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Wolves, Magic and Twisted Fate

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Amelia finds herself in an alternate universe where werewolves and witches are constantly at war. In order to survive, she uses her knowledge of herbs and medicine to become a pack healer. She becomes quite famous drawing the attention of the evil forces. Alpha Vellum kidnaps her brother and forces her to create the Slinking Bane, an organisation that specialises in poisons. Amelia works for him for five years, only to find out that her brother had escaped long ago. Determined to find her brother, she leaves the Morin Island. On the way, Amelia is tricked into consuming the invincible poison she had created. Will this be the end of her twisted fate or will Lady Luck grace her with another chance to turn things around?

Chapter 1: Three More Tasks


The year 2065.

A high-tech lab in the basement of a luxurious building.

A young boy of about nine years is crouching behind a cabinet, his eyes sparkling with curiosity.

“Ryan?” Amelia grabbed his collar from behind and dragged him to his feet. “What the hell do you think you are doing in here? Wait till I call dad and tell him about your little escapade.”

“Oh, come on, sis,” Ryan whined, struggling against her hold. “I just wanted to look around for a bit. Don’t tell me you aren’t even a little curious about Dad’s new project.” His eyes lit up, and he looked at Amelia with a hopeful expression. “How about we both sneak a peek together?”

“No way! If we end up messing something, Dad will have to bear the consequences.” Amelia dragged him towards the exit. “Let’s go back now.”

When they neared the exit, Ryan grabbed the edge of a cabinet, triggering the security alarm. Beams of laser flashed upon them and an AI voice echoed in the room. ‘Unauthorised presence detected. Initiating lock down.’

“You little prick!” Amelia snapped. “Why did you do that? Now, Dad will have to report to the higher authorities about our intrusion.”

“Whom are you calling ‘Little Prick’?” Ryan’s eyes teared up, and he puffed his face. “If you hadn’t tried to drag me by force, I wouldn’t have done that!”

Seeing his distressed expression, Amelia couldn’t remain angry at him. She ruffled his hair lovingly, “Alright, now don’t be too, upset. Once Dad is back, we can apologise together.”

About fifteen minutes later, the sound of approaching footsteps rang in the hall. Amelia was about to call out for help but Ryan grabbed her wrist and dragged her behind the cabinet. “Something doesn’t feel right.”

Amelia looked at him with a weird expression but decided to wait and watch first. Moments later, a tall man with a scar across cheek sauntered inside, flanked by heavily armed men.

He went straight for the secret vault and pressed some buttons. To Amelia’s surprise, the panel slid open, revealing a glass orb that looked like it contained an entire universe inside.

The man with the scar walked forward and spun it thrice. There was a blinding flash and everything went dark.

Chapter 1: Three More Tasks

The Dark Mist Packhouse.

It was a cold winter night. The flames of the lanterns flickered in the gusts of chilly wind, causing the silhouettes of looming shadows to sway eerily.

The silver gates were locked and burly men patrolled the packhouse at key points.

A dark, lean figure jumped over the wall with practised ease and snuck into the corridor. Once outside the study room, it knocked twice.

“Who’s it?” The door swung open, and a man with soft brown eyes emerged. He seemed to be annoyed at the sudden intrusion. “Didn’t I tell you guys not to disturb me unless it is very important?

The figure threw off its cape, revealing a stunning but expressionless face. “It’s me.”

Brian’s face lit up with a touch of pleasantness when he saw the package in the girl’s hand. “What is that, Amelia?”

The girl’s shoulder went rigid and something flickered in her eyes. But, on the whole, her expression remained stoic. Handing the package to Brain, she stated simply, “Crimson rolls.”

“Whoa!” Brain exclaimed as he opened the package. “I never thought I would live to see the day when you would bring something for me.”

“What are you waiting for?” Nibbling at the spicy sweet roll, Brain ushered her inside. “Come, take a seat.” He took another bite and then moaned, “I must get Claire to try some of these. They are absolutely delicious.”

“Brian….” Amelia started saying something, but then froze. Her slender fingers clenched into tight fists and she rasped, “I will wait for you here.”

Once Brian left, she started rummaging through his things as if she were looking for something. After browsing through several envelopes and papers, she picked up a scroll with gilded paper.

“Amelia?” Right when she was about to open the scroll, Brian called from behind. “What are you doing with that? It is a special report for his majesty.”

“Oh…” Amelia opened the roll and glanced through the contents before throwing it into the fireplace. “I don’t think his majesty needs to know about this.”

“Amelia… you….” Brain gaped at her with a bewildered expression, “Why did you do that?”

Instead of replying, Amelia grabbed Brain in a chokehold and pressed the blade of a silver knife against his throat, “How many people know about this report?”

“Amelia? What are you doing?” Brain stammered, still dazed by her actions. “If this is your idea of a joke, it’s not funny.”

“You had better answer my question, honestly.” Amelia’s voice took on an icy edge. “If you don’t, your entire pack will have to face the consequences.”

There was a sudden uproar outside as the panicked guards tried to get the situation under control.

“Fire!” someone shouted. “The west wing is on fire! Hurry up and get some water.”

“There are assassins too. Get Alpha and Luna to safety!”

Howls and screams resounded through the packhouse as the assassins and the Lycans clashed in a fierce battle.

“Let me go!” Brian shouted, trying to wriggle out of Amelia’s grasp. “I need to check what is happening outside!”

“Answer my question first. Who else knows about this report?”

“I never discussed this matter with anyone except Daniel and Richard,” He blurted out, shoving Amelia with all his might. “Now let me go.”

Amelia released him, but before he could make it out, she dragged him back and stabbed him in his chest. Brian’s eyes widened, and he grabbed her shoulders. “Why?”

“There is no why.” Amelia’s expression remained unwavering. “I am just doing my job.”

With that, she pushed him away. During this process, the sleeve of her cloak ripped, revealing the tattoo on her arm.

“The mark of twisted vine.” Brian’s face turned ashen. “You are from Slinking Bane.”

Amelia attacked Brian again, but this time, Brian dodged it, grabbed her arm, and twisted it behind her back.

Brian wanted to mind-link to his Beta, but it didn’t work. Then, he tried to shift to his Lycan form. However, no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t.

A ferocious growl emanated from Brian’s chest. “What did you do to me? Why am I not able to shift?” He staggered half a step and gasped, “It’s the rolls. You drugged them.”

Slash! Amelia spun around and swung her dagger, slitting his throat with a clean move. Blood spluttered out of Brain’s mouth and he dropped on the floor.

Amelia grabbed her cloak and jumped out of the window, putting it on deftly as she made her way to the bedroom. Her usual nonchalant expression took on an anxious edge as she pushed the door open.

“Claire?” she called out in a shaking voice. “Are you in there?”

When there was no response, she scoured through the rooms one by one. By the time she found her, it was already too late. She was lying in a pool of blood, her hand covering her abdomen in a protective gesture.

“No.” A flicker of remorse crossed her features, and she clenched his eyes shut. “That is not possible. That can’t be the good news Claire wanted to share with me.”

She stood there in silence for half a moment before trudging outside with heavy steps. Her eyes turned red and her jaws clenched when he saw the condition of the packhouse.

The packhouse that once overlooked the snowy mountains majestically was now a pile of rubble and corpses, and she was the one who had caused it.

In the headquarters of Slinking Bane.

“Why did you send Labrinth to attack the Dark Mist Packhouse?” Amelia’s voice shook with repressed anger. “Don’t you trust me?”

She had betrayed Alpha Brian just to avoid such a scenario. In the end, she still couldn’t prevent the annihilation of the Dark Mist Pack.

“Of course I trust you, love.” Alpha Vellum’s lips curved into a crooked smile as he closed the distance between them. “I never ordered Labrinth to attack the packhouse. He was feeling bored. So, he decided to lend you a hand.”

“Five years…” Amelia’s cold face flushed, and her eyes brimmed with hatred. “It’s been five years, Alpha Vellum. How long do you plan on making me do your dirty work?”

“Dirty work?” Alpha Vellum pinched her chin and lifted her face. “You should feel honoured that you are a part of the revolution. Once I become the new ruler, I will reward you adequately. Since you like playing with poisons, I will make you the chief toxicologist.”

“I am not interested in any position you have to offer, Alpha Vellum. All I ask of you is that you set my brother free.”

“You want me to set your brother free?” Alpha Vellum hummed and scratched his chin as if he were brooding over something. “That’s not impossible.”

A flicker of hope crossed Amelia’s features, but she remained wary. “You are not toying with me again, are you?”

“Of course not, Love.” He placed his hand on her shoulder and looked into her eyes, “You have served me loyally for three years. I must reward you.”

“What do you want in return?”

“Umm… let me think,” Alpha Vellum inched closer and breathed close to her ears. “How about this? You execute three more tasks for me and I will set your brother free.”

Chapter 2: Where is my Brother?

Where is My Brother?

Amelia stumbled into the hall. Her face was pallid, and she was shivering uncontrollably.

“Chief!” An old man in his sixties hurried to support her. A flicker of worry crossed his features when he looked at her bluish lips. “You have been poisoned.”

Helping her to her bedroom, he added in an anxious tone, “I will get the healer right away.”

“No need,” Grabbing his hand, Amelia added in a feeble, yet firm tone. “It’s just the frosting venom. I won’t die.”

“But if you don’t take the antidote, you will suffer a fate worse than death. The poison will freeze your insides and paralyse you. For the next seven days, you won’t be able to eat, drink or even sleep.”

“Isn’t that better than being used like a killing machine?” She groaned softly. “I really don’t want to go on like this, Uncle Desmond. I… I don’t want to kill anyone else.”

“Alright, I won’t force you then.” The old man’s shoulder’s drooped and he let


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