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  • Author: spark
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 231
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In that foreign world where magic is prevalent, I, as the youngest member of a magical family, am the only loser who doesn't know magic. But I had an unyielding flame in my heart, "Magic? I don't know, so what's the harm? Wouldn't the path of immortal cultivation be more glorious?" In the despair of not being able to use magic, I chose a different path - the path of immortal cultivation. Unable to sign a magical beast contract? Then let the immortal beasts fight for me! Unable to make magic props? I will forge peerless immortal soldiers! While magicians have been ridiculed for their fragile bodies, I chose to cultivate the art of breaking the bones and washing the marrow of the body, which is indestructible, to build myself into a mage who fights in close quarters. While other magicians can only wait to be killed when their magic power runs out, I can use my refined flying sword to decapitate the enemy from thousands of miles away! In this continent where magicians are revered as gods, I have overcome many obstacles one step at a time. From an unpopular scum, to ascending to the top of Immortal Cultivation and becoming an existence that is admired by millions. I will use my power to make those who once looked down on me kneel at my feet, making them thirsty to become my disciples and explore this magical and vast world of Immortal Cultivation together! This is a story of perseverance, courage and self-transcendence. In this journey, I will prove to everyone that even in the darkest moments, with an unyielding heart and firm beliefs, anyone can create their own miracles.


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