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Assassins of The Night

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Blood sprays through lands as a girl looks notices someone gets killed in front of her. She freaks out and gets captured only to realize what she saw was an assassination. She slowly learns everything goes on through out the nights in her silent town or she thought was silent. but in the shadows she learns that there more then meets the eye. She wants to become apart of this life even if it means risking her own life and leave her past behind her. She wants to help and possible get back at something she kept hidden for many years.

Chapter 1

The world looks dark and white compared to what I knew beforehand. Before I became blind or whatever that had happened to my eye sight. I heard doors open along with voices that echo around me. But I had no idea what had happened.

All I remember was being with friends then after nothing. We were at a bar then I heard about the local assassins killing hybrids and shifters. But everyone thought about the scary rumor.

A hybrid killing its own kind along with shifters. I didn't want to believe it because it can't be true right? Yea I was wrong. How I ended up in this dang mess or somewhere.

Let me introduce myself. I keep forgetting to focus on where I am. My name is Ali, short for Alaida. I saw someone kill in front of me. It scared me a lot. Because I couldn't tell what it was!

My heart raced as I heard a female voice stern and deep talking now. "Who is this female!? Why is she changing up!? You stupid!? Let her f*ck*ng go NOW!" Her voice held power. But I couldn't tell. What she was!

"She saw Roy kill! We had to capture her! Come on mistress! It isn't that bad! Pro-" it was cut off by a gurgle sound then silence.

I wanted to go back to my little apartment above the bar. Hide away from wherever I was. But then tender fingers brushed my head then cheek. "You ok little one? Can you talk?"

"Y-yes" all I can manage. I was so scared.

"Let her go now. Before I f*ck kill you all!"

I felt the tight cuffs on my wrist drop and blind fold off of my eyes. I slowly blinked and froze in pure shock seeing a girl look like a half wolf, half dragon. My heart was racing to see her fur or something! Where snow is winter white with the red mane of a dragon. "You're beautiful," I whispered.

She chuckled and helped me up. "Come let's get you back to your home little one."

[3:11 PM]

"A-are you sure!? I did see one of your members killed!" I hated my voice squeaking at that moment.

The hybrid laughed and smiled before standing up and showing pure midnight black pants, boots, tank top. Then I noticed the wicked nasty black sword with red spirals and silver braided hilt with a single red gem in the middle.

I shivered seeing it. The hybrid looked down and chuckled to see my eyes on her sword. One male I heard earlier addressed the hybrid. "You let her go!? But she can't be let go! She will tell everyone about us!"

"Do I need to knock you out or kill you?" The hybrid voice was thick with hate. The male didn't speak up after that threat.

I stood up grimacing in pain from sitting down too long and watched the hybrid leave the area. I followed her. Worried and confused at the same time.

The hybrid walked down a dark hallway. Her eyes locked on the path. I felt awkward walking in silence so decided to talk.

"SO what are you? Some type of hybrid that cool *ss breeds mix together! Are you a powerful one!? Or just a semi or not at all!? Sorry I ramble when scared."

The hybrid chuckled and walked, not looking back. "I am a half dragon, half wolf. My species is rare and hardly seen. I barely met others. Some are half dragon and half cat or some are half wolf and half demon. There are many breeds but all are rare in their own way. For me? Yes I am special and powerful. Those men fear me. Because I got no issue hurting them."

'OK don't piss off the hybrid! Noted!' I thought to myself.


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