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Spellhunter: Secrets of the Book

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Kino
  • Chapters: 80
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 111
  • ⭐ 7.5
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While sorting through his late father's belongings, young Arsen Viktorovich stumbled upon a mysterious spellbook. This book contained various hunting techniques for monsters and recipes for brewing magical potions. Initially, Arsen dismissed it as a mere joke, but his perception changed entirely when he discovered his father's alchemy laboratory. Driven by curiosity, Arsen decided to try out the potions. With a humble plea for life, he bravely drank the elixir symbolizing death. Instantly, his body was engulfed by a mysterious power, and his senses became heightened and extraordinary. From that moment on, Arsen's life took a drastic turn. He could see the monsters that lurked in the dark corners of the human world, invisible to ordinary people. He embarked on a mission to track and hunt these creatures using the hunting techniques and potion recipes from the spellbook. However, this newfound discovery was not without its challenges. Arsen soon realized that he was not the only one aware of these secrets. There was a secretive organization also in pursuit of the spellbook. They would stop at nothing, including murder, to obtain it. Arsen found himself caught in a dangerous game, where he had to protect himself and the secrets he held. He began searching for others who knew about these secrets, hoping to find allies and answers. In this quest, he encountered a mysterious female hunter who seemed to possess more knowledge about the spellbook. Together, they embarked on an adventure, facing not only the threats of the monsters but also the relentless pursuit of the secretive organization. Their journey was filled with peril, enigmas, and surprises, each step bringing them closer to unraveling the truth behind this mysterious world. In this world of magic and fantasy, Arsen discovered that his destiny was intertwined with the spellbook. He faced difficult choices, knowing that his decisions would not only shape his own fate but also determine the future of the entire world. "Spellhunter: Secrets of the Book" is a thrilling, fantastical, and suspenseful novel that will transport readers into a realm of unknowns and mysteries. Follow in Arsen's footsteps as he unveils the secrets and dangers of this enigmatic world. It is an adventure that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, unable to put the book down.

Chapter 1

"Magic Medicine - Inspiration, the origin of the Monster Hunter sequence, can activate the 'Evil Perception' ability and slightly improve physical fitness. The recipe is as follows..."

"100 milliliters of pure water..."

"Magic Shark Blood 50ml..."

"A ripe fruit..."


Following the instructions in the guidebook, he slowly heated the crucible.

"Cough cough..."

As the pot of murky colored medicine boiled, an irritating gas surged up. Arsen, who was observing intently, couldn't dodge it on the spot and was drenched in tears. His face was burning with pain.

The potion that had evaporated its gas quickly began to change color, and Arsen forced himself to endure the discomfort and immediately took over the next stage of the potion.

"Add the main material, one magical thistle plant..."

"Add 10 grams of refined gold powder as a byproduct of alchemy..."

"Add associated minerals, one obsidian..."

As the pure ruby was infused, the potion underwent another transformation, first bulging dense bubbles, and then rising with a mysterious hue.

"Gulu Gulu Gulu..."

Just now, Arsen, who was still wondering how the stone could have been boiled, turned his head to take a look at the magic book unfolding next to him, and then confirmed that his steps were not wrong.

"Normal dissolution phenomenon, continue stirring..."

"Until all the materials merge..."

The dark green medicine gradually becomes transparent and yellowish, as thick as maltose, and emits a faint and elegant fragrance.

"The finished product has a semi transparent amber color, sticky, and light fragrance..."

"Did you succeed?"

Arsen leaned down and sniffed carefully, then picked up the silver rod that stirred the medicine, as if wanting to lick the residue on it.

【 Magic Medicine: Qi Ling 】

[Effect: Activate perceptual ability and slightly improve physical fitness]

【 Drug properties: highly toxic 】

[Pre test: Complete the 'Grass Trial' and have qualified poison resistance.]

Recalling the introduction in the book, he hesitated for a moment.

Magic potion, as the name suggests, this advanced alchemy potion It's not something for ordinary people to drink at all. They contain severe toxicity, and ordinary people will die if they touch them!

Putting down the silver stick, Arsen silently glanced around.

He never imagined that he would inherit such an inheritance.

This is a mysterious laboratory, with dim or no lighting at all. The lighting relies entirely on a crystal ball that emits a faint light.

The carpet is made of unknown animal fur, with pitch black fur covering the entire room. In the center, there is an alchemy laboratory, which processes metal, mixes medicine, and dissects biological samples All kinds of functions are integrated.

On the shelves against the walls on both sides, there are various materials stored in different categories, including strange stones, incomprehensible herbs, and unknown biological organs soaked in glass bottles, which make people shudder.

This is a supernatural relic of a demon hunter laboratory used for storing materials, preparing potions, making alchemy items, and processing metal gemstones.

And the previous owner of this place was his deceased father, who only completed the funeral a while ago.

No one could have imagined that a clock shop owner would still hide such an identity behind his back, even his own son was blinded.

Although Arsen only found out about this secret now, he realized that his father had already prepared everything for him.

He started mysticism when he was a child, could read the books here, knew the taboos, and even the drugs he had to take every day due to his poor health were the toxic substances needed for the "Grass Trial".

That is a cruel trial of consuming toxic herbs for years and months in order to obtain poison resistance and qualify for taking alchemy potions.

The success rate indicated in the book is only 3%

He is suffering from a terminal illness, and his father will make him undergo this cruel trial, probably to cure his illness.

Arsen's health has been very poor since he was young. It was only after going to the hospital for examination that he found out that he had a serious congenital disease. As he grew older, all his organs in the body were gradually failing, and he could not even continue his normal life.

This thorny disease is difficult to cure, and going to many places to seek medical treatment is helpless. At that time, Arsen, who was already sensible, accepted his fate of becoming a useless person

But on a shattered sunset, the depressed father sat on the edge of the hospital bed in silence for a long time, got up, and took an unknown bottle of medicine to inject into him.

That memory was a bit blurry, perhaps because it was too painful and automatically blocked by the brain. Arsen only remembers that during that time, he was tormented by intense pain every day

No matter how he cried and begged for mercy, he never made his father stop that terrifying behavior until he passed out.

Looking back now, that was probably the most brutal initial stage of the "Grass Trial" - poison adaptation.

Digging into his pocket, Arsen took out the unmarked medicine bottle.

Inside are dozens of light yellow diamond shaped pills, brightly colored and resembling candy, with a faint sweet orange flavor when chewed.

This kind of pill, which he takes from snacks to large sizes, is a highly toxic herbal compound used to stimulate the most important ability - poison resistance.

He, who has been taking this medicine for over a decade, is now in the final stage - the Poison Trial.

Drink the magic potion and test the results of the poison resistance.

Once successful, he will gain a new life, take over this ancient legacy, and become a new extraordinary and secretive successor.

If he fails, he will lose everything, including life.

Looking at the cooled potion on the table, Arsen fell silent for a moment.


He glanced at the laboratory and then closed the unfolded magic book together - 【 Monster Hunter Guide 】

In fact, even if he didn't take the magic potion, he had a premonition that he wouldn't be able to hold on for long.

Exhaustion has almost exhausted his vitality.

"If everything is dead, it's better to give it a try."

Arsen straightened his heart and quickly poured the potion into the cup.

Her trembling hands almost splashed the potion out of the cup.

The ultimate trial with only a 3% success rate Can I really succeed on my own?

This completely unknown yet somewhat lucky mentality gradually accelerated his heart rate.

Courage and fear resisted for a while, and Arsen suddenly looked up, not giving himself a chance to regret it, quickly drank the potion in one gulp.

There was still a warm liquid sliding down his throat, and before he could fully comprehend the taste, a cold breath quickly climbed up his forehead from the back of his spine.


In that moment, it was as if a new galaxy had exploded in my mind!


It hurts so much!

My head is about to explode!


The cup slipped from the hand and rolled to the corner on the floor.

Arsen covered his forehead and fell directly to the ground. His mouth was wide open, but there was no sound coming from his throat.

The unbearable pain gradually blurred his consciousness, and his widened eyes became dull and lifeless

Chapter 2

In the unknown basement, the sound of exhausted breathing echoed.

Arsen, whose body is being transformed by magic potions, has blood droplets oozing from all over his body.

The hands with bulging blood vessels sometimes grab onto clothes, then lift them up and wave them wildly, as if trying to grab feathers scattered in the air, or as if experiencing an epileptic seizure; Accompanied by coughing up blood, convulsions, and a recurring dreamy illness, he kept tossing himself until he was exhausted before stopping moving

As time passed by bit by bit, the symptoms of the illness continued unabated. Despite the evaporation of blood and sweat, his skin remained dry, cracked, and hot, with intermittent and even occasional cessation of pulse; The consciousness is already chaotic, but one can still clearly feel the violent mutation happening in the body - the dissolution and reorganization of flesh and blood. That cruel process made him feel unbearable pain.

The strin


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