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Tale of Moonlight

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The school to which no one can enter unless a powerful entity or royal entity who can afford to pay the tuition of this school. School where a creature discovers his true persona. Moonlight Academy, The school only for the strong. No one can enter unless you pay a large a mount of money to study in this school.

Chapter 1

"No smashing ground here!"

"You don't belong here!"



"Tsss, poor kids are a trend here now."

Those are the words I hear as I walk today with the head admiral and the head admin of this School, I just ignore the words I hear because when I listen to them I know my mood will be affected. I don’t want to break my Mood just because of what they say.

I am Moon, a woman living at the bottom of this academy.

This academy is located at the top of the mountain and the people who live below are the poor or "Poor" as the rich call it. And yes, I am one of the poor called by the rich. Poor are forbidden in this school, It is full of rich and strong creatures here. But I am one of the lucky creatures who was given the opportunity to study at this school.

Yesterday was the anniversary of this school and yesterday also took place the picking of the name of the lucky creature who can enter this school for free. And I was one of the two names picked yesterday.

You have a great opportunity to study inside the Moonligt Academy, because the MoonLight academy is said to be the largest, and most famous school in our world.

Rain is my friend who studies here at MoonLight Academy. she is the reason why I went to this school. She listed my name in the raffle so I entered and i was lucky, I was picked.

I am not like others, I am not a strong creature with possessed strong power. My only ability is to read minds.

For the rich and powerful creature, that is the very low type of ability in our world. I'm not surprised because they are the strong ones.

We turned into a hallway and I could still see the evil stares of the students who were here. A large gold door greeted us which in turn was opened by the Head Admin. From the gold and precious things, a creature sitting in front of the Head Admiral’s Table caught my eye.

He bowed his head and looked down. His arms were crossed and he seemed to be thinking. I didn’t want to know what he was thinking but suddenly I found out I had read his mind. He didn't seem to want to be here at Moonlight Academy.

"Ms. Moon, wait for those with you." Said the Head admiral, causing me to look at the man sitting in the corner. I just stared at him and smiled but he looked away as if he was surprised when I smiled so much.

We barely glanced at the door of the admin office as we heard a knock from outside. Suddenly it opened and spat out a man the same age as us, wearing glasses and messy messy gray hair. He has blue eyes and his holding a book.

“Is this the Admiral’s Office?” He asked and looked at me.

"Here you are, come in." Said Head Admin and smiled. And who is he? I lost my attention to the man who had just arrived when the man sitting on the side suddenly walked out of the office, I looked at the expression on the faces of the admin and admiral but it seemed like none of them did care to that man.

"Ms. Moon, he's Cloud Vrolex, you were among the raffle winners yesterday." Head Admin said that's why I should look at the man in front of me now. I thought the man here earlier was the one who won with me.

"I know you're nervous about who you're going to be with but I can only say one thing, don't be nervous, they're kind." Smiling said Head Admin.

"Except for one." Head Admiral added so I was even more nervous. I just smiled at them.

"While they haven't talked yet let's talk first." Said Head Admiral and sat down next to Head Admin.

I sat on the sofa with the MoonLight Academy logo on it and the man sat on the chair in front of me, where the man who came out was sitting earlier.

"Cloud, what can you say and you are the lucky one to draw in our Raffle?" Head asked us. I looked at Cloud who was just Cool.

"Nothing beacuse i know that i was born to be lucky." Cloud said then smiled slowly at Admin. The two just laughed and turned their attention to me.

"As for you Ms. Moon, what can you say and you are one of the luckiest woman given an oppurtunity to be here?" Head Admiral asked me. I just smiled then replied.

"I still can't believe it, because of the dynamic number of names that are there, I am one of the lucky ones who was picked and given the opportunity to study here at Moonlight Academy." I said and smiled.

"You are very humble in your answer." Cloud said that's why I looked at him. I just smiled at him then took a deep breath.

“By the way, I wanted to introduce you to the Owner of Moonlight Academy. "said head Admin and a picture of two people appeared in his palms.

"This is Mr. Light Steler and Mrs. Luna Steler. They are the owners of this school." He said and suddenly the picture changed in his hands. Portrait of a man. This is the man I saw earlier sitting where Cloud is sitting on.

"He's Zero Steler. He's the son of Mr and Mrs Steler." Said the Head Admiral. So he is the son of the owner of this school. That's why he seemed unfamiliar before. and it seems that the Head admin and admiral didn't care about Zero's departure earlier.

"They're here." Said the Head admin so those in my mind were aroused and looked at the door of their office Head Admin. Cloud and I stood up as Moonlight students entered.

Chapter 2

Are they the ones Cloud and I will be with? Suddenly my tongue twitched when I saw those with us.

"Guys, she's Moon and this is Cloud the winner in RFE." Said the Head admiral, They just had no reaction except for the one I knew and the man next to her. I swallowed because a woman with red hair looked at me from head to toe. I was suddenly embarrassed because she seemed to be scanning my soul. Is she a walking scanner? I want to read what's on their minds but I don't want to be offended by what they say in their minds.

"Introduce yourselves one by one." Head Admin orders only incoming students.

"Star Castrophie, 18 years old and I'm a Star gazer. It means I command all the stars in the galaxy and I can move the planets." he introduced, I suddenly diminished in his ability. I turned my gaze to the woman who was examining me earlier.

"Red Fyez, 17 years old I'm a Blaze User. I can be a fire woman if I


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