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The Glory of a Magic Outcast

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: spark
  • Chapters: 47
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 204
  • ⭐ 7.5
  • 💬 2


In that foreign world where magic is prevalent, I, as the youngest member of a magical family, am the only loser who doesn't know magic. But I had an unyielding flame in my heart, "Magic? I don't know, so what's the harm? Wouldn't the path of immortal cultivation be more glorious?" In the despair of not being able to use magic, I chose a different path - the path of immortal cultivation. Unable to sign a magical beast contract? Then let the immortal beasts fight for me! Unable to make magic props? I will forge peerless immortal soldiers! While magicians have been ridiculed for their fragile bodies, I chose to cultivate the art of breaking the bones and washing the marrow of the body, which is indestructible, to build myself into a mage who fights in close quarters. While other magicians can only wait to be killed when their magic power runs out, I can use my refined flying sword to decapitate the enemy from thousands of miles away! In this continent where magicians are revered as gods, I have overcome many obstacles one step at a time. From an unpopular scum, to ascending to the top of Immortal Cultivation and becoming an existence that is admired by millions. I will use my power to make those who once looked down on me kneel at my feet, making them thirsty to become my disciples and explore this magical and vast world of Immortal Cultivation together! This is a story of perseverance, courage and self-transcendence. In this journey, I will prove to everyone that even in the darkest moments, with an unyielding heart and firm beliefs, anyone can create their own miracles.

Chapter 1: The Family's Disgrace


"Aiven! Is my class so boring that it puts you to sleep? If you still fail today's exam, you will become the first 'unenlightened' person in the Leopold family in four hundred years!"

Wang Shuo slowly opened his eyes, looking at an old foreign lady in a pleated skirt, who was scolding him with saliva flying as she slapped the table.

"Huh? I... wasn't I just taking a nap? How... where am I?"

Wang Shuo touched his cheek and looked at the robe he was wearing.

"I... am I dreaming?"

As a senior programmer, Wang Shuo had been working on a game set in a magical continent.

After working non-stop for three days and nights, he finally couldn't hold on and fell asleep in front of the computer.

But... where am I?

"Leopold! Aiven Leopold! Oh my goodness~! You are the most foolish student I have ever seen in my teaching career!"

The old lady in the pleated skirt looked very angry, lifted her skirt, and stormed out.

Wang Shuo looked around and found himself sitting in a room that resembled a small classroom.

The room was filled with the luxurious style of medieval Europe, with exquisite decorations and reliefs everywhere.

On the semicircular ceiling, there were vividly painted portraits of unknown gods, just like in ancient European palaces.

"Hahaha~ Aiven, you swine~ You are truly the biggest joke of the Leopold family in nearly four hundred years~~!"

"How unlucky! Why do you have to have the surname Leopold? Why not something else? I feel ashamed to share the same surname with you!"

"Why did Grandpa insist on having this swine take the exam with us? He can't do anything at all~"

"Look at his silly face! How angry he made Mrs. Linda! She must have gone to complain."

In the classroom, a group of children of various ages all cast their gazes on Wang Shuo.

It was not hard to tell from their words that these naughty kids were all mocking Wang Shuo!

Seeing Wang Shuo ignoring them, the group of kids seemed to feel insulted, and one by one, they surrounded him.

"Hey, swine! We're talking to you, can you hear us?"

A chubby boy in a bright yellow robe walked up to Wang Shuo and waved his hand.

"This guy is dumb! He doesn't react at all~ haha!"

The chubby boy, not satisfied, picked up a feather pen from the table and was about to scribble on Wang Shuo's face.

"Huh? What are you doing?"

Wang Shuo, thinking about the problem, slapped away the feather pen from the chubby boy's hand.

But his action stunned all the children present.

"...Swine... you dare to fight back!?"


Wang Shuo hadn't reacted yet when the chubby boy slapped him across the face.

"Beat him! Beat him to death! Beat this waste!"

A group of boys rushed up and started punching and kicking Wang Shuo, who was on the ground.

"Huh... how could I fall with just one slap?"

Wang Shuo was puzzled. Although he was a programmer before, he had never neglected fitness. How could he be knocked down by a child's slap?

Unless... it's because of this body?

These half-grown kids didn't know their own strength, and Wang Shuo felt he was about to give up.

Just then, a voice came from outside the door.

"Stop it all!"

It was Mrs. Linda.

The chubby boy, panting heavily, stood aside, not afraid when Mrs. Linda arrived, and stubbornly said: "It was him! He started it first! Everyone saw it~!"

"Right, right, right! It was Aiven who hit first~!"

The surrounding naughty kids all pointed at Wang Shuo lying on the ground.

"Mind your behavior, gentlemen! You are all the elite of the Leopold family, future respected magicians! Some of you may even serve His Majesty in the palace... Not like this, fighting like street thugs! Everyone~ go back to your seats!"

With Mrs. Linda's scolding, the children scattered.

Wang Shuo, with a bruised nose and swollen face, didn't pay attention to the children's mischief, but instead, the surname flashed through his mind.

"Wait... Leopold? Aiven Leopold!?"

"I've crossed over... I've crossed over into the game I created!?"

Yes, that's right... Aiven Leopold, the disgrace of the Leopold family, a family of legendary magicians.

As descendants of the legendary great mage Mason Leopold, this family has continued the glory of their ancestors for four hundred years.

Each generation of their offspring was without exception, a brilliant magical genius!

The Leopolds also served as magical advisors to each generation of imperial rulers, without exception for four hundred years.

But now, this "exception" has come! That is him, an NPC in the game, Aiven Leopold!

"Madam, at such an important exam today, Mr. Aiven was actually sleeping in class! Although I consider myself to have students all over the world, a gardener in the field of magical theory... But Mrs. Mel, no matter how much you water an iron tree, it cannot bloom into a beautiful flower!"

The old lady in the pleated skirt angrily complained to a quiet and gentle blonde woman in her thirties behind her.

Wang Shuo looked at this woman whose face always seemed to carry a warm smile, and the word "Mel" popped into his mind.


The blonde Mel walked up to Wang Shuo, squatted down, and made eye contact with him.

"Little Aiven..." She gently brushed her fingers over Wang Shuo's bruised cheek.

"Does it hurt?" She asked.

"No... it doesn't hurt..." Wang Shuo answered instinctively.

"Mother knows you don't like magic... you only like reading and writing novels. I've discussed it with your father... even if you don't get into the magical academy this time, we will arrange for you to become an apprentice in the library... Choose the path you like, child..."

Although he knew this "mother" was comforting Aiven Leopold, Wang Shuo still felt a surge of emotion and his eyes reddened.

"Aunt Mel, don't bother, Aiven has no magical talent at all, he can't even sense magical elements. Wanting to get into the magical academy? It's more realistic to stay in the service team~~"

"Right, he's just a side branch of the Leopold family, it's normal to be abandoned~ Maybe he'll even be expelled from the family~!"

"My father said, Aiven's situation is at best to be a laborer in the magical school~! Library apprentice? Does he deserve it? Hahaha~~~ If I remember correctly, Aunt Mel used to be a laundry worker, right?"


The children in the classroom laughed and jeered, not at all restrained because of Aiven's mother's presence.

Looking at the mother with sorrowful eyes and a forced smile, Wang Shuo suddenly felt a surge of passion.

"Mother... I... I will work hard, I can definitely get into the magical academy! Don't worry!"

Wang Shuo himself was stunned by these words.

Can he... get in? Of course, he can!

What a joke, the magical academy's written exam was edited by him! How could he fail?

But what worries him is... Aiven Leopold, or rather, himself now... was set up in the game as a magical waste who couldn't use any magic at all!

And not only is he a magical waste, but his life is full of hardships and disasters... Why did he cross over to his body?

"This is going to be tough..."

Suddenly, a "ding" sound echoed in Wang Shuo's mind, as if he had touched something.

"The 'Exile Immortal's Tribulation' All-Law Cultivation System has been bound to the host."

"Host's current cultivation level: Qi Condensation Layer One."

Cultivation Technique: None

Spells: None

Divine Abilities: None

Spiritual Beasts: None

Immortal Weapons: None

Pills: None

"Every time the host overcomes a tribulation, the corresponding 'Tribulation Value' will be accumulated."

"'Tribulation Value' can be exchanged for desired items or spells in the System Tree."

"When the 'Tribulation Value' reaches a certain amount, the host will advance to a higher cultivation level."

"After leveling up, you can activate a higher-level skill tree."

Hearing the voice from his sea of consciousness, Wang Shuo was ecstatic.

"Coming... Coming! The 'Exiled Immortal Robbery' Manifestation Immortal Cultivation System? Why have you traveled to a magical continent but awakened the Immortal Cultivation System?"

"The host has bound this system for the first time, a newbie gift pack has been given to the host, please click to inquire."

Chapter 2: The Heart Method of Going Against the Current!

"Newbie gift pack? Open it! Right now!"

Wang Shuo decisively chose to open the newbie gift pack immediately.

With a soft "ding" sound, the system prompt in his mind rang out again.

"The newbie gift pack has been opened for the host. The contents of the gift pack include: a set of unique heart methods, a Shennong cauldron, a spirit beast egg, and a Qiankun bag."

In the instant the system prompt sounded, Wang Shuo felt something extra at his waist.

He inwardly rejoiced but forcibly restrained himself from looking down to check the items in the gift pack right away.

His "mother" was being verbally insulted by these brats, and even as a transmigrator, he couldn't let the kind-hearted Mel suffer the slightest grievance!

"All of you, shut up!"

Wang Shuo roared, silencing the cacophony in the classroom.

He stood up and s


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