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Enchanted girl

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Eugenia Wayne, an ordinary rich daughter, the family's daddy girl, the bat family's rare not to rebel. Eugenia, who looks sweet and gentle, has a unique life pursuit She persisted in daydreaming that one day she would acquire superpowers, even though the whole family said she was a secondary II patient, she never gave up. On her 18th birthday, she was finally sent to the protagonist script, and the plug-in that had been late for so many years finally came! + "Drip, welcome to use the magic girl training system, now bind immediately send ten even draw, will be out of SSR oh ~"

Chapter 1

"I'm Eugenia. My dad is the Dark Knight Batman, and my siblings are all superheroes. So I must have some powers that haven't been tapped yet."

"Yes, I am a magical girl with a mission to save the world! The past ten years of ordinary life is to let me experience the value of ordinary, when the world needs me, I will not hesitate to step forward and carry forward the burden."

"I, the chosen one, am destined to do a splendid career!"

Damian held up the pink notebook and read out its contents without emotion. He read only one paragraph, his eyes quickly scanned the following content, and his heart raised the philosophical question of "who am I, where am I and why am I reading this stuff?"

He threw the notebook down on the table, revealing large words written in marker - "The legendary magical girl Eugenia"


Compared to Eugenia's face, the rhino's skin is not even thick!

The main person he was teasing, the creator and heroine of this novel, and his biological sister Eugenia, who deserved to die, had no shame at all, but also lovingly picked up the notebook and dusted off the dust that did not exist.

With sparkling eyes, she even asked, "Damian, what do you think of what I wrote? If the names of people and places are replaced, can they be published?"

"Oh my God, I could be a worldwide bestselling author! I can't. If writing takes up too much of my time, I won't have time to save the world when my powers wake up."

Damian deadpanned, "Eugenia, if you're sick, get it treated. Our family can afford it."

If he had done something wrong, his father would have punished him, and the law would have dealt with him, instead of him sitting here, forced to read Eugenia's books and listen to her daily daydreams.

As to why he could not escape, and must spend his time here in boredom -

"How can you say that about me, we are brother and sister!" Eugenia angrily put her hands on her hips, "If you do that, I have a video on my phone of you crying while watching teen comics..."

"I think the novel is fantastic!"

Damian immediately praised Eugenia's work, saying: "The content is full, the people are full, the plot is wonderful and fascinating." It's really your work. It's amazing."

Eugenia was flattered by the praise, and did not forget to cough and ask: "Really, you are not in order to keep my secret, deliberately perfunctory me?"

"How can that be?" Fake smile boy Damian hard business, "We are brother and sister ah!"

If it weren't for her brother and sister, he would have cut her with a knife!

Eugenia was delighted to receive the compliment, and as the two siblings were already close together, she turned her head and kissed Damian on the cheek.

"He is my good brother. Damian, sister loves you the most in this family!"

Oh, Eugenia's mouth, liar.

Damian pulls a tissue out of his pocket and wipes the lipstick marks off where she kissed him in a painstakingly skilled gesture.

Trouble is to be drawn to the east - say it wrong, cross it out, the blessing is to be shared.

Damian gestured to the second floor. "Drake's in the study. I've heard he's a great fan of this kind of fantasy literature, so you can ask him for advice."

"Oh, is that so?"


Who cares if he's not? He has to be.

"Well, there's something I want to talk to him about." Eugenia picked up her notebook and bounded up the stairs in an unage-appropriate manner, her two ponytails to her waist swinging behind her head, as if to indicate her master's jubilant good mood.

Everyone in the family controls their volume, except for her when she walks. Her clumsy footsteps, the small bell on the leather ring and the crisp sound of the air, seem to be at odds with this simple and quiet house.

But, well, it's not annoying

Damian is still thinking, although he's probably a lie, but the top three shouldn't be a problem?

Eugenia, on the other hand, was rattling up the stairs. The door of the third brother's study was open, but out of politeness, she knocked.

"Tim, your sweetest sister is here for you."

Timothy, who was typing on the keyboard, shook his hand and deleted the previous letter with a sigh.

"Come in, Nia."

Eugenia, who went in, saw that his desk was piled with papers, and swallowed back what she had wanted him to read.

"Why, you have so many things here, I thought you were not busy at home." Didn't Dad give you the day off?"

Timothy Work-at-home 007 President: "Yes, but it's a shame he didn't give the whole group a holiday." They're not going to be finished when I go back to work just because I'm on vacation."

Eugenia is a sweet little girl. She would love to share her creations with her family, but not when they are busy.

"Well, I'll see you next time. Brother worked hard, I baked cookies for you."

With that, she prepared to leave, hanging a small do not disturb card for his study.

What, she's going into the kitchen?

She's in Bruce's family. She's in the kitchen?

Tim stopped her quickly. "Wait, Nia. You must have come to see me for something, and it's all right, I have time to talk to you for a few minutes."

Hopefully, the topic will be interesting enough to make her forget about baking him cookies.

Tim soon learned, however, not to make any decisions lightly.

If he could turn back time, would he still have the choice to bake cookies? It's just a little paste, but you can still eat it.

But reading a Eugenia novel, it's really traumatizing.

He began with difficulty. "Nia, I..."

I don't know, this short story of less than 100,000 words, with Eugenia as the main character, has the whole family in it. Tim went numb after a cursory reading.

What exactly does Eugenia have wrong about him? He will never in the pouring rain night, the girl in the corner of the corner, scarlet eyes, voice hoarse, even the hand is shaking, say she is his, she can't fly.

It's a cold and irritated eyes. If your hands are shaking, you should go to the hospital and check for Parkinson's.

But compared to Bruce, who chased his wife and crematorium, and D*ck and Jason, who were trapped in a love triangle, his plot was actually normal.

But why should Barbara, Cassandra and Stephanie get to hang out with Eugenie, hook up with a cute guy, and save the world in the end? That's not fair!

Eugenia, with a self-consciousness of indifference, like a dog with a frisbee back, wrote all her longing for praise on her face and looked at him excitedly and expectantly.

"Tim, come on, how am I doing?"


Tim: "The content is full, the people are full, the plot is wonderful, and the story is fascinating."

"I knew it! Eugenia threw up her hands in delight, and if she had a tail, she would probably be shaking the sky by now, "Damian said the same thing, it seems that you have similar tastes!" No wonder he recommended it to you."


That's really, thank you, thank you, him.

Eugenia also received praise from her third brother, and found a new Amway target. Tim said that their eldest brother, D*ck, liked this kind of fantasy literature best.

It didn't matter if he was in Bludhaven, he was willing to help Eugenia upload the precious manuscript electronically and send it to him.

Of course, he will secretly delete his part (.)

"D*ck is obsessed with this kind of fiction." Tim especially urged, "He can give you more than 500 words after reading, after all, he always said he loved you the most."

Eugenia nodded earnestly. "Yes, I'll remember."

After communicating about the novel, Eugenia remained in Tim's study, rubbing her two small hands in front of her chest, with a look of asking.

Tim: "Nia, did you run out of pocket money again this month?"

Since Eugenia is a minor, Bruce does not give her the black card. In order to cultivate her financial planning ability, she also set a special allowance limit of 500,000 yuan per month.

But that rule doesn't apply, because the bank transfers money to Eugenia's card on the 1st of every month, and today is the 5th...

Eugenia looked bitterly at the ground. "I only have seven dollars left in my card. I can't even go out for a meal. Whoo."

"... Are you paying more money for mobile card games?"

Nia surprised face: "It is true that it is the third brother, and you guessed it!"

Tim: There's no guessing, okay?

Eugenia has always had very bad luck in the card mobile game, no matter how to change the equipment, change the game is so, she also self-deprecated probably all the luck on the reincarnation.

You know, the more you eat, the more fun you have, that's Eugenia. Every month she would say:

"Just charge for the last time, I've already uninstalled that stupid game, and will definitely not play it again next month!"

Oh, no, she can make it to the 15th without downloading the game back, even if she makes progress.

And even if Eugenia does get tired of one, there are tons of other games on the market.

Tim, no stranger to this sort of thing, pulled a card out of his wallet and handed it to Eugenie. "Then swipe mine this month. The password is the same as before."

Woo, sure enough, when she was most embarrassed, find the third brother on the right!

Eugenia was moved to tears, "Overbearing president, I love." Tim, do you have any idea how cool that was? Gave me a new creative inspiration!"


# Me and my f*ck*ng sister

Is it too late to get the card back

Eugenia did not forget to say before she left: "Tim, you are very kind, I love you most in this family, how can I live without you?"

The favorite isn't necessarily true, but she can't live without Tim for sure!

"Hehe." Tim obviously didn't take her seriously either. "You say that to everyone, and I've seen through it."

Still, isn't he more than enough to be in the top three?

The author has this to say:

As you can see, Eugenia is a sweet-mouthed, sickly bat cub, and a little goofy.

Stupid author determined to write a sweet girl this time!

Overlord tickets are out of the thank you date range, but you can still hit them by hand. Thank you, matcha Frappuccino, for the bazooka.

Here recommend is happy double open fantasy speech Shuang text, "I really am not a poor little family" have seen all well, the author online weaving daydreams, you can come in a cool, support wish customization, spend endless money super happy!

Here's the copy:

Su Shiyi wear the book, wear into a small poor supporting role of a rich sweet pet.

The system tells her the current situation and the plot:

My father has passed away, and my mother has married into a rich family to be the stepmother of a young master who has grown up long ago. How does an unappreciated stepwife have a place in the family when she switches the baby?

After she found her mother, the nominal stepfather treated her as if she were not this person, the young master was eccentric and raised from a false sister, and her mother was submisseful and did not dare to stand up for her.

System: Hello, welcome to bind little poor self rescue system 001. As long as you complete the task, you can change your life, become a new protagonist, and walk on the peak of life!

Poor Su Shiyi: Well, I have something to say...

Su Shiyi, who was a poor social animal in her previous life, took a look at the bank card handed over by her stepbrother, which was her pocket money this month.

After counting a few zeros behind the balance in the card, Su Shiyi was silent.

Her stepfather ignored her, but still let her live in a castle like mansion, with her own butler and four bodyguards; Stepbrother eccentric false sister, but every month to the living expenses never stingy, as she how to squander eyes do not blink; My mother's personality is introverted, but she is a gentle and kind mother.

There is a female Gu Pan, she is clearly a good girl, or Su Shiyi favorite sweet sister.

Su Shiyi does not understand why others look at her with such sympathy - come on, are these people richer than she is?

Is the Jacuzzi not comfortable enough to swim in, or is the shopping not comfortable enough?

Like the star concert, do not have to fight the network speed hand speed, the brokerage company sent vip tickets to her hands.

Her favorite brand has a limited edition, if there is only one, it must be worn on her body.

Someone you like... Hey, hey, hey, hey, this is about what we want.

Well, not everything about this life is good.

Su Shiyi on the bank card balance on a long list of numbers, and fell into the daily worry: how to spend money today?

Chapter 2

Thanks to Wayne's cutting-edge technology, it doesn't take long to scan a manuscript. Within five minutes of stepping out of Tim's study, Eugenia received a digital copy of the novel on her cell phone.

Or third brother smart, so you can share with many people at the same time, yeah!

Eugenia sent a copy to Dick, to Jason, to Bruce, and to the group chat.

Yoyo: Tim helped me with the digital version. Whoo, he's the best brother in the world.

【 Barbara: Let me Kangkang.jpg 】

[Barbara: Great. And the table of contents. I'm going straight to the chapter on Bruce's Crematorium!]

[Cassandra: Wait a minute. I found the Warpoint. Tim's master plot is gone.]

[Cassandra: There's only one truth.gif]

【 Stephanie: He's so crazy! We designed that for him! 】

【 Yoyo: Dumbfounded.jpg】

How could he do such a thing? Now he's not the best brother in the world!

(Barbara: Funny. Dick has bee


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