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The Immortal : Untamed

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Jin Liwei (profit and greatness) had no real childhood, he had no real life. He was a nobody. His parents hid him from every clan possible and not because of his potential or for his safety but because he was an embarrassment to the clan. His mother gave birth to him in the hopes he’d bring great things to the Winter Sword Clan. Obviously, her hopes were diminished and her husband lost faith, soon passing after suffering a great illness. Liwei has two younger siblings (brothers) who look down on him as much as the rest. But as years go on and he gets older, Jin Liwei never stuck his head down nor gave up hope. Liwei worked hard to get to the top and proved his family and clan wrong. Only to be set for treason amongst the seven cultivation clans for a crime he did not commit. Will a stuck up young clan master help him scratch his way out? And maybe even fall in love?

第一章 - 1

‘“Shi Shu! I said I’m not going out there. Twenty years and now they want to flaunt me off??! Hell no. What the f*ck do they take me for. They’ve dressed me in rags like a nobody and now they want me in fine golds and silvers. And on top of that they want me in white?? Everyone who’s liked me a little bit knows I LOVE red. Aren’t they afraid I‘d just ruin that wonderful white silk with my disastrous hands?? I don’t like this.” The young master would rest his forehand on his forehead and take a feel. Unsatisfied, he’d inspect the rest of his face frantically. “Madame Shu.. I’m not sick am I…?” The young master would tug and play at his ragged and horrendously torn at the seems clothes and sulk like a bratty toddler. “Is this why Madame Jin Qingzhao dressed me in rags all these years?? So she wouldn’t have to waste clan money on a dead soul like me??” Shi Shu would prop her servant rags before sitting down and sighed. “Young Master Liwei. Please shut your trap. And let me go prepare your food already.” Liwei would gasp. “And how I am to be dressed by someone?! Burry me alive at this point. Here take this and strangle me. If they ask, tell them I wanted you to do it.” Young Master Liwei untied the ribbon holding up his hair and would attempt to pass it to Shi Shu. The young girl, younger than the young master himself would laugh and just pushed his hand away. “You’re absolutely stupid aren’t you? I give up.“ Shu shook her head and left. “I’m older than you! How dare you??! And where are you going?? I can’t cope with all this on my own! Come back friend!“ Poor Liwei sat there and threw himself on the floor. When he heard footsteps coming back in he smiled. “I knew you were a nice girl.”

Upon his shock, it actually turned out to be a young male servant. Not younger than him. This servant definitely had him by three years. Deep scars decorated every inch of his body and seemed to be prominent around his arms. Strangely they didn’t lace his face at all. His demeanor wasn‘t scared or confident. It’s almost as if he’d lacked emotion really and wanted to hurry on with the ordeal. ”Interesting… Very inretesting,” said the young master. The male servant would place his tools down and would walk further into the door frame not bothering to ask if he was allowed to. Not that anybody would care anyways, nobody respected Jin Liwei in the first place.

Liwei bowed lightly after the male servant did. “Good morning young master, I’ve brought your clothes, shoes, make up and bathing equipment. Are you ready to be dressed or would you like a bath first?” Liwei would give a shy smile and then play with his hair. “A bathe.. but- can’t I just bathe myself? Must I have someone do it for me?” The male servant nodded his head and closed the door to the dingy room they were in. “Is this better? This way I’m the only one to see you naked.” With a sigh Liwei would nod. “Good, allow me,” the male servant would adjust his jet black hair into a higher tie to work more affectively and began to remove Liwei’s dressings.

“Y-you haven’t mentioned your name s-sir,” Liwei said with a shiver as he felt the cold air hit his pale milky skin. He couldn’t help but blush once the male servant removed his under garments, exposing all his business. “My name is Luó Xiaosi. I will be your personal servant from here on out. If you have any complaints then Madame Clan Leader Jin would be more than happy to replace me with someone more-so to your liking. If not Young Master Jin, I’m glad to serve you and guard your well-being with my own life,” Xiaosi bowed and opened the door again to leave. “We will be heading to the bathing pools now. Please put this robe on.” Liwei took the robe and wrapped himself into it quickly.

”This… is a bit big..” Liwei laughed nervously as Xiaosi gave him a cold and unreadable expression. “This way young master.” Xiaosi walked through the door and took all of his tools with him not bothering to see if Liwei was following or not. Young Master Liwei was left to trip and stumble over his bathe robe as he tried his best to keep up with the taller and more in shape male servant. Once the two young males reached the bathe pools, Liwei stripped his bathe robe and dipped a toe into the bathing pool. “Is it too cold young master?“ Liwei shook his head and took two steps into the bathing pool. He’d never gotten to see such clean and crisp bathing water. This was all new to him and he didn’t know how to react. He couldn’t believe that this is what he was missing out on in all of his twenty years of life on earth. “Soak a little young master, I’ll get the rose pettles and the calming teas.” With a bow Xiaosi would exit and leave Liwei to his own thoughts. ‘i really wonder why they’ve changed their minds. am I going to become a prostitute??’ Jin Liwei slapped himself and shook his head. He decided he would stop standing there like an idiot and take a seat in the bathing pool. ‘i need to get my mind out the mud.. be grateful will you? a win is a win bimbo.’ Liwei would turn his head to see a comb sitting beside him. “Ooo, it’s jade… and it’s red! This is so lucky! Maybe I should make a wish!” Liwei would look around him to make sure that nobody was watching and clasp the red jade comb tightly in his hands. His eyes were closed shut and he muttered, “I wish I wasn’t a loser. I wish I was something cool!”

He’d slowly open his eyes expecting something to happen but would pout sadly when he was met with nothing. “Something the matter young master? Is there anything not to your liking?” Liwei threw the red comb into the water and crossed his arms. “This stupid piece of sh*t doesn’t work! Take it away!” Shocked, Xiaosi would take his clothes off and jump into the water.

After being submerged for 5 minutes, he’d return up from the water and place the red comb on the edge of the bathing pool. “Young Master Jin, this was a gift to you from the Wind Tribe Clan. You mustn’t throw it around like this.” Liwei would wipe his eyes as tears began to flow. “Am I so dead that other clans will begin to gift me before my death?” Xiaosi hulted himself out of the water and looked at Liwei confused. “You are not dying young master. There have been complaints about you being locked away and so Madame Jin Qingzhao wants to let you out into the world. This is a good thing is it not?“ Sniffling, Liwei would stop crying and looked at Xiaosi. “So I’m okay?” Xiaosi nodded his head and wiped all of the water from his own face. “May we start your bath now young master?” Liwei nodded and watched on as Xiaosi stripped his clothes. “W-what are you doing??” To be honest he’d never seen another human naked before nor did he ever have someone else see him naked. So having this male servant naked in front of him was overwhelming. “I’m getting ready to bathe you sir. Don’t worry, I’ve cleaned myself already so the water is still sanitary young master.”

That wasn‘t really Liwei’s concern but he ignored it and decided he’d pay more attention to what Xiaosi was doing. The male servant would reach over his master and took a silky rag. “Would you prefer the dragon’s blood or the fairy cherry young master?” Liwei didn’t like how musky the dragon blood soap smelt so he chose the fairy cherry instead. “Good choice young master, this scent is very fitting of you.” Liwei silently nodded as Xiaosi would apply the soap to his body beginning the bathing process. “Let me know if you are uncomfortable young master.” Starting at the neck area, Xiaosi would lather up all the soap and massage it into Liwei skin making sure to massage his muscles as well.

Without paying attention, Liwei would groan feeling satisfied with his servant’s handy work. He never knew being a noble came with something so nice. Clearing his throat, Xiaosi would move onto other parts of Liwei‘s body.


”Young master I have no control over what you wear, just let me put it on, please.” It was a ridiculous site to see. Poor Xiaosi was chasing his young master around the bathing dressing rooms. This has been going on for about twenty minutes now and he couldn’t get a grip on Liwei. “Leave me alone. I’d rather walk around naked!“ Liwei screamed at the top of his lungs like a toddler screaming for sweets. “Young master!“ Soon enough Xiaosi was able to get a grip on the younger and man was that grip strong. So strong that it left Liwei speechless.

Within seconds Xiaosi was adorning Liwei’s body with the white clothing. “Alright, we have the under dressings done. Now choose young master. The extra wide shoulders or the basic regular shoulders? Due to your more so feminine build and posture, I would suggest the extra wide shoulders for a more manly look. You’re easy to find a wife with this attire as well.” Liwei looked at the main garments and rested his hands on his chin. ‘f*ck a wife…‘ Liwei pointed to the main garments without the wide shoulders and turned around to let Xiaosi put it over him. “Now choose a hair style. Half up half down, bun up half down, bun up, ponytail up or styled down? Remember that you’ll be meeting other clan leaders and clan members and cultivators. This is very important for you.” Liwei shrugged and turned around to face Xiaosi. “What do you think would look good on me? I’ve never put much thought into my hair.” With a slight blush Xiaosi would grab a comb. “I think that the bun up half down look would suit you very nicely young master. May I?” Liwei would nod giving the male servant full control over his head.

Once the style was done, Xiaosi would pick up a very prettily detailed waist band and wrap it around his young master’s thin waist. After adjustment, the arch in Liwei back was very prominent. “You must’ve been around a lot of lady maids in your time of seclusion.” Confused, Liwei would ignore what his new servant said and would sit down as Xiaosi had directed him to. “Light makeup or heavy? Heavy seems very popular for the men lately. Red eyeliner with red lips and white powder young master.” Xiaosi opened up his makeup box and looked at his master. “Heavy I suppose…” Xiaosi would nod and begin to paint Liwei’s face. “Good choice my lord. You’ll be very adored.“ Liwei slumped in his chair once Xiaosi was done and looked at himself in the mirror. He didn’t recognize himself at all. He looked so.. upperclass.

Liwei wasn’t given a breather when Xiaosi closed the makeup box replacing it with a box of jewelry. In the box contained head pieces, hand jewelry, necklaces, waist jades, face gems, and gold pins. Without a word, Xiaosi would begin to incorporate hair gems and pieces into Liwei’s hair, finishing it with a gold peacock pin. For the half down part of Liwei’s hair, he’d add little beads into a middle braid he added previously without his master knowing. “Nail rings young master? They’re very noble and popular.” With a bored sigh, Liwei would nod. Xiaosi wasted no time and placed three nail rings on the younger’s fingers. One on his pinky finger, index and then thumb finger. “Alright you’re done Young Master Jin.” Xiaosi would place his master’s shoes on and get up to exit the door. “Shi Shu will be here with your fur coat soon. I’ll fetch your breakfast young master.” With a deep bow, Xiaosi would walk out the dressing room and leave.

Liwei stayed in silence not knowing what to do with himself. “Young Master Liwei, your coat.” Being the only person allowed to use his first name, Liwei knew it was Shu. With a pout he’d stand up and hug his friend. “I feel like I’m being sold.” Shu would laugh and apply Liwei’s brown fur coat. “You a Master not a Mistress Liwei. If anything you’re to sell your future daughter off to a wealthy noble of cultivation for alliance.” Liwei sighed and crossed his arms. “Wanna switch places with me Shu?” Shu shook her head immediately and wove her hands. “Hell no! Never ever!” With that the two youngsters walked out and were met with a whole caravan of servants, including Xiaosi. The personal servant would slightly bow and, “This way young master. Plans were changed, you won’t be eating breakfast here.” Once Liwei was beside him, Xiaosi would lead the way and lead the caravan to the clan’s congress hall.


”A handsome young man indeed! I should marry my daughter off to your son Madame Jin!” It was only two footsteps in and Jin Liwei could hear the commentary and commotion already. And it was directed to him of course. “Bow!” Shu would whisper not so quietly. “How we taught you young master,” Xiaosi said more quietly. With an awkward and out of place smile, Liwei would bow to all of the clans. In return he would get a bow from all of the sect leaders. He only had a tiny training session with his servants but he picked up quickly. He didn’t want to ruin a d*mn thing. Madame Jin would clear her throat and take a stand. It was clear that she would begin a speech so Liwei made sure to look on respectfully. “As you all know I had my son locked away. After many complaints over the years, I’ve decided to stop and let him explore the outside world! It’s as my late husband would want and what I’ve wanted to do for years now. I’ll have you all know I didn’t do this maliciously or with ill will. I just wanted to protect my precious first born and I guess my motherly deeds were done too strong.” Lies, they were all lies. Everyone in the Winter Sword Sect knew that Jin Liwei was locked away due to his lack of cultivation power. Grand Master Jin was highly disappointed and wanted to hide the “embarassment”. Madame Jin was just as dissatisfied and agreed to lock away their first born son until he matured enough to grow more cultivation power. Which never happened. “Liwei understands his father‘s and my own actions so we’ve come to an agreement. He will be participating in the Regal Ghost Hunts!”

Murmurs were heard around the congress room and this made Liwei feel a bit overwhelmed. It was cold but his coat must’ve been doing its job very well to the point he began to feel a little too warm. ”Eat this Master Liwei, it’ll strengthen your powers temporarily until we find a solution,“ Shu said under her breath. The young teen slid the blue pill to her friend and watched on to see if anyone was watching. They weren’t, they were busy staring on at Madame Jin. Without question, Liwei ate the pill and took a deep breathe. “My son. Come closer and sit next to your mother will you?” With a slight nod and bow, Liwei made his way to his mother‘s seat. There were some things he heard that he wished he never heard like, “I’d pay a lot to have him” and “can he be my husband?!” “I bet he’s been mentally ill from birth and they’re just hiding it” or “one night with him in my chambers” even “imagine that’s a b*st*rd son and Grand Master Jin just had an affair”. Liwei sat next to his mother and looked on at the clans before him. He’d never felt so much adoration, hatred and lust directed toward himself ever. This was too forgein and he had now clue how he‘d adjust.


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