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Rise of the Vermilion Bird: Lingxiao's Journey

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Kino
  • Chapters: 871
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 216
  • 7.0
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In the ancient world of Honghuang, Lingxiao chose to become the third Vermilion Bird, becoming the brother of Taiyi and Emperor Jun. Familiar with the plot of Honghuang, he refused to witness the tragic drama of the Witch Demon Cataclysm. He decided to stay in the Sun Star and live a stable and safe life. However, fate abruptly shattered his tranquility. The Witch Clan occupied the entire Honghuang and began to attack the Sun Star. Lingxiao was forced to step forward and face the threat of the Witch Clan. He left the Sun Star and walked out into the open, ready to confront the Witch Clan. His wings spread open, a blaze of fiery feathers emanating from his majestic form. The Witch Clan trembled at the sight of him, sensing the immense power that he possessed. Lingxiao had spent his days in the Sun Star, honing his powers as the Vermilion Bird. He studied tirelessly and mastered the full extent of his abilities. He was determined to fulfill his duty and protect the Sun Star from any harm that may befall it. One fateful day, the Witch Clan launched a full-scale attack on the Sun Star, the darkness spreading like a plague. The residents of the Sun Star fought back, but the odds seemed insurmountable. Just as all hope seemed lost, Lingxiao emerged from the Sun Star, his wings ablaze with brilliance. He soared through the sky, leaving a trail of silver feathers in his wake. With unmatched power and unparalleled skill, Lingxiao engaged the Witch Clan in a battle that would determine the fate of Honghuang. His every strike carried the destructive force of a raging fire, striking fear into the hearts of the Witch Clan warriors. One by one, he defeated his adversaries, leaving the surviving Witch Clan members in awe and dread. The outcome of this battle would shape the destiny of the Honghuang world. The Witch Clan was nearly annihilated, reduced to a mere handful of survivors, all aged and feeble. Even after a long time had passed, they could never forget that fateful day, when they were faced with the terrifying power of Lingxiao. This is a legendary story of courage and justice. Through Lingxiao's trials and challenges, readers will experience the unwavering resolve and fearlessness of a true hero. Join him on this exhilarating journey into the mysterious world of Honghuang, and witness the epic battles that history has etched into its very fabric. If you crave excitement and inspiration, follow in the footsteps of Lingxiao, and embark on this breathtaking adventure!

Chapter 1

The Primordial World.

Since Pangu opened the heavens and the earth, countless ages have passed.


Some people died, but they didn't completely die...

"Where am I?"

"Am I dreaming?"

Lin Xiao murmured to himself, observing the surroundings, a chaotic scene with nothing.

【Ding! The host has been detected to have awakened, and the Divine-level Selection System is officially activated. Please make the following choices!】

【Choice One: Devour Emperor Jun and Taiyi to become the only Golden phoenix, rewarded with a twelfth-grade Pure World White Lotus.】

【Choice Two: Become the third Golden phoenix, rewarded with a fragment of the Creation Jade Disc.】

【Choice Three: Continue wandering and wait for transformation, rewarded with a strand of Hongmeng Purple Qi.】

An abrupt mechanical sound startled Lin Xiao out of his confusion.

"What? Have I traveled to the Primordial World?"

In his previous life, besides working 996, the only pastime for the corporate slave Lin Xiao was reading novels. How could he not understand his current situation?

Not only did he travel to the Primordial World, but he also came with a system.

Although he often fantasized about traveling through time while reading novels, when this moment actually arrived, Lin Xiao found that he couldn't feel as excited as he imagined.

There was a reason for that.

Mainly because the world he traveled to was a bit terrifying, even with a system, it was still a hellish difficulty.

Lin Xiao forced a bitter smile, not thinking about it any further, and focused his attention on the choices. Since he was here, he might as well go with the flow. What could he do by committing suicide?

At first glance, the first choice seemed to be the best, becoming the only Golden phoenix and receiving a decent reward.

But if he really became the only Golden phoenix, who knows, he might have to fight against twelve ancestral witches by himself in the future.

He wasn't like Ip Man, effortlessly fighting ten opponents at once.

Even in the Primordial World, sticking together and forming alliances was the safest way to survive.

For example, the Three Pure Ones, besides being individually powerful, they also had each other's backs. Before achieving sainthood, they were also united against a common enemy. It was better to have someone to rely on than to go solo.

Thinking of this, Lin Xiao had already made his choice in his heart.

He could easily team up with Emperor Jun and Taiyi to form a "Three phoenixs" combination.

Just like the Three Pure Ones, they would have each other's backs.

As for the last choice, Lin Xiao almost didn't consider it before vetoing it.

Although the reward was Hongmeng Purple Qi, it would be useless without the means to use it.

In this world that valued foundations, who knew what he would transform into.

If he transformed into a pig, there would be no point in playing anymore.

"System, I choose option two, to become the third Golden phoenix."

After careful consideration, Lin Xiao finally made his choice.

【Ding! The host has chosen option two, to become the third Golden phoenix. The host's foundation will be changed, and the duration will be long. Please prepare yourself.】

A piercing pain emanated from the depths of his mind, Lin Xiao's will became muddled, his vision went black, and then he knew nothing.

Finally, his strand of true spirit turned into a stream of light, silently traversing the Primordial World, and landed on the Sun Star.

Beside the two Golden phoenix eggs, it became the third egg, absorbing the energy of the Sun Star and slowly growing.

In the current Primordial World.

The heavens and earth changed, and conflicts were constant.

After the death of the fierce beast Shen Nong, the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin tribes took advantage of the situation and dominated the land and sea, each refusing to submit to the other, all wanting to completely rule the Primordial World.

Under the instigation of the Demon Ancestor Luo Hu, the three tribes started a great war.

This war lasted countless ages, and in the end, the three tribes withdrew from the stage of history, ushering in the battle between Dao and Demon.

In the end, Hongjun outsmarted Luo Hu, forcing him to self-destruct and destroying the Western Spirit Vein. However, Hongjun himself was also seriously injured.

After the battle between Dao and Demon, the most fierce and terrifying Cataclysm in the history of the Primordial World began to quietly brew.


Eastern Primordial World.

The Sun Star hung high in the sky, illuminating the earth.

It was the left eye of Pangu, containing boundless ferocity.

At this moment, on the Sun Star, there were three golden eggs, bathed in the true fire of the sun, elevating their own strength in a hazy state.

On this day, on the calm Sun Star, thunder roared, and one of the golden eggs suddenly shattered, revealing a Golden phoenix.

He had a tall figure, wearing golden armor, exuding a noble and domineering aura, with a handsome face full of masculine charm.

In his hands, he held the River Diagram and Luo Book.

As soon as the young man transformed, he understood the mysteries of heaven and earth, and immediately spoke, his voice resounding like thunder.

"I am the Three-legged Golden phoenix, today I have transformed, and my name is Emperor Jun!"

The resounding voice spread for billions of miles, shaking the heavens and earth, as if responding to Emperor Jun's words, the thunderous tribulation of transformation also struck, but it was easily dispelled.

For a powerful being like him with a strong foundation and abundant blessings, the tribulation of transformation was nothing but a formality.

After the tribulation, Emperor Jun looked at the two Golden phoenix eggs beside him, a warm smile appearing on his lips.

"I suppose these two eggs are my two younger brothers. Well, as your older brother, I will assist you."

He raised his hand and sent out two strands of pure energy, entering the eggs. Immediately, a surging aura emanated from them.

After an unknown period of time, the second egg shattered, and a Golden phoenix emerged, condensing into a young man.

He had a handsome face, resembling Emperor Jun to some extent, but appeared slightly younger.

Chapter 2

The third golden egg shattered, and a figure stomped out with a loud roar.

A head of black long hair gracefully draped over the waist, wearing a surnamen of heaven and earth and a robe of sun, moon, and stars.

This is a young man with a heavenly and imperial pattern on his eyebrows, which seems to have a rebellious connotation. His eyes are like stars, and his slanted eyebrows are unparalleled in beauty.

"I am a three legged golden surname, which has transformed into a form today and is named Lingxiao!"

The resonance of heaven and earth, the roaring sound of the Tao, seems to highly recognize the identity of a young man.

Thunder ravaged the sky and earth, but was fully absorbed by the cauldron above the young man's head.

This person is exactly Lin Xiao. Before he could transform into an egg, he had a consciousness and took the initiative to change his name to Lin Xiao, which sounds like "Lingxiao".

Otherwise, he was


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