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In A Crosshairs Of An Alpha

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At the heart of the Wolfgang pack lives Katerine, a 24-year-old independent and strong-willed wolf. She has lived a life of solitude since the age of 16, when her parents were tragically taken from her during a full moon at the hands of ruthless poachers. Her closest friend, Andrea, was the sister of a man who made her feel more insecure than she should have. He was her alpha, and he had an unquenchable thirst for every skirt in his path. To protect her heart from potential harm, Katerine vowed never to reveal her feelings or her secret. As a member of the pack, she owed him obedience. As a female, she tried to distance herself from men who would never be faithful to just one woman. But can she resist what she's fated to? Or would the bond between them be stronger than any secret?

Chapter 1


I took a deep breath and held Andrea's hand. She was worried, but so was I, more than I expected. Andrea's face was tense as we heard Jared's howl, a howl that had commanded us for years. From the sound of it, we knew he had emerged victorious, so we could finally relax. I smiled as Jared arrived. He hugged his sister tenderly and spun her around. They had become closer since their parents died. Jared had started taking care of his sister and our pack when he was very young. When we lost our Alpha, his father, he had to receive his inheritance, and he did well. He became a very attractive man, but sometimes a little arrogant and authoritative. He had to be, or everyone would think he was weak. He ruled his country with a firm hand, but he had earned the respect of his people by being fair and decisive.

All the men were gathered around the fire. They enjoyed the party but were always trying to seduce the females with their charms and sensual growls. Jared received hugs and enthusiastic handshakes. All the females congratulated him, melting before his masculine presence and attractive demeanor. They all looked at Jared with pride and respect. Suddenly, my eyes met him and my body shivered in the same second.

I shook my head and looked at the campfire. Though he didn't even notice my existence, I began to feel feverish whenever his eyes met mine. My heart always beat faster and my body was hotter when he was around. He was my Alpha, my boyfriend's brother, this relationship would never work. I only wanted to give myself to one man, my soul mate. At that moment a question came to my mind. Could he be the one? Feelings surfaced in my heart and body. Could this be a sign?

But the answers to these questions immediately appeared before my eyes. He was whispering in the ear of one of the women, smiling and looking at her body with lust. It seemed that he was a man ready to seduce anything with breasts. The idea that he might be the one for me immediately turned to dust in the wind. If he were, he would have strong feelings for me too. A mate only has eyes for his soul mate, and Jared's eyes weren't for me. I should start to put aside this strange feeling, or else I would hurt my heart and soul in the future.


I was seduced by a woman who wanted to know more about my body. I was very interested as always, but something distracted me. A subtle and delightful scent wafted to my nose and made my mind focus a little on its origin. Andrea's inseparable friend was on the other side of the fire, and her scent was going through all the people just to get to him. She watched me attentively from a distance, and the feeling that took over my body and mind was strange and unbelievable.

She had grown into a beautiful woman, perhaps too beautiful for the mind of any male. The thought of another male touching her made me jealous and possessive, another thing I could not explain. A wolf always knew when his mate was near, without a doubt, so... why didn't I feel that certain, with her?

That night we would all be in his primary nature and the freedom and adrenaline of the moment could allow me to seduce her. I could taste her soft skin and be inside her perfect body all night long. Show her the pleasure I could give her and let her know how much her scent turned me on. But what about the next morning? I bet my sister Andrea would cut off my genitals if I used Katerine for a night of pleasure. But I knew someone else was watching from the shadows, interested in what I had to offer that night.


Music began to play, along with some more daring singers to entertain the crowd. Voices and applause rose in celebration of the fact that the leader had once again proven himself worthy of being our Alpha.

Following Jared's gaze, I clenched my jaw, almost growling in frustration. Katherine was on the other side of the campfire, her eyes locked with mine. Quickly, I moved toward the man I wanted most. I approached stealthily and brushed my voluptuous body against his back, pretending to stumble and fall into his lap. I wanted to be his mate and therefore the leader of the pack. But to achieve that, I had to take advantage of the moment and seduce him until I had a mark on my neck.

I smiled mischievously, satisfied that Jared had caught my scent. I took the opportunity to caress his groin, hypnotizing him with my lustful gaze. His body was charged with heat and the adrenaline from the fight had made him wild and passionate, ready for me. Without wasting any more time, I got up from his lap and headed for the forest. I had to get him away from the crowd and especially away from a powerful distraction that could ruin my plans.


My eyes remained fixed on the other side of the fire as if hypnotized. The dark-haired woman dancing with Magnus took its toll on his body and mind. But when I felt a warm body slide over mine, the trance was broken. I struggled to control my primal instincts in my human form after a transformation, especially after a fight, and when Roxanne appeared and stirred my adrenaline even more, it was hard not to follow her. The scent of a willing woman was unmistakable, and I was more than ready to satisfy my needs. Smiling, I buried my face briefly in Roxane's blonde hair before releasing her with a playful slap on her buttocks. I didn't need words or codes, my body was hot and eager, my desire was in sync with hers and I was going to take advantage of this delicious offer tonight. With a smile, he stood up, not with his people around the fire, but to the opposite side, into the forest. He knew exactly where Roxane would be waiting.


When I saw Jared leave the celebration, something inside me began to hurt. A low growl escaped my throat as I watched him inhale Roxane's natural scent and touch her sensually. I couldn't take my eyes off her and my wolf became restless, wanting to take something that wasn't mine. I felt confused again. For the first time, he seemed to look at me with lust. Like a man desiring a woman. Maybe it was just my imagination or a projection of my deepest desires.

But I was sure of one thing. When his eyes, with an enigmatic glow, began to slowly roam my body, I heated up like a volcano about to erupt. At least until Roxane showed up and broke our connection, of course. What the hell was wrong with me? I took a deep breath and shook my head. It was time to pull myself together.

I was still breathing deeply as I watched Jared's smile. But suddenly he stood up and made his way into the forest, greeting everyone he passed. Most of them dispersed amidst the festivities without noticing his departure, but I knew without a doubt that he was on his way to meet Roxane. I could feel the conflict within me as I rubbed my hands together. I was nervous and excited when I looked at the fire. The flames crackled louder, warming my face and body even more than they already were. For a moment I stood there, silent, lost in my emotions, but it was impossible to stay there. Jared was consuming my mind and body. I couldn't stay there and do nothing.

I scanned the crowd looking for Andrea. She was with Jade and under the watchful eye of Magnus, our Beta. She was safe with them and I only wanted to be gone for a few seconds. Like a shadow and unnoticed, I followed the path of the two lovers. Step by step, I tried not to make a sound, but suddenly something occurred to me. What the hell was I doing? The thought of going into the dark just to see Jared and Roxane having s*x made me feel a little perverted and mostly crazy. But even with that thought... my feet moved on.

Chapter 2


Although the wind was beginning to turn against me, I had the feeling that I was not alone in this forest. The silence was notorious, except for a few rabbits running away. But even though I couldn't see anything around me, the feeling was in my body and soul. I continued on my way, and in a few seconds, the scent of excitement filled my nostrils. My body immediately responded with restlessness and excitement, and at that moment I began to speed up my pace.

After walking for about ten minutes, I spotted Roxane's beautiful body. She was stretched out completely naked on the stone. We usually use this place for privacy. It was hidden by four trees, almost glued together, and it was the perfect place for us.

"You really know how to provoke a man!" My voice sounded hoarse when I saw how ready she was for me.


"Come on Jared!" I smiled proudly as his eyes glistened as they traveled down my body. Focusi


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