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The Contract Bride

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A single contract binds the two of them together. After a whirlwind marriage, he dotes on her, showering her with love, making her the object of every woman's envy. Little did she expect that when she held a pregnancy test, ready to share the joy with him, he would turn unusually cold. A chapter of divorce papers shattered her blissful dreams. She didn't ask for the exorbitant compensation he offered but chose to leave with nothing. Five years later, she gradually started a new life. As she, alongside her fiancé, selected a wedding gown, he reappeared, arrogantly declaring his authority, "Wife, my son has spoken – he doesn't want a stepfather."

Chapter 1 Tonight, I am yours

The grand imperial hotel in City A, the most luxurious and exclusive private club. Sophia Claire Wilson, inebriated, stood at the end of the corridor on the 22nd floor, gazing at the doorplate before her with a smile.



Amidst her intoxicated thoughts, the only thing she remembered was this door number.

Pushing open the slightly ajar door, she stumbled inside.

No lights illuminated the room; it was enveloped in darkness. Sophia scanned the surroundings, and her gaze finally settled in the direction of the window, where a flickering flame caught her attention.

It was the man smoking.

Struggling to steady her swaying body, Sophia grinned, "I... I'm here."

As she spoke, a hiccup escaped, quite disobediently.

She quickly covered her mouth, gesturing with her petite fingers, "I just... had a little drink, hehe."

Unable to discern the man's face clearly, Sophia sensed a chilling aura, causing her to instinctively take a step back, and the intoxication diminished for a moment.

However, the onslaught of alcohol returned, causing her to sway and lean heavily against the wall, wincing at the pain on her spine with a sharp intake of breath.

The man squinted at this intruding young woman. She stood in the doorway, bathed in the golden light, her black tailcoat dress flowing behind her, accentuating a pair of alluring legs. The vivid makeup on her face, like a splendid cloak veiling a pure white rose, evoked a desire to unwrap and explore.

The man, suppressing his innate curiosity, asked in a deep voice, "How did you get in? The 22nd floor of the hotel isn't a place for a drunken woman to wander."

The man's voice was magnetic, seemingly capable of capturing one's soul. Sophia had to admit, his voice was truly pleasant.

"The server has a keen eye. As soon as he saw this necklace, he thought I could access the 22nd floor, reserved for VIPs." Sophia pointed to the necklace around her neck, adorned with a valuable diamond ring.

At that moment, the man's phone rang.

It was a text message.

The man picked up his phone immediately, the screen's glow illuminating his face. Lowering his head, Sophia could only see his face in the light, revealing distinct and resolute contours.

Though not entirely clear, it was evident that he possessed a remarkably handsome face.

Unexpectedly, the participant in this transaction turned out to be a handsome young man.

Sophia concluded that a man willing to entertain dirty thoughts about exchanging his body must be an individual of extremely questionable character.

The man stared at the phone screen, where the message read – Noah, I'm sorry.

Sender: Ava.

The man's hand trembled slightly. In the next moment, he decisively added the sender's number to the blacklist.

Seeing the man remain silent, Sophia, holding her throbbing head, asked in a very soft voice, "Can we... begin?"

The man sneered, "I'm not interested in women reeking of alcohol."

Sophia tensed; she only drank to boost her courage. After organizing her thoughts, she said, "Excuse me for a moment. I'll clean up."

Sophia stumbled into the bathroom, leaning over the toilet, forcing herself to vomit. Then, at the fastest speed, she cleaned her body.

Wrapped in a towel, looking at herself in the mirror, she suddenly fell silent.

Her precious first time was about to be given away like this.

Caressing her cheek, not an extraordinary beauty, but rather sweet and pleasant. Her father said that men generally couldn't resist girls with a sweet appearance.

Well, she should succeed then.

Trying to conjure a smile from the corner of her lips, she turned and walked out of the bathroom.

The man had already stood up and walked to the door.

Sophia hurriedly caught up, grabbing his arm. His arm was strong, and even through the shirt fabric, she could feel his firm muscles, a delightful touch.

"I've cleaned up," her cautious voice caused the man to involuntarily stop.

Leveraging his towering height, he looked down at the seemingly reluctant yet pretending-not-to-care young woman.

Being oppressed by the man's gaze, Sophia felt embarrassed and took a step back. After thinking for a while, she simply untied the towel around her body, presenting herself completely naked in front of the man, lifting up her delicate and beautiful face without blinking.

The lighting was dim, and she couldn't see his face clearly, but she could see his bright, piercing eyes harboring a chilling and intimidating light.

"I assure you, I'm clean," Sophia said almost inaudibly.

The man laughed. The appearance of this young woman, who had washed away the alcohol, seemed somewhat acceptable.

"So, you're eager to sleep with me?" he mockingly asked.

"You agreed on this, didn't you, to bring me here." Sophia, suppressing the bitterness in her heart, spoke with a deliberately cheerful tone.

"Agreed?" The man pondered, was it Ava Brown?

"Please give me a chance," Sophia gathered her courage and made the request once again.

"Even if you offer your body, you don't care?" The man gazed at her with a penetrating look, the mockery in his eyes becoming more pronounced.

Sophia was rendered speechless, her gaze fixedly looking up at him.

The man chuckled twice, his long arms enveloping Sophia's slender waist. The proximity of the man's breath instantly threw Sophia's heartbeat into chaos, and her breathing became irregular, her cheeks blushing a deep crimson.

He emanated a faint scent of tobacco, coupled with the fragrance of exquisite cologne. The combination exuded a full measure of masculine charm. She admitted, it was quite pleasant.

"What did she give you? To make you so recklessly devoted!" The man's voice carried restrained anger.

"It was a satisfying reward, naturally." Sophia leaned against his embrace, submissive as a cat, allowing his arms to tighten suddenly.

"Modern girls these days, their bodies seem worthless in the face of money!" His tone was ironic as his large hands roamed freely over her body.

Sophia desperately restrained the impulse to push him away, her body trembling slightly from the fear of what was about to happen.

Suddenly, he lifted her horizontally, unceremoniously tossing her onto the bed, his body following suit, pressing down on her.

"Today truly caught me off guard." His large hands covered her delicate shoulders, his weighty body almost suffocating her. And his hands, from her shoulders, gradually slid down to her chest...

Sophia bit her lip, closed her eyes, and in the darkness where the man couldn't see, a glistening teardrop hung from her long eyelashes. However, her voice was accompanied by a smiling tone.

"Tonight, I am yours, to dispose of as you wish."

Chapter 2 Challenge, the limits of a man

Sophia lay quietly, motionless.

Observing her lifeless posture, the man lost interest, saying, "I am unwilling to force anything."

He stood up, preparing to leave.

Sophia hastily sat up, hooking her arms around his neck and fervently kissing the man's tightly pursed lips.

His lips were soft and cool.

Sophia couldn't discern any particular taste but felt the lips were like chilled jelly just taken out of the refrigerator on a summer day, irresistibly tempting.

She should find it repulsive rather than enticing.

The man was suddenly taken aback. The awkward and clumsy kiss made him inexplicably hot all over.

"Woman, do you know what you are doing?"

"I do. I'm enticing you to bed with me."

Sophia's tender body tightly wrapped around the man's robust waist, igniting the flames to the highest point.

"You are challenging the limits of a normal man." In the next


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