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Apratyashita Thakur

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About me

An avid reader and music lover, I love to give wings to my imagination. I like writing books centered around werewolves, dragons and other mythical creatures. If you are looking for strong female leads, and stories with unique plots and twists, and a bit of magic, you must try out my books. Lately, I have developed a liking to K Dramas and C Dramas. So much so, the playlist I listen to while writing consists of OST from various shows. IYKYK.


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Mates of Auroville contains two stories. Part one of the story (Despicable Mate) revolves around Kayla and Kevin. Kiara is turned into a poisonous wolf by an evil witch. She is planted as the mate of Kevin, the future alpha of a powerful pack. Unfortunately, he turns out to be Kiara's real mate. She has to struggle to keep him away from herself. A single kiss from her can be fatal to him. She does everything she can to make Kevin hate her. Kevin on the other hand is brought up to honor the wish of the moon goddess. He keeps forgiving Kiara for everything she does. How long can this continue? Will he ever find out the truth or will he end up rejecting Kiara? PART TWO of the book (Blind Mate) revolves around Kiara's brother Nivaan : a blind Alpha and Emilia : a stubborn, arrogant girl. Emilia is a popular high school girl. She is arrogant and likes to show off. When her mate turns out to be blind, she is conflicted. Will she accept her mate or will her ego destroy their relationship even before he begins?

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She is cruel, she is ruthless; She is the wereheretic! She has been abused and tormented by her friends and foes alike but now she is back with infinte powers. She is back to make them pay for every drop of tear she has shed; to avenge every drop of blood she has spilled. She is here to make the werewolves, witches and vampires tremble in fear! Part 1 The wereheretic enacts her revenge, killing all those who had made her bleed in the past. Justin sets of on an impossible mission to Trap the wereheretic. He succeeds only to realise that the Wereheretic was the one who saved his mother's life, Part 2 Miraya reminisces about her past; she recalls how a simple girl with no ambitions had turned into a mindless killing machine. PART 3 Justin returns with evidence only to be informed that the wereheretic has already been executed. Filled with remorse and regret, he requests the Lycan King to kill him too. He is sent to the Ice Palace where he learns an earth shattering truth and sets off on a perilous venture with the one he loves.

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If he is the light, she is the shadow. If he is the radiant sunshine, she is the darkness that lurks secretively. Jason and Asini are two teenagers with completely different priorities. Jason just wants to capture the beauty of the world through his camera, while Asini is focused on becoming the strongest member of her pack. Fate brings them together, and despite their contrasting personalities, they are attracted to each other. As they spend time together, Jason discovers a side of Asini that he never imagined. He is impressed by her wisdom and ability. Asini, on the other hand, is drawn to his carefree and lively nature. Will Asini break the shackles of responsibility binding her and give in to this sweet feeling of Romance? Or will she push Jason away? TROPES/ THEMES Opposites Attract Strong female lead Enemies to Lovers Weak to strong True Beauty Soulmates Rejection Revenge Justice


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