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Conquering the Demon Island

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In an ordinary urban setting, there lived an average young boy. One day, he accidentally consumed a wish fruit from a peculiar world, and with a snap, he found himself transported to a mysterious place—Demon Island. Demon Island was far from the familiar streets and alleys of Jack's daily life; it was an island teeming with strange creatures and mystical forces. The boy was astonished to discover that he possessed incredible abilities, allowing him to communicate with the island's inhabitants and understand the rules of this enigmatic environment. However, this was not the entirety of his journey. Demon Island harbored numerous treasures and puzzles, and the wish fruit seemed to hold even more power waiting to be unearthed. As the boy delved deeper into the island, he formed bonds with a unique group of companions, collectively facing the challenges and adventures the island presented. Throughout the story, the boy would realize that the wish fruit was not just a mere fruit; it served as a link between him and Demon Island. His wishes became the key to unlocking puzzles and overcoming enemies. In this mysterious land, every decision had the potential to alter his destiny. The "Wish Fruit" became the source of power for the boy to explore Demon Island, witnessing his growth, courage, and friendships. The adventure of this ordinary young boy promised to be a captivating journey, an incredible odyssey from the urban streets to the fantastical Demon Island.

Chapter 1:Witnessing a Homicide Scene

"Yeye, he won't fancy you. Why do you insist on pursuing her?" I've repeated this to myself countless times, but I can't help waiting for her on this road. This is the 98th time I've waited for Yeye on her way home. As a novice in the realm of romance, the only method I understand for wooing girls is this clumsy one.

I'm a high school freshman this year, and I fell for Yeye from Class 6 almost the first time I saw her. It took me more than a semester to pursue her, but the progress has been minimal, and it has even led to many negative effects. For example, Yeye often changes her route home, leaving me waiting for hours.

"Sigh, it's almost nine o'clock. I should just go home." I rub my thighs, which are starting to feel sore. Just as I'm about to get up from the corner, suddenly several hurried footsteps enter the alley where I'm hiding one after another.

"Fan Baichuan, if you don't hand over that thing, you'll die here today!"

Hearing this, I shudder all over and dare not move an inch. "I've encountered murderous thugs!" As if confirming my thought, those guys start fighting after arguing, and they seem to know martial arts, more intense and exciting than in movies. I secretly enjoy watching.

Until a man in a black suit falls beside me, eyes dead, throat cut open, blood spraying around. I start to feel horrified.

"These people really killed someone!" It's the first time I've seen a dead person, and I'm paralyzed with fear. My eyes are fixed on the short knife in the dead man's hand.

"Will they kill to silence witnesses? I hope they don't find me! D*mn, I shouldn't have pursued Yeye. If I were at home now, I wouldn't have encountered this!"

"Fan Baichuan, you're quite skilled. Being an undercover cop, your brothers didn't know, but they admired you. However, you won't survive today. Where's the thing? Spit it out!"

Although this unlucky guy killed four people, he also got himself covered in blood. It's hard to tell he's a cop, but I guess I can't rely on this cop uncle to save me. He needs help himself.

"Axe, you've always been a man in the organization. Give me a clean death. I won't hand over this thing to you!"

"Hmph, Fan Baichuan, without that thing, Guan Ye will definitely kill us. Do you think I'll spare you?" Axe, the man, looks fierce and extends his hand. The remaining two killers immediately attack Fan Baichuan, cutting his legs, then start searching.

Fan Baichuan seems to be in great pain, groaning and rolling in the alley. The two men can't hold him down, taking a few steps forward. Suddenly, they notice my presence.

"Axe, there's a kid!"

Fan Baichuan, seeing my panicked expression, is about to shout to let me escape, but when Axe blocks the alley's exit, he immediately shows a helpless look. He knows I can't escape from Axe.

"Kill him together!"

Hearing that cruel command, I'm frightened, and just as I'm about to scream, Fan Baichuan whispers, "Swallow this quickly. Remember, when you meet our people, tell them Guan Ye is..."

Before I can react, Fan Baichuan stuffs something into my mouth. As the two black-clothed men rush towards me, I'm enveloped in white light and disappear into the night air.

Axe's eyes turn red, full of bloodshot, and he angrily roars, "Fan Baichuan, I'll kill you!" After standing up, Axe takes a step back, suddenly sways, and his two henchmen look at him in disbelief, then fall to the ground.

"You two idiots, instead of dying at Guan Ye's hands, I might as well help you out. Lost that thing, and Guan Ye will spare no one who knows the truth!" Axe throws down the short knife, wipes the blood off his hands, and leaves with large strides.

"Am I dead, or..." "Welcome to Demon Island. This is your Demon Book, please take it. You are our 16,821st visitor, and according to Demon Island's rules, you have a reward!" Before I can understand, a pleasant voice sounds in my ear. Along with it, a large, thick book, as thick as the Oxford Dictionary, smashes onto my head and knocks me to the ground.

When I sit up, gritting my teeth and pushing away this book that can be used as a weapon, I see a petite, lively, and beautiful girl emerging from the first page of the book, smiling brightly and talking to me. She wears an outfit that no girl in reality would dare to wear—revealing lace edges under a very short mini-skirt that barely covers her underwear. The small vest can only cover the most important part of her chest, exposing a large area of snow-white skin. Besides that, the only relatively orthodox item is the knee-high boots, but they are adorned with many intricate patterns, revealing delicate calves and cute little toes.

What surprises me even more is not these but the cute little wings flapping behind the girl's head, making her float about ten centimeters above the book page.

After a moment of dumbfoundedness, when my brain regains its thinking ability, I ask a completely irrelevant question in a silly manner, "Why does the number 16,821 have a reward? It's nothing special."

Chapter 2:Welcome to Demon Island

"Because! This number happens to be my age, so you are exceptionally fortunate!"

"Do you mean over ten thousand... over ten thousand years?" I asked loudly, holding my almost-dropping jaw. "Where am I? Where are those murderers?"

The lively and charming girl chuckled, "As I've mentioned, welcome to Demon Island. This is naturally Demon Island. As for those people, if you wish, I can show you the video of that time, saving us a lot of explanatory saliva."

With a crisp and handsome snap of the lively girl's fingers, the scene of Axe and Fan Baichuan's fierce battle appeared in the air.

"So, I turned into that white light and arrived here?"

I surveyed the surroundings in astonishment. I hadn't noticed anything before due to nervous tension. Now I realize it looks like the legendary Hawaii.

Tropical plants everywhere, warm and gentle sunligh


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