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The Prince's Bride

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Jai Vardhan Singh Rathore the prince of Ajmer and the CEO of the Rathore group of industries is an handsome ,arrogant, rude businessman, but he has another side that only his close ones and loved ones know. A loving, caring, and jovial person. He was every girl's dream husband. Everything changed when his wife died during childbirth leaving a daughter behind. He shut himself from everything and committed himself to his daughter. Due to his parents' pressure and for the sake of his daughter, he gave his consent for remarriage. He wants to marry a girl who would take care of his daughter as his own. As any girl would consider herself lucky to be his wife. For this, he sets a plan and executes it. Anaira is an intelligent, loving, caring, and easygoing orphan girl who lives with her father's friend. He considers her his daughter but his wife doesn't agree. She is pursuing an MBA degree and wants to complete her studies to find a decent job that would help her in leaving her uncle's house. Alas! Life doesn't go as predicted. She is dumbstruck when one day she comes to know that she is not a poor person who is pitied but tables have turned around and she is the lost princess. From rags to riches. Eventually both of them come together and unearth the secrets which were hidden in the Royal Chest. Secrets which would turn the course of their lives .

Chapter 1 Surprise

The morning sun was rising and spreading its warmth. A handsome man in his jogging attire was running and enjoying the morning sun. Sweat was dripping on his chiselled sharp jawline. His charcoal hair was messy and sticky due to sweat. He wept his face with the towel.

He opened the black gate of a mansion. The immaculately and neatly trimmed mansion garden welcomed him. Huge trees surrounded the outer wall, blocking the view from outside. Seasonal flowers gave beautiful colours to the garden. Birds were chirping. Colorful butterflies were flying. There was a beautiful fountain in the middle of the garden, with a lady carrying a pot, from which water was flowing.

The view in front of him curved his lips in a huge smile. His parents with his two-year-old daughter in his mother's lap were sitting on the garden chair and having their morning tea. He jogged to them.

"Good Morning mom and dad." He moved to his daughter who was wiggling in her grandmother's lap to attract her father's attention. She was nibbling the cookie.

"Good morning princess. I will shower and then play with you." He pecked her forehead and moved inside the mansion.

"Da...da… " She started crying. Her cheeks were red. Rani Sa gave her a pacifier and distracted her attention from her father by showing her birds and butterflies that were just flying around.

"Kavya, look at those butterflies." She walked to the rare black rose on which a colourful butterfly was sitting. Princess Kavya tried to grab the butterfly.

In the meantime, Prince Jai Singh showered. His chestnut hair was neatly combed. Droplets were dripping from his hair. He wore his black yoga pants and white polo t-shirt. After getting ready, he went down to meet his daughter and have breakfast. He was famished.

" Good Morning buddy." He turned to the source of the voice and he was startled to find his best friend- c*m -manager Arjun sitting on the eight-seater antique wooden dining table with a glass top. The table was filled with delicacies. His stomach grumbled at the sight of the food in front. His daughter giggled at the sight of his father. She lifted her hand and squealed to attract her father's attention.

"My princess." He picked his daughter. She hugged him and then peppered his face with wet kisses. He started tickling her.

"Da...da no." She spoke in between her laughs. He sat and made her sit on his lap. He started eating his food in between feeding his daughter.

"I will not be coming to the office today," Jai told Arjun while eating his food.

" Let me finish this yummy food first, then we can talk. Ma, today you have cooked. The food is so delicious. My stomach is full, still, I'm craving for more." Arjun wiped his face and picked up his coffee.

"You are such a foodie." Jai had an amused expression on his face. " We all eat to live but your life is food." He chuckled and gave Kavya a slice of Apple to nibble.

" Don't make fun of me. I love food and that is it." He took a sip of his coffee.

"Will you both stop your childlike behaviour? You both are bantering like a five-year-old. " Raja sa spoke in a rather strict manner. Both the men were baffled by the tone of the elder man.

" Arjun, your guess is right. Today's breakfast was cooked by me. I don't know how you always recognize my cooking." Rani Gayatri Devi was amazed by this fact. They all chatted for some more time.

Kavya was getting cranky as she was feeling sleepy. Jai cradled his daughter in his arms and in no time she slept. Prince took her to her room. It was an average-sized room having a circular bed covered with a net canopy and curtains on the four corners. It had a dollhouse in a corner. There was a cot and a Barbie print chair. The matching table and chair were kept on one side. A wall unit with a dresser occupied one wall of the room. The whole room was decorated in hues of pink. Even the sheer curtains were in the contrasting shade of pink. He laid Kavya on the cot and secured her. He positioned the baby monitor and then went out.

"Arjun, I am coming for the meeting." He tossed the phone on his bedside table and went inside his walk-in closet. His things were neatly arranged. Formal on one side and informal on the other side. He took out a navy blue suit with a white crisp shirt and a matching striped tie.

After getting dressed he went in search of his mother to inform her about his departure to the office. He knocked on his parent's room. His mother opened the door and shifted to the side for him to enter.

" Ma, I'm going to the office. Kavya is sleeping in her room. I have fixed the baby monitor. I will be back in the evening." Jai stood up to go when his father Yash came.

" I'm coming with you. My presence is required in this meeting." Yash gestured to his wife to give him the file and his office bag. The father and son duo walked out.

The driver opened the door. Jaivardhan opened his laptop to review the important aspects of the deal. He was engrossed in his work that he didn't realize that they had reached it.

They went directly to his office where Arjun was waiting for them. They joined him.

"Jaivardhan, the associate from The Royal Orchid will arrive in a little while. Have you read the contract papers? " Arjun inquired to which Jai nodded.

The office phone buzzed announcing the arrival of their business associates. They went to the boardroom. The meeting started. The marketing head gave his presentation. Everyone in the room was enticed by the presentation. They were happy and the deal was latched with the signature of both parties.

" This needs a celebration. " Arjun announced in a chirpy tone. They walked to Jaivardhan's office.

"Of course, this indeed needs celebration." He walked to the window and unrolled the blinds to let in the evening sunlight. His dad sat on the receiving chair opposite his son's chair. Arjun stood at the side of the table.

The office was decorated in contrasting colours of blue and grey. It gave a warm and cosy feeling.

" Celebration would take place this Saturday after the arrival of Rahul and Rashi. I have a surprise for you, Jai ." Yash had a mysterious glint in his eyes and winked. His son was amazed by his father's act. They got up to leave as Jai was missing his daughter and also his employees had already left for the day.

Chapter 2 Collision

Anaira pov

The room was filled with the buzz of a mobile. A girl freaked out hearing the mobile.

" I should get ready fast and finish my work else aunty won't let me go to Anjana's wedding. " Hurriedly I moved to the washroom and took a shower. I took out my clothes and got ready in red leggings and a red and white Kurti. Not having any other option, I left my wet hair open. Neither do I have the time nor do I have the luxury of possessing a hair dryer.

I was running towards the kitchen when I bumped into someone.

"My highness, you are awake. I thought today you will not wake up but alas! God does not hear me." The lady was still in her nightclothes. She hit her forehead with her hands. Her hair was like a bird's nest. She was in her late fifties.

"Sorry, aunty. I am going to the kitchen." I walked away hurriedly avoiding any type of bickering with my aunt and thus spoiling my morning. The


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