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  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Author: Qing
  • Chapters: 64
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 900
  • 6.3
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Prison inmates is about two girls from different background. Victoria a young spoiled girl and the daughter to the city's billionaire. Ashley a young girl who is struggling to keep her family standing financially since the death of her best friend, her father. When rich snotty, Victoria gets sent to jail for DUI, she meets Ashley again, a rebel who was in for drug possession. When sparks begin to fly can they overcome their differences and fall in love or will it all come crashing down or Will Toria's arranged marriage be the end of everything or will their relationship be at the Verge of being dropped and forgotten.


4th March 2021

8:00 am At the Bermount Mansion.

"You're going to jail!"

Victoria's jaw dropped as she heard the words that came out from her grandmother, she couldn't believe her ears. How would she do that to her? How could she send her only grandchild to a filthy place, she thought.

"You have to be joking," Victoria whined, throwing her arms up in a fit.

"Jail is for degenerates, petty people not a Bermount like me," she lashed out angrily.

The Bermount were the richest and most famous family in Cumbria.Their wealth has been passed from generations to generations, but Victoria's father Mr. Richard had been suspected of also involving in an illicit act, but they can't just come and apprehend him because of his high status in the country.

"There are no jacuzzis or clubs and I won't survive there," Victoria said dramatically before plonking on the white-designer cushion in her grandmother's study.

"Grand ma please listen to me, I might die in there and you know that" she whined.

Standing beside her right was Mr. Adams, their family lawyer and trusted adviser to her grandmother, while by her left was a female police officer who waited patiently.

"I'm not joking, Victoria Bartley Hernandez, you're going to jail and that's final," Mrs. Ivy Hernandez yelled. She was sick and tired of her granddaughter's shenanigans.Every time Victoria did anything stupid, she spent all her money to get her out of trouble just to keep the family's reputation intact and she keeps growing with her bad behavior everyday not repenting from any one of them.

MRS Ivy Hernadez was the mother of Victoria's father and became her guardian the moment she was born all because her parents were always on one business trip or the other, they were never around they even barley knew their daughter.All they do is give her money and leave.The longest time they've spent with her was four days and that was because she was involved in an accident that almost took her life so they stayed in the hospital while she was in comma for those four days and the moment she woke up from comma they both travelled to continue work.It really pained Victoria but she always had her grandma by her side.

"But grandma....," Victoria stumped her feet annoyed that the conversation was taking longer than expected. She was supposed to be out on her cruise ship with Penny and Summer, her two best friends not sitting here discussing whether she would go to jail or not.They probably would have been waiting for her and she's not the type that appears late to some party except she purposely want to drag all attention to herself.

"You heard me right Viki, I'm not getting you out of this one," the 65-year-old woman banged her hand on the table and pointed her finger at her granddaughter.

"You're going to jail," she repeated and went back to signing the documents on her large brown desk.

Victoria couldn't imagine herself in jail, it would tarnish her reputation as a social media influencer, a billionaires daughter, a model and for what?, a DUI because she had a few drinks at her best friend's birthday party and ended up driving.She had done a lot of worst things like disrespecting an officer and in college she had once bribed a professor to give her friends higher scores since they were not as bright as she was, she had even carried drugs to parties lots of times, but she was not sent to jail. Why now?

Victoria knew her grandmother could easily get her out of this horrible situation by making a few phone calls and writing some checks. It's not like she hadn't done it before. Her grandmother always got her out of situations way worse than this. Why was she punishing her now? Why does all of a sudden she wants her to learn her lesson in a hard and disgusting way?

"Please Abuela, my life is just starting. I'm 24 years old for crying out loud" Victoria pleaded whipping her hair back and forth as her one thousand dollars earring dangled from her ear. The realization of her being locked behind bars scared her to death. No spa Fridays, No shopping at the mall with her friends, No front seats to music concerts, Victoria felt like she was in a horror movie and her grandmother was the villain, she felt like her world was crumbling down.

"No, a few months locked up in jail will teach your grown *ss a lesson," Mrs. Hernadez replied."You can take her away, officer," Mrs. Hernandez added looking away from her daughter so her pity face won't make her change her mind.

The policeman nodded and clasped an handcuff on Victoria's wrist who continued to beg her grandmother, but it was no use. She had made up her mind and to her, sending Victoria to prison might just be the best thing she had ever done for her.

9:00pm At Boston's Casino.

That Night At the Party that was held just few kilometers away from the Bermount Mansion

The police had just gotten a call that drugs were being exchanged at the party, so they knew they had to go there immediately and apprehend the criminals.

Reaching there, they started searching the everyone's bags and pockets.

"Your bag Mr." one of the cops said to Ashley, but on seeing her closely he knew he had just made a mistake on her gender.

"Sorry, Miss can you let us check your bag" He said apologetically looking at her

Ashley reluctantly gave him the bag, turned to her male friends Jack and Max to continue her complain.She didn't even want to attend the party in the first place to do the job and she was already getting restless and tired of staying in such open space.

"Miss you're under arrest" he said as he handcuffed her

"For what?" She asked looking at the cops in a confused manner, forgetting what she had just done.

"For the illegal possession of hard drugs" He replied, showing her a small bag of coke he had just found in her bag.

"But I didn't put that in there, I don't know how it got in my bag, I swear Mr. I don't do drugs" she lied, realizing that she had just made a massive mistake not supplying the drugs earlier.

"Tell it to the judge" he said as they took her and some other guilty people away.

As she walked with them, she kept thinking on how her family will cope without her, she couldn't help but think she has failed her family especially her Dad, she wasn't able to hold in the tears that were gathered in her eyes any longer as she allowed them to flow freely down her cheeks.

Her friends left the party immediately to tell her mom about her arrest, since that's all they can do for her.They didn't want to protest since they might possibly be arrested too as accomplices.

Ashley knew that a day like that awaited her, but she didn't know that it will come that fast. She thought it will happen in her fifty's but unfortunately, her 26 _ years old *ss is being taken to jail and heaven knows how many years she would be spending behind bars.

She had heard a lot about jail/prison activities and that really got her scared.She never dreamed of spending her youth there, her fifties maybe, but unfortunately She's going to be spending her youthful years behind bars.

Right there in the police cab, she got herself prepared for the worst and hoped her mom will learn to forgive her.

Chapter 1

4:00 pm The Next day


Walking into the prison yard in her orange color overall was no joke.

She's in prison and she's not going out in 3 months' time. She subbed uncontrollably as she was escorted in by the security guards.

As they locked the gate behind her, everything played so fast In her head.

She was led down the long, dimly lit hallway, her heart was pounding in her chest. She had never been in a prison before, and the thought of spending the next three months of her life behind bars was overwhelming.

Her mind raced as she imagined all the dangers that could be lurking around every corner, the disgusting food she had heard people talk about, and the unhygienic bathroom. Would she be safe here? Would she ever be able to make it through?

As they went further she remembered her friends Penny and Summer. They must be enjoying themselves right now at the yacht and here she is, a


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