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Temporal Reverie 1

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: @kevin
  • Chapters: 29
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 106
  • 7.5
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"Temporal Reverie" is a captivating journey into an endless temporal loop, where the protagonist, Liang Yu, discovers herself repeatedly experiencing the same day—June 8th—with each iteration accompanied by drastic changes. Cao Wen, her colleague and roommate, becomes a crucial figure in this enigmatic time maze. Liang Yu's task seems simple: kill Cao Wen and free herself. However, beneath this seemingly bloody objective lies a deeper mystery. Cao Wen appears to possess the ability to resurrect endlessly, and the truth behind the entire event becomes increasingly elusive. Throughout the book, readers traverse different versions of June 8th, each unveiling new puzzles and surprises. Liang Yu begins to doubt her own existence, while Cao Wen displays unimaginable resilience through each death. The story delves into themes of time travel, psychological horror, and philosophical reflections on fate. Just when everything seems to be reaching its conclusion, a more perplexing puzzle emerges, guiding readers to contemplate the true meaning of life. "Temporal Reverie" is not only an adventure challenging time but also a profound exploration of destiny, desire, and revenge. In this suffocating temporal vortex, readers will be led toward a gripping and unexpected conclusion.

Chapter 1

Aberrant Devotion

Upon returning home with roses, cake, and steak, Mu Lin noticed Houlili in a bathrobe with a towel around her neck, slightly damp hair leaning on the living room sofa while browsing her phone. The robe was short, revealing Houlili's slender, fair legs and delicate feet adorned with bright red nail polish.

Mu Lin subconsciously felt the situation was a bit awkward. Houlili, a university classmate and close friend of his wife, Su Qing, had been staying at Mu Lin's house due to ongoing renovations. Houlili was a frequent guest, but Mu Lin only recently noticed her intentionally or unintentionally wearing revealing loungewear, making him uneasy.

Mu Lin took a chance to jokingly remark to Su Qing, "Lili seems quite at home, dressing so cool in our house!"

Su Qing, oblivious to Mu Lin's true meaning, playfully responded, "This is Lili's conservative attire. Back in college, she often wore transparent pajamas in the dorm! With her figure, it was a sight to behold. As a girl, even I couldn't help but be amazed!"

Mu Lin playfully tapped Su Qing's nose, "With you praising Lili like that in front of me, aren't you afraid I'll also be impressed?"

Su Qing wrinkled her upturned small nose, then glanced at Mu Lin with a hint of pride, "You are my man, your heart is with me. If it's not, I'd rather know the truth than be suspicious all the time. If you don't love me anymore or fall for someone else, confess to me honestly. We can peacefully part ways; I won't cling."

Facing Su Qing's declaration, Mu Lin embraced her.

After that conversation, Mu Lin avoided mentioning Houlili's attire. Today, on their third wedding anniversary, Mu Lin came home early with roses, cake, and a premium steak, hoping to celebrate with Su Qing. Unexpectedly, he found Houlili in a bathrobe at home.

Seeing Houlili's nonchalant demeanor, Mu Lin didn't want to appear petty, so after a brief greeting, he went to change and prepare dinner.

Mu Lin arranged the roses in a vase on the table, set up the cake, red wine, and glasses. The selected steak was ready to be cooked when Su Qing returned.

Houlili, now sitting on the sofa without browsing her phone, lazily chatted with Mu Lin, holding a towel. "Dr. Mu, with all these roses, cake, and wine, are you planning a private celebration with Xiaosu? Should I discreetly leave?"

Mu Lin replied nonchalantly, "Today is our wedding anniversary. When we got married, you were the bridesmaid. Don't leave; the steak and cake are for you too!"

Hearing this, Houlili happily smiled and went upstairs to change. When it was nearing 7 PM and Su Qing hadn't returned, Mu Lin, feeling hungry, called her. Su Qing tearfully explained an unexpected work event, apologizing for missing their anniversary. She promised compensation upon returning home.

Though disappointed, Mu Lin teased, "What compensation are you offering?"

Su Qing's playful voice came through the phone, "You don't know? Dear, clean up, and I'll make it up to you when I'm back."

Mu Lin, despite the regret, joked, "What kind of compensation are you planning?"

Su Qing, with a hint of suggestion, replied, "You'll find out when I get home, my dear."

After hanging up, Mu Lin saw Houlili, now in a low-cut red dress, coming downstairs. He smiled with a bit of regret, "Xiaosu may be working late. Let's eat dinner without her."

Houlili paused, disappointed, "Oh, I see. I dressed up, hoping to celebrate your anniversary together. Well, I'll go change, and we can still enjoy the meal when Xiaosu comes back."

Mu Lin reassured, "No need to change. Let's have dinner. Xiaosu wouldn't mind, and you're part of our celebration."

They enjoyed a meal without the lady of the house. Houlili suggested having a couple of glasses of wine, and Mu Lin agreed.

Approaching 10 PM, Mu Lin called Su Qing again, learning she would be late. After hanging up, he went to bed.

In the quiet night, Mu Lin, half-asleep, felt soft lips gently kissing his neck. As the kisses became more fervent, he realized something was wrong when he grabbed a wandering hand – it wasn't Su Qing but Houlili.

Awakening in the morning, Mu Lin found Houlili in his bed, realizing the shocking truth of the events that transpired the previous night.

Chapter 2

After a considerable period, Mu Lin rose from the bed, venting his frustration by stripping off all the bed sheets and covers, tossing them into the laundry basket. He then changed his clothes and went to find Hou Lili in the guest room.

However, Hou Lili was not in the guest room at that moment. Mu Lin searched through each room, eventually finding Hou Lili standing in the study, gazing at the wall adorned with wedding photos of Mu Lin and Su Qing. She was still draped in the recently worn nightgown, its straps hanging loosely.

Mu Lin felt the need to have a conversation with Hou Lili. Yet, she appeared nonchalant, staring at the photos on the wall and casually remarking, "Since we've already slept together, what's there to talk about?"

On the wall of photographs, various frames captured moments of joy between Mu Lin and Su Qing. The largest one depicted them embracing amidst a sea of flowers, their smiles radiating happine


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