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Her Ruthless Professor

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Ridzz
  • Chapters: 44
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 109
  • 7.5
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"Where are you going, Mrs?" Zaviyaar pulled her to himself after seeing her going away from him. She fell straight on his lap. "I was going to change the dress." She said in a low voice as she felt his warm breathing airing on her neck. "It's not needed." He said meaningfully to her and put his lips on her neck. Anaaya stopped breathing as she felt his grip getting tight. This man is living in her every breath. Zaviyaar tightened his grip on her waist and slowly his lips travelled up from her neck to her face. Anaaya's heart was pounding fast as she felt his warm lips and his beard rubbing against her skin. "You have become my soul, Anaaya Zaviyaar." He said lovingly, kissing Anaaya's cheeks. Anaaya abruptly held him tightly by his shoulders. "For the happening of this moment, I waited every moment." She leaned near his ear and taking a heavy breath, she told him in a soft voice. Abruptly, Zaviyaar's grip has tightened around her waist.


He wore a waistcoat on his black shirts and pants, then picking up a wristwatch, he wore it on his white veiny wrist. At last, he settled his brown chocolate hair and descended the stairs, coming down.

His white-turned-red color, his high-standing nose, his deep blue eyes, which always give cold vibes to the one in front of him, and the strict expressions always apparent on his face make Zaviyaar Khan look strict in his nature.

"Zaviyaar, are you out of your mind? What craziness are you up to?" Habib Khan asked him in a strict voice. Because suddenly his son was leaving the business of his family and was interested in serving as a professor in a low-standard university on an ordinary salary.

"I'm not supposed to follow your decisions." He also retorted to him in a harsh voice. His white facial color turned crimson red. His warm blood was boiling in his nerves because he is a Pathan who can go to any extent for the sake of their honour.

"By doing this ordinary job you want to degrade us?" The blood of his father was also boiling at its peak that's why he roared loudly at him.

"Exactly, this is my plan. How accurately you know the intentions of your son then why are you making me mad by asking the same question again and again?" He asked him in an anger-filled voice, clenching his jaw.

"Habib, let Zaviyaar go…." After hearing the noise from outside, Gul came to them and told him in a soft voice. Zaviyaar dropped a cursory look at his mother. Habib Khan turned totally calm after listening to his wife. The geniality in the voice of his wife always works as an anecdote by keeping him calm.

Zaviyaar dropped a sharp look at his father before walking out.

"Drive safely, Zaviyaar.." His stern expression didn't loosen even after listening to the voice of his mother on his back.


Anaaya came downstairs, pulling a chair for herself. She sat silently at the dining table. She saw Shehroz and Hira were also sitting there at the dining table. Her father, Nawaz, had already left for the office and her stepmother, Zainab, was as usual locked in her room.

"Anaaya, if you want to eat something special then tell me, I will cook for you," Hira asked after finding her lost in some thought.

"No thanks, I don't need anything." With a slight smile, she answered Hira. Shehroz, who was watching Anaaya with deep eyes, was relieved after seeing the smile on her face.

"Today is my Anaaya first day at university, right?" Shehroz asked in a soft voice, looking at Anaaya. He can't bear the anger or ignorance of his sister because it can't let him stay in peace.

Shehroz really wants his sister to study in the top university in the city, but because of low marks of Anaaya, they can't secure her admission in that university. She was also a bit weak in her studies so she was admitted to a local university in the city.

"Yes…" In a low voice, she answered him in a single word. Don't know why but Shehroz always finds her tired for ages, which is quite contrary to the period of life she is in now.

"Anaaya, if you have any complaints against me then better to sit with me and settle it because your strange attitude always hurts me."

Shehroz told her in a solemn voice. He got up from the chair, putting his hand on her head. While Anaaya's eyes were fixed on an empty plate placed on the table.

"I'm getting late." She stood up hurriedly, picking up her bag, and almost ran out. She saw the driver was already standing near the car waiting for her to drop her to the university.

"Shehroz, give her some time. I think she was missing you after you left her." Hira told him softly after seeing the solemn and sad face of Shehroz.

It was cold weather. Anaaya was wearing a black dress with a red shawl wrapping around her shoulders. She leaned her head against the window while staring at the fog spreading everywhere.

She was lost in some deep thought when suddenly the car bumped with extreme force from behind. Her seat belt wasn't on. That's why after colliding her head with the mirror, she fell to the front.

"Ohh my God, madam are you fine?" She immediately straightened up after hearing the concerned voice of the driver, feeling her head getting dizzy.

"Yes, I am fine. What happened?" She asked, holding her head in her hands.

"Madam, I lowered the speed of the car when suddenly a car bumped me from behind." The driver told her nervously. A frown appeared on the forehead of Anaaya.

"Come out." Anaaya, who was still listening to him, diverted her eyes towards the window where she saw a man standing angrily, knocking at the mirror of the car.

"You stop, I will talk…" After seeing the driver nervous, she herself came out, opening the door of the car. She came to know that it was the mistake of her driver.

Zaviyaar, who was driving at his speed, quickly put his foot on the brakes as the car in front of him suddenly lowered its speed. But still, his car bumped into the one in front of him. He was fuming in rage when he came to the driver.

"Yes, what's the matter?" Anaaya asked him in a harsh tone.

"I don't talk with women. Tell your driver to come out." He told her in a cold voice after giving her face a cursory look.

"Right, then I am also not listening to what you are saying." He glared at her with his deep blue eyes as he heard her loud voice.

Without saying a word, Zaviyaar took his hand inside the waistcoat, taking out the gun. Anaaya was startled and left with an open mouth on his act.

"Come out within two minutes. Otherwise, I will break the window and drag you out." He roared angrily.

"Are you crazy? You are making a fuss of nothing. What is the need to take out this gun? I will pay you for your damage." Anaaya was trying to act calm after noticing the matter was getting worse.

"Aren't you listening to me? Come out…" The furious voice of Zaviyaar made the driver come out of the car. Zaviyaar grabbed him by the collar, making him stand in front of himself.

"Considering your age, I'm letting you go. But next time, act like a man and come out of the car by yourself." He told him furiously by shaking him. Then he pushed him back towards the car and without glancing at Anaaya, he put the gun back in his waistcoat, and walked towards his car.

Anaaya was startled for a moment after listening to him. She felt he was about to kill her driver. The silent eyes of Anaaya chased him to his car.

"You will drive carefully. Because of you, a grave accident could have happened." Anaaya sat in the car after strictly instructing the driver. The driver also apologized and sat back in his driving seat.

The Truth

Anaaya entered the class and without talking with anyone, she sat on the chair of the last row. Today was her first day at the university but she wasn't feeling a little happy.

As the time of the lecture approached, a big crowd of girls and boys entered the class. She just rolled her eyes after feeling some boys' gaze on her. From her personality, she looks like a rich girl.

"My name is Zaviyaar Khan. You can call me professor. Other than that, I don't like any names. I don't like any fun or misbehaviour in class. If anyone tries to, then later on he/she won't take the class. Let's start the session today with the introduction of the subject." Zaviyaar folded the cuffs of his arms and powered on his laptop. Along with it, he connected his laptop to the projector.

Slight noises of whispers were circulating in the class.

"Thug…" Anaaya's eyes widened as she saw him. The word a


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