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Rebuild Chaldea

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Fiona Wayne is a very worrying child, her greatest advantage is ordinary, well-behaved, little, even if she knows the secret of the family, but she never asks. Because she knew that her father, brother, and brother did not like her. Bruce's wish for her is to live out her life in peace, and he will give her enough wealth to spend several lifetimes, so that she can be a princess in an ivory tower. He promised her, "I will always protect you." She was kidnapped when she was 14, and her kidnappers, who had failed to negotiate with Gotham vigilantes, tried to kill her out of anger. The bullet was in her heart, and she felt the passing of life on the cold ground. She didn't wait for any of her family to come to her rescue.

Chapter 1

"Are you aware of the unconscionable crimes committed by Chaldean insiders in the name of salvation?"

"Do you acknowledge the fact that you illegally summoned multiple followers for your personal use?"

"Did you stage the explosion in Chaldean Control room?"

"Did the Chaldeans take the liberty of retaining a large amount of data on callers?"

- What the hell are these censors idiots talking about

-- Mentally retarded? What about the most basic trust between people?

"With ordinary qualifications, excellent psychic fitness, and experience with psychic transfer, she is of high experimental value considering the next steps in the study of psychic transfer."

Hey, is it inappropriate for you to discuss her in front of you?

For six hours, Rhea didn't say a word, just listened as the group chattered away, speculating on the most sinister conspiracy theories about all the Chaldeans.

-- To extinguish your wits.

She rolled and climbed to correct the seven special points, hit the great luck to get the help of many heroes, and tried her best to reach the temple of time, after what happened she no longer want to recall, only before the Chaldean staff and the heroes who have always been with her side to fight know how much they used to change back to this world.

There were only two missing from the victory party, but thoughts were enough to fill the whole Chaldea.

"Decision to strip the magician 'Rhea' Chaldean of her Lordship, permanently monitor her, and never allow her near Chaldea for the rest of her life."

- Ah, the comrades who fought side by side are gone, the spirits who could be trusted with their lives are sent back, and they themselves are cast out.

-- That's nothing.

Rhea packed her bags in the lounge, and there was not much she could take with her, the Chaldean magic dress, and even the gifts given to her by the spirits.

Yeah, well, those heartless guys at the Magic Society, they could just leave me here sweeping the floor.

You call them Sweets when you need them, Mrs. Ray when you don't.

When Rhea kept talking about the abdomen, her sight suddenly swept a sealed metal suitcase, which was entrusted to her by Da Vinci before he was repatriated, saying that it was a "secret weapon" to be opened when the end of the water was exhausted.

With a faint hope, Rhea opened the suitcase.

The next moment, she was no longer in Chaldea, but in darkness, and before her eyes were two humanoid lights.

"My name is Gaia, the consciousness of the planet."

"My name is Aleye, the collective consciousness of all spirits."

Da Vinci, what is this? You want me to get them to give me a comedy? Rhea wondered.

"We have received a request from the Almighty to fulfill her wish."

"To find a home for those who save humanity."

Gaia and Alayer, in concert, explain why they're here.

"I have found a suitable parallel plane for you, where you can build a new Chaldea."

"What did you say? Rebuild Chaldea? I'm afraid you're not bluffing." Rhea is really surprised, not to mention that she is not the monarch of the celestial system, can not create the entire earth observation Sheba, the most basic, she has no money ah, even Marisbili is participating in the Holy Grail war to win angel investment, she is a little cookie, think they can rebuild Chaldea.

"Given what you have done to save humanity, we will not stand idly by. This is a magic costume specially made for your situation. Take it and continue your journey." Alayer said, to Rhea threw a light ball, light ball is nothing else, is an ordinary featurelessless mobile phone.

"Seriously, if you're really here to talk about crosstalk, you can leave. I really don't feel like laughing right now." Rhea held the phone and stared at the two swindlers in front of her with facial expressions.

"Open it up. It's from another parallel plane. It's something that can help you in some sense." Gaia did not care about Rhea's reaction, self-introduced.

Rhea opened the mobile phone, and there was only one APP on the lonely screen, "Fate Grand Order", and the APP icon was painted with Altolia, whom she was very familiar with.

With a little curiosity. Rhea clicked on the APP and was surprised to find that it was just a game, a game where the protagonist was not her, but had experienced the same story as her.

"What's the use of that? So I can remember the past whenever and wherever I want?" Rhea asked.

"We've added a special technique to this outfit that transforms the emotions that humans bring together in this game into magic and then embody what you need to build Chaldea." In other words, you need to promote the game on a new level, and the more people who play the game, the faster you can rebuild Chaldea." "Alayer explained.

"Can you rebuild Chaldea by selling games? Do you expect me to believe that?" Rhea is speechless. Do these two higher minds really think she's retarded?

"Let her introduce you specifically." Alayer also did not intend to answer Rhea's question, the voice just fell, the mobile phone turned back into a beam of light, into the back of Rhea's left hand, three blood red spell and re-appeared in front of her eyes.

At the same time, a familiar voice rang in Rhea's head.

"Hello, Master, did you miss me? I am your almighty Da Vinci."

At this moment, Rhea does not want to think about whether all this is a prank, just listening to Da Vinci's voice, it has made her red eyes, she is willing to believe that all this is true, she can rebuild Chaldea, and the bond of the spirit to meet again, no matter how unreliable way.

"Then, we will not interfere in the next matter, good-bye, to save the man of reason." With that, Gaia and Alayer disappeared in front of Rhea.

"Regrettably, Master, I am only a remnant of the Da Vinci who was foretold today and cannot give you a hug at this moment of sadness." However, I am not joking about rebuilding Chaldea, Master must work hard, I have some business experience, of course, I will also provide real-time help."

Indeed, even the remnants of the Lingji, also inherited the style of Da Vinci is too complete!

"So, Master, that special dress has been combined with your charm, infuse it with magic, and begin our new journey!"

Rhea nodded firmly, no matter how the road ahead, at least he is no longer a person to move forward.

The magic flowed and the blood-red light gathered into lines in the air.

【 Random Chaldean established location 】

【 Parallel plane Earth 】

Hey, wait, what's the location of the earth?

【 Start transfer 】

After the red light flashed, Rhea's eyes were no longer boundless darkness, but a dense forest. The tall trees, which had grown for at least a few decades, blocked her view of the distance, and there was no human life within the range of the eyes could reach, as if they were transported to the remote mountains.

Before Rhea could recover, the light that had not yet dissipated condensed into new words.

【 Initial task, please reclaim a 500 square meters of open space. 】

【 Quest Reward: Chaldean infrastructure prototype 】

At this moment, Rhea missed Paul Benyang very much.

Chapter 2

Indeed, Rhea is not an intolerant Lord. She went through seven special points, and also experienced the rough life with the sky as the quilt and the earth as the mat, but that was in the case of adequate resource allocation.

With no food, no water, no shelter, and no work to do, Rhea felt like a donkey with a carrot called "Chaldea" strapped to her eyes.

Rhea also gave the functional magic gift a name, called "hardcore sales", short for a pin.

After releasing the mission, Adin began to freeze, no matter how much magic Rhea pumped into the Ream spell, there was no response.

Rhea accepted her fate, and began her passionate costume as a wild man cutting down trees.

At the beginning, our smart Rhea chose to use Gandr to cut down the tree, a black magic bullet can solve a small tree held by a person, but after using a dozen rounds of Gandr, the magic exhausted Rhea has been paralyzed on the ground.

The meager food supply in the woods is no substitute f


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