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Overlord: The Awakening

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The death of the Overlord caused the leaders of the neighboring countries to completely remove their ties with the Vladian country. The carnage, chaos and fear are so rampant that mortals do not have the freedom to do the things they used to do freely. Three hundred years later, the distressing unrest in the country has become more severe and even the council leaders are unable to perform their duties properly because of a traitor who is lurking within their jurisdiction. However, the young Clan Leaders did not lack security in maintaining order in Coven City. As time went on, the power of the cursed goblet grew stronger in the kingdom of the fallen king. This goblet is the container of the great power of the former king. It just waits on the person worthy to use it. Whoever is identified by the cursed goblet will be proclaimed the new Overlord of the entire Vladian nation and will restore order and peace of the Vladian. Who will be the new Overlord of the Coven City?

Chapter 1

Damien's Point of View

The restitution of the Demon Academy has been announced. It was only yesterday that it was reported throughout the country. Their qualifications are not very strict, but it's not that easy, especially for someone like me.

The country of Vladian was ruled by the late King Augustus. The bereaved King was the finest King Vladian ever had. He was the most skilled king who sat as Overlord in the country and the most powerful king who possessed countless abilities and powers.

No one dared to oppose him, especially his decisions as king. One of the things he did when he was still alive was to strengthen the relationship between mortals and immortals. Under his leadership, this country became peaceful. His name was known all over the world. But the time for redemption came, and it was the end of King Augustus.

The center of Vladian is the city of Coven where his kingdom stands. One day, his council held a meeting and decided to sentence their famous king to an eternal sleep to save him from the impending end. He accepted the sentence, and before he stepped down from his throne, he decided to establish his academy where it will serve as a home for those who seek knowledge and strength.

However, instead of accepting the sentence of eternal sleep, he did not allow it to happen and took his own life. His body turned into ashes, and his soul became small golden lights. These lights flew to the sanctuary where the cursed goblet was hidden to stay there temporarily. And at present time, it is called The Goblet of Curse or Remnants that's guarded strictly in the sanctuary.

Until now, there is no ruler in Vladian. This has caused chaos among the beings living there. It is also reported that other races have entered and killing anyone they want, whether mortal or immortal.

I am not immortal, so I don't know what it feels like to have eternal life. The fear of everyone now, including me, is the terror of vampires. Mortals are powerless against them, so when darkness falls, the whole country seems to be abandoned because no one has the courage to leave their homes due to the killings happening.

I have a neighbor, and we both live alone here. Unfortunately, our houses are located five hundred meters from the tall walls of Coven City, so it's a huge risk for us to live close by. The size of the house my parents left me is just right, but for me, it's too big since I'm living alone. My beloved parents have long departed from this world. If I have any relatives or family, they may already be dead because of what is happening around us.

"Three people have been added to the list of vampire victims," announced the female news reporter on the TV I was watching. It's already evening, and these victims might have wandered into abandoned places.

After turning off the TV, I went to the window and inspected the iron bars protecting it. Yes, every house here, every window and door has iron bars. We mortals believe in sacred objects that are effective against vampires, such as silver metal and things blessed by the Cardinal. So for us, our homes are the safest place.

Before closing my front door, I saw Aling Menchi outside, carrying a transparent container. I immediately saw what it was.

"Damien, take this, hijo," Aling Menchi said with a smile as she handed me the container. "For your dinner tonight," she added, still smiling.

Aling Menchi is my only neighbor, and she's the one who gives me food, especially when she knows I have nothing. We both live alone in our respective homes. Fortunately, she has a garden at the back of her house.

I took the container and smiled. "Thank you very much, Aling Menchi," I thanked her politely, but she suddenly frowned. "Didn't I tell you to call me 'nanay' (mother)?" she said.

I felt embarrassed for smiling. "I'm sorry," I apologized.

"Okay then! I'll go back to my house now, it's getting dark," she said, turning her back on me. I breathed a deep sigh and looked at the container I was holding. Somehow, I can survive with the help of Aling Menchi.

"Take care, 'nay," I shouted to Aling Menchi as she walked away from my house before closing the door.

I didn't wait for her to say anything and quickly closed the door. I didn't leave any door or window open in my house. It's not just because it's sacred due to the Cardinal's blessing that I need to be at ease, but because it's not just vampires that are the enemies here. It could also be my fellow mortal. I'm not sure, but it's better to be vigilant than to risk my only life.

That night, I was suddenly awakened by a noise from somewhere. My bungalow is not that big, so I can hear even the slightest sound. I sat up on my bed when I realized that someone was knocking on my door.

"Help..." I heard a woman's voice, as if struggling. Her voice came from inside my mind.

"Help! Please help me!"

The continuous knocking on my door suddenly disappeared. I also heard something fall outside, but I didn't want to go out at this time. I hugged myself because of the cold.

It wasn't difficult for me to know the time because my watch glows in the dark. I was petrified with fear when I realized that it was the peak of the Devil's hour. I am not unfamiliar with that word because it is really happening.

"I can hear you. Please help me! I'm begging you! Hide me from them! Please!" she pleaded desperately.

I couldn't understand why I could hear her voice in my mind. I wanted to think twice, but my compassion for her prevailed, especially now that it seems like someone is after her. If she's not a vampire, why would someone chase her? That's when I mustered the courage to decide to open my front door.

I quickly took out the keys from my pocket to unlock the bolts. As I turned the doorknob, she pushed it with such force that she quickly entered my house. I didn't notice her swift movements and only realized that she was beside me, pushing the door to close it.

"Hurry up! Lock the door!" she ordered weakly, but with anger.

I couldn't see her face because she was wearing a thick veil. I couldn't even tell the color of it because of the darkness inside the house. The only thing I noticed about her was her heavy breathing.

"D*mn! She escaped!" I heard a man's voice outside the house, and I immediately slapped my hand over my mouth in fear.

"I told you to finish her earlier, but what did you do?" another man with a lower tone of voice spoke angrily.

"Is it my fault that she's stronger than me?" the other man argued.

When they couldn't locate the woman, they separated and searched in different directions.

After I locked the door, I looked around to see where she was. I wasn't sure if I was looking in the right direction because everything was dark. After a few minutes of silence, she spoke to me using her mind.

"Sh*t! What is this fear that I'm feeling now? Don't tell me?" I said inside my head.

Even though we were in the middle of this situation, I couldn't help but admire her ability. I am amazed and scared at the same time because I am not sure what kind of creature I have allowed into my house.

"I'm here," she spoke inside my mind.

"Are you crazy? How will I know where you are if you won't use your real voice?" I asked, ignoring the growing doubt I have about her.

I saw two small red lights coming from a corner. When I realized where it was coming from, my body almost fell to the cold floor as I trembled in fear. A chill ran through my body as I witnessed the truth.

"Did I let a freaking vampire enter my house?"

I became even more afraid when I noticed that she was approaching me. Her bright, vivid red eyes were clearer to me. I'm not afraid of light, but the light in her eyes is what scares me and is something that no mortal would ever want to experience.

I was about to scream for help from Aling Menchi, but I felt her cold hands cover my mouth. She intertwined her arms around me, standing behind me, and I could feel her large chest pressing against my back. I swallowed not because of fear, but because of what I was thinking at this moment. I didn't even feel her approaching.

"Shhhhsss..." she hushed. "Don't make any noise because we'll be in trouble if they find out that I'm here in your house. If I die, you'll die too," she added as a warning, causing me to swallow hard in panic as cold sweat dripped from my forehead.

'What the f*ck did she just say?'

I couldn't speak because she was preventing me from making any noise, so I decided to use my mind since she could hear and speak through it.

"W-who are you and what are you?" I asked in surprise and stuttered using my mind. I heard her gasp, but I couldn't miss her grin since her face was close to mine, and her eyes were shining.

"You might kill yourself if you find out who I am. To avoid that, I'll give you a different name. I am Lori, and..." she paused briefly, and when I looked at her again, I saw her more vividly than before, making me shudder in fear.

"...I am a vampire."

My ears rang as I heard the last word she said. My eyes widened as I saw her sharp, white fangs grow, and she grinned again. She slowly opened her mouth to bite my neck, but before she could, I felt my body fall into her embrace.

'I should have trusted my instinct. I should not let this dark tryst be invaded by a bloodsucker like her, but it is too late. She already s*ck*d all of my blood out of my virgin body! I didn't know that this was going to be the cause of my death!'

My foolishness and negligence led me to this danger, so if I were given another chance to live, I would do everything to protect myself and make sure that I wouldn't trust anyone.

Chapter 2

Mallory's Point of View

It was already half past three in the afternoon when Steve and I reached King Augustus' palace. We prepared ourselves before entering the council chamber because we knew we wouldn't be able to leave if they found out our true intentions. In truth, I was the only one with a good purpose here in the kingdom. I smirked secretly.

I heard that there was going to be a meeting here, and since Steve held a high position in the Coven, he decided to bring me along to observe, as no one else knew me except for him. In fact, he had no choice but to bring me.

I am Mallory Dawson, a pure-blooded vampire. Aside from me and King Augustus, no one else can use the power of the mind - telepathy. I can read a creature's mind, communicate, and even move things using only my mind. Steve knows about my ability, and he warned me not to reveal it to anyone.

Steve is much older than me, but he doesn't mind me just calling him S


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