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Princess Bellamy

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After being locked up for several years, she is eventually released. But what does the future hold for the young princess? Will she be able to achieve all she's ever wished for? Will she be able to fall in love ? Or will she follow her destiny? Will she carry the burden of her people? Will she save the ones who love her and those who don't from the evil ahead? What happens when the young princess eventually falls in love but discovers that love isn't always a bed of roses? What happens when she has to choose between love and power? Will she choose the one she loves or the one who would give her more power?

Chapter 1

The sun cast it's ray on the lonely lands. Yes it was lonely, the King of the land had just died and every living thing was mourning for the loss of their dear king. The castle ground were worse as no single sound could be heard. King Cassius was a free spirited and just king and his death was a great loss to the kingdom. He was the best king Crusta had ever had in it's history. While he was on the throne, he bore three children with his lovely wife, the Queen Minerva, two princes and a princess. The maids filed to the queen's room to prepare her for her mourning rites. The king was going to be buried in the next two hours. The head maid knocked gently on the door and the Queen forced herself to order them in. " Your Majesty . " The head maid, Melinda said and bowed her head and the other maids followed suit. " It is time for your bath." " Do I need to take a bath to bury my husband?" The Queen sniffed and the head maid sighed. " Leave us. " She said to the other maids who came with her. She walked towards the queen after they had left and she held her hands. " Your Majesty. You've locked yourself in here for days. You've refused to eat anything and you've only taken your bath twice since the king died. " " Do I have to take a bath to mourn my husband? " " I understand how you feel your Majesty but the king is dead. He's not coming back. He wouldn't be happy if he sees you like this. Do you want the king to be restless in his grave? " " Is he? " " Yes. He'll only be at peace when he knows that his queen is still strong and fighting. " Melinda said with a huge smile and the queen chuckled lightly. " Thank you Melinda. You've always been a huge help to the royal family. I'll like to take my bath now if you'd please. " Queen Minerva said. In the princess's room, her personal maids were dressing her up in preparation for the funeral. " Sorry to interrupt young ladies but I really need to talk to my sister. " The second prince, Sebastian said and the maids bowed their heads before walking out of the room. " What a lovely surprise dear brother!" Bellamy said and stood up. " You look beautiful. " Sebastian said with a smile. " It's father's funeral. I'm not supposed to look beautiful. " " You're the princess. You should always look beautiful. " " Tch. A princess who's never stepped her foot out of the castle. Sometimes I was born a commoner or a boy like you and brother. Maybe I would be able to go out of the castle grounds whenever I wish and explore the king's town. " She sighed and he hugged her. " Whatever out parents did is for your own protection. You're the one and only princess. " Sebastian said and she smiled. " Thank you. You always find a way to lift my spirit. " She said and pecked his lips. " Do you want me to leave? " " Yes. That's a sign for you to leave. " " That hurts. I was thinking my little sister would want to spend some time with me before the funeral. " " Why would I do that? I need to be sober so I don't loose control. And I'm not your little sister, I came out first. " " You won't loose control. " He held her shoulders and she sighed. " That didn't help much last week. " She faked a smile. " I'll see you at the cemetery. " He said and pecked her forehead before leaving. The bells were rung and the royal family filed out preparing to go the cemetery. It was an old cemetery near the castle where only the royals were buried, their ashes were oftentimes buried there. It was built in form of a cave and could only be accessed by a member of the royal family. " Where is your sister?" Queen Minerva asked when she came downstairs only to find her two sons waiting. " She was on her way. " Prince Sebastian said. " I'll go check on her , your Majesty. " The first prince, Archer said. " No need. I'll go myself. You boys wait here. " The Queen said and walked back upstairs. She got to her daughter's room and she heard muffled sound coming from inside. She hurriedly opened the door and saw her in a pool of fire. " Bellamy!" She exclaimed as she quickly quenched the fire with water. " I lost control." Bellamy sobbed and she pulled her in a tight hug. " I lost control of my emotions. Mother, I can't go down there. What would happen if I loose control again?" She sobbed and the queen sighed. " You'll be fine. You'll have me to quench what ever thing you throw. " The Queen said and she chuckled. " I wish father was here. " She sniffed. " Me too. Now we need to put him to rest and we need your powers. " The Queen said and she smiled. " Do you think I can pull it off? " " Yes. " Queen Minerva was able to persuade her to come out and they all went together as a royal family to the cemetery. The king's body was laid at the corner of the cemetery. The Lords and Ladies of the court were already there. The priest began and said some burial rites and he signalled the princess when he was done. " You can do this." The Queen whispered and she sighed. Bellamy let go off all her emotions and her hands formed a fist of fire which she sent to her father's body. It started burning immediately and she quenched the fire in her hands. " Told you. " The Queen said and hugged her while she sobbed on her shoulders. Every member of the royal family had a special power of their own. Some few other families who were not from royalty also had powers but their power was limited.

Chapter 2

Weeks passed and the kingdom was back to it's former glory. It seems like everyone had forgotten about the passing of their great king. The men of the court were pushing for the coronation of a new king but the Queen refused under the claim that her son was not ready to rule. Today was another day for a meeting to deliberate on the bearer of the crown. The whole hall was in chaos before the Queen stepped in and the moment she stepped into the hall, it became silent. " Thank you, my Lords. " She said as she sat on the highest seat. " Proceed with the meeting. " The highest member of the court said. " Well there's not much to be said. I've already come to a decision. " " And that is? " " Until my firstborn son is ready to rule, I, Queen Minerva Renee Cassius Storm would rule in my son's stead. " She proclaimed with a smirk. " Imp


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