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I'm not an emotional liar

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Delica inadvertently releases the succubi who has been sealed for thousands of years, and is forced to make a contract by the succubi, who feeds on love and lives on lust, ordering her to provide it with "food". On the first day, she ate garlic and wore silver jewelry. The next day, she got up early and read the Bible. On the third day, she insisted on taking a dip in holy water. Half a month later. Delica succeeded in turning the little succubus into a half-life, and at the same time she received a critical illness notice, she was "terminally ill"? ! Delica: "..." Help! Her inheritance hasn't been spent yet! Delica thought for a moment, and decisively pulled back the little succubus who had been badly beaten: "Come back, we cooperate." The little succubus who failed to run away: It did bad things in a previous life, and met Delica in this life! Okay, fine. We'll get by. We can't leave. "You see, this is your gentle bamboo horse, although he did not say, but in fact, he has been silently in the heart of love you, the greatest wish of his life is to marry you as a princess." "But we're just good friends. We can't be lovers." "Look again, this is the little slave you accidentally saved, although you have long forgotten him completely, but he has been silently guarding you behind, only wish you peace." "No, he didn't come to ask for my inheritance, did he?" "... Well, then, look at this soft, pretty elf." The little Succubus stared blankly at Delica as she punched the man to the ground with a pained expression on her face. "Forget it, you're hopeless." The next, his face was swollen. # It's wrong, it's really wrong, it only knows that these people are Delica licking dogs, did not expect that they are still so standard

Chapter 1

"Click", the door lock turns.

Delica carefully pushed open the wooden door of the tower, a musty smell that had not been seen in the sun for years. She fanned the air in front of her fan with her hand, and after thinking about it, she walked in with her skirt.

She had explored every corner of the Finelop Manor, but this tower was expressly forbidden to enter, and when she was a child, she slipped into it once with her friends, and was just found by Lourger to sneak back, and Delica was so angry to see her father for the first time, if she had not run fast, she would have been severely punished.

The tower was not large, with a small window open at the top, and there was nothing strange about it except that the light was dim.

Lurger had repeatedly insisted that she should not go near the tower, so seriously that she thought there was some great treasure of value hidden in it. Delica looked back in disappointment and started to go back. She turned around, and she hit something under her feet. The thing grunted to the door before stopping.

Delica picked it up. It turned out to be a small, palm-sized box, black only the top was inlaid with a blood-red gem, which looked particularly beautiful. She reached out to touch it, and felt it very well.

The box was so light that it made no sound as if it were empty when shaken, and Delica couldn't find the lock when she touched it around, but fortunately she wasn't interested in the box itself.

Delica loved nothing more than to collect these beautiful shiny gems. She immediately took out her knife, but instead of prying the gems, she accidentally cut the tip of her index finger.

The blood drops and the box becomes hot for a moment.

The thick black gas poured out of the box, and before Delica knew it, she didn't know what had bitten her. She screamed out of fear and subconsciously threw the box away.

"Stupid human, congratulations on becoming my new slave."

The blackness faded, and Delica saw a creature with wings and horns and a body covered with black fluffiness. It was hovering in the air with fluttering wings, its dark red eyes like jewels staring at her coldly.


"Audacity! I am the Succubus of the abyss. How dare you disrespect me? Mankind, do not surrender to me soon!"

The Succubus of the abyss? What is that thing? That sounds pretty impressive. Delica was lost for a second.

Subconsciously, she felt her bitten wrist, where a strange rune vaguely appeared on the surface of her skin. She rubbed it hard, but she could not rub it off.

"Don't waste your energy." The little succubus laughed at her little gesture. "I have made a covenant with you. From this day forward, you are my slave, and your sole responsibility is to find the perfect food for me."

'A slave? Delica repeated in a low voice, her brow slightly furrowed, her eyes a ghastly red, fleeting, clear before anyone could see it.

What the hell is this black guy? Dare make her a slave?

Delica grabbed the little succubus by the end of its tail and held it in her hands, pulling and lifting it upside-down with her right hand despite its struggles.

"What are you? He is not very skilled, but his mouth is quite sharp."

Big Eye to little Eye, the Abyssal Succubus and Delica looked at each other for ten seconds, then she froze, then cried out in disbelief, "No way! How did you get out of my control and stay sober? This is impossible!"

Humans are clearly the weakest creatures, they can not resist the control of succubus!

"?" What does it control?

Delica didn't notice anything unusual except that she felt a little hot. She looked at the strange pattern on her wrist again, frowned, and said ominously, "Hey, what the hell is that?"

The little succubus struggled against his neck, refusing to cooperate until Delica slapped him down.

He said, "I signed a contract with you, and now we are in the same boat, you can't do this to me."

All in the same boat? Delica doesn't buy it.

If the contract had really bound her that much, the little succubus wouldn't have gone to great lengths to try to control her, even though it didn't work.

"I don't care what the hell you are or why you're in my house, you'd better settle this contract or......"

She gave a sneer and stopped talking.

"The contract is not something I can just break." The voice faded away.

"Can't solve it, can you sign it casually?"

Young Succubus: "......" It's true.

Its fate is bad, as a young adult, it managed to slip out of the abyss, and before it could show its abilities, it was captured by a magician and sealed in this broken box.

After thousands of years of displacement, this time it is not easy to be unjustly released, is not anxious to sign a contract with people?

Supposedly, no human can remain awake under the control of succubus, and bearing the mark of succubus only serves as their servant......

The little succubus raised her eyes secretly to look at the girl in front of her. Her long, wavy reddish-brown hair was like the sun at her waist, and her warm, tawny eyes were staring at her unblinking.

His heart tightened, and for some reason, he felt a strong pressure on this human girl who was nothing but beautiful.

... Could it be that after thousands of years of evolution, humans have become so terrible? !

"I, I didn't lie to you!" Little succubus wants to cry.

It has been sealed for so many years, its power has been weakened and its cost has long been depleted, and the succub mark is easy to sign, but it is not so easy to undo.

"And when you die? Will the contract be annulled?"

One light word, and the little succubus froze.

'No! No way! Don't you think! If I die, no one can break the contract, and the succubi mark will remain on your wrist forever!"

How could there be such terrible humans! It's the devil! Worse than their deep demons!

Liar, Delica slowly nodded under its nervous eyes, and the expression of half a smile made the little succubus's heart suddenly cool.

She knew that when the succubus died, the contract would most likely be broken, otherwise it would not have become so excited.

"Well, I admit it was wrong of me to sign with you without permission."

"Oh," he said.

"You see, the contract can't be cancelled in a short time anyway, why don't we cooperate?"


The little succubus nodded, "Yes, we succubus of the abyss live on love and lust, and now I have made a contract with you, and any desire that others have for you will be turned into food for me, no, for us."

"Oh, no." She doesn't want to be a slave.

Delica thought for a moment, took out her knife again and pried the bloody gem out of the box, then completely ignored the succuble and turned and walked out of the tower.

"Hey, don't go yet." Small succubi quickly stealth to catch up, "when I eat enough to restore strength, then naturally can cancel the contract."

One person and one demon successively walked out of the tower, and no one noticed that after the two people walked, the ground suddenly lit up a dark red pattern, which seemed to be awakened by who inadvertently, and soon became silent.

On the other hand, Delica gave the little succubus a look, which is nice, but who knows when it will be full, and what if it takes ten or eight years? And she hates being threatened.

Just one look. It was murderous.

The little succubus was suddenly silent. He glared at Delica's back, then immediately changed into a flattering smile when the other side looked at him.

"I want garlic sauce. Do you have any more garlic sauce?" Delica turned into the kitchen and spoke to the busy servant.

"Oh, yes, yes."

The little succubus circled the kitchen with wings, as if he had never seen the world before, curious about everything he looked at.

Delica stared at it, took a deep breath and silently scooped up a spoonful of garlic sauce in the servant's strange eyes, not knowing if it had any effect.

She didn't want to be stuck with this strange creature, and it was good to get rid of it, if not completely.

"Oh, why do you like this?"

Delica: "......"

Well, I guess it didn't work.

She did not give up, put down the garlic sauce and turned to the study to find the silver cross that had been dug up somewhere before, she held the cross, and carefully waved it in front of the little succubus's eyes.

The little succubus finally realized what she wanted to do, speechless: "...... I'm a Succubus of the abyss, not one of those old men who like to sleep in coffins. Such things don't work for me."

Delica: "Oh."

Never mind, she thought, these two will not work she has other ways, there is always a way to deal with succubus.

Although the same dark creatures, but the blood, demons and succubus three have essential differences, only the blood is afraid of light and fear of silver, love to retreat in the dark castle.

"What about holy water? Are you afraid of holy water?"

The little succubus stiffened for a moment. "...... Not afraid."

"Oh," he said. Delica's face looked disappointed, and just as the little succubus was relieved, she shouted again, "Rose, get me some holy water, I want to bathe!"

Little Succubus: "!!"

Human beings seem to change, they become more terrible than the abyss dark creatures, not only kill demons but also destroy the heart!

Delica sprawled comfortably in the tub, petal-covered holy water up to her shoulders, and closed her eyes until the succubus was scratching at her heart and lungs.

"For the sake of your life, I advise you to dissolve this contract as soon as possible, and then... Get lost."

From a certain point of view, Delica and the little succubus are indeed in the same boat, she will not be affected by the holy water, the little succubus will be, let a deep demon dip in the holy water every day is not to kill the devil to kill the heart?

It slumped to the ground in frustration, secretly gnashing its teeth: "You are beautiful heart kind temper, like you must be a lot of people, we just collect a little love as food......"

"Well, don't waste your breath." Delica, mimicking his first sneering tone, interrupted, "No use."

Little succubus: "..."

Delica was in a good mood to hum a little tune back into the tub, she closed her eyes to take a long breath, her skin submerged in the water faintly burst into a blood-red fire, sometimes bright and dark.

This feeling of extraordinary relaxation was so rare that Delica fell asleep against the barrel until Rose knocked on the door: "Miss, His Royal Highness is here to see you."

Huh? What's he doing here? Delica woke up in a daze. The clock had been gone for two hours, and the holy water in the bath tub still kept the water temperature intact.

She turned her head and subconsciously looked at the little succubi lying on the ground pretending to be dead, and wondered if it could be so kind?

"Miss Delica?" Rose heard no response and raised her voice again.

"Well, tell him to wait. I'll be out in a minute."

Delica beeped out of the bath tub, the water dropped, she froze for a moment, then reached out to touch her ear, strange... It feels like your hearing is getting sharper.

She turned to look at the door, not only the sound of dripping water, she could even hear Oliver's footsteps coming slowly not far away.

Delica's hand went up, and unexpectedly she felt a hard horn with some of her body heat.


The author has this to say:

Next write this:


[Next door, "Put your boyfriend aside and be with me" Chapter 5, I suggest you try it first]

"I don't want to die." A-2057 looked at him with A smile, the small tiger teeth of the sharp corners of the mouth looming, "You give me your heart, okay?"

"... Yes."

"Thank you, I love you the most."

"... MHM."

Chen Yuan pulled the corners of his mouth, so why on earth would he believe her nonsense at that time?

Believe she put her arms around him, breathing shallowly, pitifully and lovingly.

"Yes, Chen Yuan is my favorite."

"But I won't."

"Can you teach me?"

She wanted to learn sh*t, but Chen Yuan couldn't refuse her.

Chapter 2

She's wide awake. Scared awake.

"Huh? How do you...... Have you?" When the little succubus heard the noise, he turned around, and Delica's appearance almost made him pop his eyes out.

A horn? ! How does a perfectly healthy human suddenly grow horns? And that reddish thing around the corner of her eye is...... Scales? ! The little succubi watched stupidly. Not even a random looking demon in the abyss would grow such a strange thing.

Delica angrily gritted her teeth: "Look at what, you tell the truth, is it that you are playing tricks inside?"

"How can that be, you are slanderous! Pure slander!"

Slander a ghost! Obviously after meeting it became like this, Delica refuted in her mind, while raising her fist at it to show a threat.

"Rita." Oliver stood at the door gently knocked on the door, worthy of being called Delica belly "roundworm" guy, he immediately found subtle wrong, "What


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