders Percival infatuated with Jinelle, complicating his mission, and leaving him ensnared and vulnerable to the witch's vices.

Chapter 1: Percival (Present Time - The Witches Territory)

"Guid luck, Percival," one of the guards said as I crossed our pack's threshold into the witches' territory.

"Or we're aw doomed…" another chimed in. Their words weren't what I expected, yet given the dire circumstances, perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised. If I fail this mission, they're as good as dead. I gave them a subtle nod and began to stride away.

"If Alpha Colton tries tae harm yer family, we'll try and gie them a fechtin' chance," another voice rang out, causing me to halt.

"Aye," they all chorused. A smile stretched across my lips.

"Thanks," I called over my shoulder before resuming my walk. The guards had given me directions to the infamous Hollow Lake and the witch's house. My plan was to infiltrate her house, eliminate her, and then head to Porthcawl province to rescue my family. I didn't know where we'd go from there, but my main objective was to get them as far away from Alpha Colton as possible. Luana's eighteenth birthday loomed just days away, and I was determined to be there for her first transformation. The thought fueled my determination, and I broke into a jog, my human form shifted, the contours of my body altering and reshaping as a coat of gleaming white fur replaced my skin. My limbs elongated and strengthened, and before long, I stood as an enormous Lycan, my primal presence commanding the space around me.

After a journey of approximately 48 hours, I arrived at the lake, regressing back to my human. The cover of darkness and the thick woods surrounding the witches' community provided a welcome concealment. The line of crows atop the trees was an unnerving presence.

Her house was unmistakable. According to the guards, it was a two-story building positioned at the beginning of the lane, with the nearest building about a quarter of a kilometer away. Nestled amidst sturdy trees, the house stood out with its vibrant foliage, starkly contrasting with the other plants down the lane. The garden around the unique building boasted an assortment of sunflowers, lilies, and roses of various hues. However, at the back, the unmistakable aroma of herb plants lingered in the air, mingling with the scents of freshly cut grass and flowers, creating an intoxicating blend.

A distinct, alluring scent compelled me to hasten inside, driven by its hypnotic quality. I took a deep breath, savoring the enticing fragrance. Yet, it was a pity that the source of such a captivating aroma was about to meet her end.

Going through the back garden, I sensed the moment I passed through a magical barrier. Witches often relied on magic as their security against intruders, often neglecting conventional technological security measures. The fact that the back door was unlocked didn't surprise me. And there was an unusually big beast lying in one corner of the porch. The creature looked like a crossbreed between a dog, a wolf and something really ugly. A cat would have been more fitting but then this witch was said to be different from the regular kind.

The creature raised its head, growled menacingly but then took a good look at me and settled back on the floorboards, appearing bored as it went back to sleep. I suppose it didn't think I was a good enough threat. I was somewhat offended.

As silently as I could muster, I slipped in, pressing my back to the side wall. Every sound within the house was carefully noted, my heightened senses on high alert. The captivating aroma captivated me, managing to stir a sense of excitement within making my beast;Wulfric, restless. "Easy," I cautioned myself mentally, suppressing the urge to follow the scent like an eager pup.

My attention was diverted by the sound of someone in the shower, an indication that the witch must be upstairs. Moving cautiously, I climbed the flight of stairs trying not to make a sound but that was hard considering my size and weight, but still, I attempted to minimize the creaking of the wooden steps. Once I reached the upper floor, I let out a sigh of relief.

Following the sound of running water down a dimly lit corridor, I positioned myself against the wall beside the bathroom door and waited.

The door eventually creaked open, revealing a woman wrapped in a towel. Her hesitation on the threshold suggested she suspected an intruder. Deciding to take action, I grabbed her forearm, prompting her to let out a shriek. I swiftly pulled her closer, wrapping an arm around her neck to immobilize her. The impact of her body against mine generated an unexpected response. Her enticing scent enveloped me, and an instinctual urge to bury my nose in her damp curls momentarily swept over me.

"Let me go!" Her voice pierced the air as she slammed her feet forcefully onto my toes, an oddly futile attempt considering her diminutive size in my arms. I had to suppress the urge to chuckle at her determined but seemingly ineffective struggle.

"Settle down, little one, this will only take a minute," I responded in a raspy voice, my intentions clear as I covered her nose and mouth with one hand, attempting to cut off her air supply and end her life swiftly and without a mess. Asphyxiation was the most efficient way, sparing her from being torn apart - limb from limb.

However, her tenacity was unexpected; she sank her teeth into my palm, causing me to flinch involuntarily. Amid her bite, I heard her muttering an incantation, and I swiftly tried to muffle her mouth again, only to receive another bite, this time accompanied by the force of her elbow against my stomach.

“Ach, d*mn it!” The curse escaped my lips as her unexpected ferocity caught me off guard. Despite her small stature, she was proving to be a formidable opponent. "You're only making this worse, I assure you," I muttered in frustration.

"Get away from me, you… animal!" Her growl held a mix of defiance and disdain. The irony wasn't lost on me, and I nearly chuckled despite the situation.

Lowering my face toward her hair, I inadvertently inhaled her intoxicating scent, which had been stirring unfamiliar feelings within me. But a sharp impact against my nose, delivered by the force of her head, elicited a groan from me and I loosened my grip on her. In an instant, she slipped from my arms, sprinting away and escaping the bedroom with remarkable speed.

"Feckin' hell!” I grumbled, quickening my pace to pursue her. The floorboards beneath my weight emitted audible creaks as if protesting my haste. She dashed into a room situated at the far left corner of the kitchen, and without a second thought, I followed her inside.

"Sekhem-renpet, akh mesekh sekher! Bastet Nubia, sa'a en akh nekhekh! Wadjet mafdet, merti iti uab! Nebnetjeru, ka diu kheru shenu, Ipet, sekhemet, iri iti ka'a! Ma'at, renenut, thoth, tefnut, kheru!"

Her words resonated with desperation, a fervent attempt to invoke her powers against me. It was clear that she was casting a spell, and I stood there, oddly comprehending the ancient incantation she chanted.

The spell was a plea for the enduring strength of eternity and the invocation of divine forces to craft a formidable shield of protection. Through the name "Nubia's Bastet," she called upon the goddess of protection and warfare, beseeching her to weave a magical shield guarding against both mystical abilities and formidable adversaries. "Wadjet" and "Mafdet" were invoked as symbols of unyielding defense, embodying the fierceness and resilience of the shield. She sought the blessing of the "divine ones" (Nebnetjeru), imploring them to grace the spell with their sacred protection. Further invocations included "Ma'at" for balance and justice, "Renenut" for nourishment and support, "Thoth" for wisdom and knowledge, and "Tefnut" for the transformative power of natural elements.

Her eyes widened in panic when she saw that her spell didn't work on me. Without giving her the opportunity for a second attempt, I lunged at her, our collision sending us both crashing into a side shelf. She screamed.

The impact of my weight shattered wood, and bottles, and I could feel a certain sticky liquid wetting my hair, face, and naked skin. Whatever the liquid was, got into my eyes and mouth. My eyes burned as a result, and I could taste honey mixed with herbs on my lips.

The air in the room was now filled with a blend of herbs and exotic fragrances. My heart picked up speed at an unusual pace.

Trapping her beneath me, my chest heaved as I gazed down at her. And then my eyes caught and held her striking hazel eyes. It was a rich chocolate brown mixed with lighter flakes that held a golden hue and a hint of green. Her tanned skin radiated an alluring glow even in the darkness. Her features were nothing short of exquisite with her heart-shaped face, a small, aquiline nose and plump, pinkish lips with the lower one slightly fuller. Her beauty was undeniable, and the fact that she was now naked beneath me didn't escape my notice.

At that moment, my determination to kill her began to waver. While I still felt an underlying urgency to eliminate the witch, a fog of uncertainty began to cloud my mind, making it difficult to recall the reasons behind my mission. The memory gradually faded, vanishing like grains of sand carried off by the wind. In contrast, the surge of desire and my primal instinct to claim her surged to the surface with an irresistible force. The intensity was undeniable, rendering me helpless to resist.

"Get off me!" Her groan broke the silence.

"Are you certain that's your wish?" I heard myself say with a smirk tugging at the corners of my lips. "I assure you, the only thing you'll feel is pleasure," I added, my words laced with a mischievous undertone.

"Get off of me, or I swear I'll turn you into a freaking toad!"

"Very well, I suppose I must convince you, Beautiful," I rasped, lowering my lips with intent to claim hers. With one hand, I cradled the back of her head, ensuring she remained steady for my kiss. I ignored the look of astonishment and panic that gleamed in her eyes just before our lips met. A soft moan of satisfaction escaped me as our lips melded together. She tasted of berries and mint, an enticing combination.

Nibbling at her lower lip, I coaxed her lips apart, my tongue delving into her mouth with fervor. Exploring her, I savored the intimate taste of her. It was intoxicating.

When I stopped to catch my breath, I met her dazed gaze. "I told you you would enjoy it. Hold that thought, my enchanting beauty," I murmured, trailing kisses down her neck, then further down to her full breasts. My lips closed around one pert nipple, eliciting a moan from her as she arched beneath me. Continuing my journey, I moved down her stomach, finally settling between her parted thighs. Gently but firmly, I spread her slim thighs wider, granting me access to her most intimate place.

"Oh, for the love of… Mmm… This can't be happening!"

"Oh, but it is, my dear," I replied, my voice heavy with desire. The urgency to taste her was nearly overwhelming.

"No, no, no!" she protested vehemently.

"Yes, my sweet, yes," I gushed in a rapturous moan, my desire unabated as I eagerly attended to her, my tongue tracing her contours and slipping inside, while I enveloped her sensitive bud with my lips, tugging and suckling with an insatiable hunger.

Her body quivered beneath my fervent touch. She persistently tried to get away from me even though I could smell and sense her desire - her body betraying her. I had her pinned and paid her attempts to get away no heed, captivated by the intoxicating taste and scent of her.

Suddenly, a searing pain shot through my head, a blunt force colliding with the back of my skull. I jerked back, momentarily disoriented, meeting her gaze that held a tumultuous mix of emotions—fear, dismay, and trepidation—before darkness claimed my consciousness.

Chapter 2: Jinelle (Two Years Before - The Witches Territory)

A frosty December night enveloped our small cabin as we ate dinner around the table. The aroma of roasted chicken and mashed potatoes filled the air, mingling with the warmth of the fireplace. My six-year-old little sister; Anya, chattered animatedly about her school day, her words punctuated by giggles. Her enthusiasm made me smile.

Mother's eyes sparkled as she listened. Her attention was divided between our conversation and the delicious spread before us. The chocolate cake I served for dessert always had us clamoring for more.

Just as my sister took her first bite of cake, a knock echoed through the cabin. I felt an unsettling shiver run down my spine as my mother's eyes flickered with concern, as though she sensed something beyond the frosty window panes. The knock on the door was unlike any we'd ever heard—soft yet distinct, like a riddle whispering secrets into the wind. The unease in the room grew palpable, casting a shadow over our cozy family din


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