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The Substitute Bride and Her CEO Husband

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She originally thought that the person she was forced to marry was an old and cruel ugly man, but to her surprise, her husband was not only not ugly, but also somewhat handsome. What's even more surprising is that he loves her very much and dotes on her even more.

Chapter 1

Days Seven-Star Hotel.

"I'm telling you, Yara Davis, you're not going to run away from your wedding today! Even if the other party is disfigured and crippled, or even if he's a 90-year-old man, you still have to marry him!"

The girl, who was pressed down on the chair and unable to move, heard the sharp female voice echoing in her ears.

She had a delicate and pretty face with beautiful features and flawless skin. Her pale complexion lacked any color.

"How many people would want to marry into the Brown family! You'll be a wealthy lady if you marry him, so don't be ungrateful!"

"But they're looking for Sophia..."


As soon as Yara finished speaking, her stepmother, Sasha, slapped her hard across the face.

"Your sister is so pitiful, and you still want her to marry someone like that? Yara, you have a cruel heart! You're going to marry him today, no matter what!"

Blood oozed from the corner of Yara's mouth.

She was supposed to marry the eldest young master of the Brown family, which sounded like a great opportunity.

But in reality, Andrew Brown had no inheritance rights. Worse still, he was a cripple! His face was burned beyond recognition, twisted and hideous like a ghost.

That was bad enough, but it was also said that he was a pervert!

He especially liked to torture people!

"Lock her up and send her to Mr. Brown's room!"

Yara was tied up and Sasha ordered the servants to carry her to Andrew's room, where she was thrown onto the bed.

She was only wearing a thin shirt, which was now torn and barely covering her.

"Wait here, Master Brown will be here soon. You'll have to serve him well!" Sasha grabbed her collar before leaving, revealing a large portion of her snow-white shoulder.

After an unknown period of time, steady footsteps could be heard outside the door.

Yara trembled as the door opened.

The man who entered wore a mask, hiding his face completely, but Yara could imagine how hideous his face must be.

His gaze was particularly cold and filled with bone-chilling indifference!

"...No... Please spare me, I'm not the wife you're looking for!" Yara's body trembled violently as she screamed in fear.

But the man seemed deaf to her pleas and pressed himself against her.

He took off his clothes, revealing a model-like figure that was perfect like a Greek statue, despite the fact that his face was hidden.

Tears rolled down Yara's eyes.

"Since you've accepted the money, you should know your obligations. Cooperate with me obediently, and don't dream of anything else. You're not worthy!"

Before Yara's consciousness dissipated, she heard the man's cold and cruel voice say these words.


When Yara opened her eyes again, it was already noon the next day.

She was lying in her own bedroom bed, but everything in the room was strangely unfamiliar, even terrifying.

It took her a long time to gather the courage to walk out of the room.

The servants of the Davis family stared at her with cold and contemptuous eyes.

Yara's heart trembled. This kind of pain was far more heart-wrenching than any physical pain.

A burst of laughter came from the hallway. Sasha and her daughter were sitting on the sofa, looking at the gold and silver jewelry and precious stones on the table, laughing so hard that their mouths were stretched back to their ears.

"Do you know what time it is now? Why are you just getting up?!"

Upon seeing Yara walking towards them step by step, the mother and daughter quickly scrambled to hide the items on the table.

"Where did you get the money to buy these things?" Yara asked, her voice hoarse after crying all night.

"Why do you care so much?" Sasha's eyes flashed with unintentional panic, and she cursed, "Sophia's coming-of-age ceremony is in a few days! And then she's getting engaged! This is from her fiance. You should consider how to take care of the eldest young master of the Brown family instead!"

Mentioning Master Brown made Yara's face go pale.

It seemed like she had become a merciless object to please Master Brown.

Sasha was her stepmother, who was usually snobbish and mean to her. She hadn't abused her at least, but what she had done this time was really inhumane!

Yara raised her eyes and looked at Sasha.

Sasha walked over and tore open Yara's clothes collar without considering her wishes. After seeing the marks inside, she actually laughed happily.

"It seems that the young master is very pleased with you. If you can get pregnant with his child, then in the future, the Davis family will have no worries."

"..." Yara's lips trembled with anger, and her eyes turned red.

What did Sasha think of her??

"Bring the medicine here."

"What medicine?" Yara had a bad premonition.

"Do you think the Brown family is marrying you to be a vase? They want you to continue their bloodline and also cure their illnesses! How can you cure Master Brown's illness without taking the medicine?"

What did she mean... asking her to cure Master Brown's illness??

"No... I won't take it! What is this medicine?!"

Yara struggled wildly and knocked over the bowl of medicine. Sasha's face changed immediately.

"Bring another bowl!"

"Yara, you must drink it today!" Sasha squeezed Yara's chin hard and forced the medicine that the servant brought to her.

"Yara, you should think clearly. Your grandmother is still hanging on in the hospital. If you dare not listen to me, the Brown family will force the Davis family into a corner. Once the Davis family is gone, your grandmother's medical expenses will also be gone. Do you have the heart to let your grandmother die like that?! Open your mouth and don't be stubborn!"

Yara used all her strength to close her mouth, but in the end, she opened her mouth, and the bitter medicine went down her throat.

After the entire bowl was poured down, she fell on the side, covering her throat and coughing violently.

Sasha clapped her hands, gave the bowl back to the servant, and a smug expression appeared on the corner of her mouth.

Yara's hands and feet were cold.

Since her grandmother became a vegetable person, there was no room for her in this house anymore, but she never expected it to be so terrible.

What did Sasha and the others want to do?

She didn't even know the supposed Master Brown.

Chapter 2

Obviously, she was sold by Sasha to a man whose face she couldn't even see.

Yara was getting colder and colder, her body shaking, her red-rimmed eyes looking up at the mother and daughter.

Sasha and Sophia were looking at jewelry. Sophia held a pearl necklace in her hand, with full, large and beautiful pearls. She wore it around her neck, making her plain face look like it was covered in jewels.

"Do I look good?"

Sophia looked at Yara on the ground with a mocking smile.

"..." Yara didn't say anything, she trembled as she stood up and walked out.

"Sister, you won't be going to school, sorry, Mommy has already withdrawn you from school for you~" Sophia giggled.

"What did you say?!" Yara turned her head sharply, her eyes red and terrifying.

She had worked so hard to get into this top university in the country, and no one knew how much effort she had put in.

They had taken it upo


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