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The Emergency Pregnancy

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"You need to get a lady pregnant!!" Aurelio Dad's loud voice rang in his head and he slowly put down the magazine he had used to cover his face giving his dad a questioning look. "Dad... excuse me?" he replied clearly shocked by his dad words. "you should know by now that your grandpa doesn't want things to end in a generation, he likes his things ongoing from generations to generations and in this case you're demanding for power.. that is what you need to get it from the both of us" His father replied leaving him shocked again. "Since when did the both of you start this.. off course getting a lady pregnant isn't bad or hard, I can" Aurelio replied with an appealing look. His dad scoffed at his reply, his facial expression showed he was ready. "This is not just to get a random lady pregnant, a lady that you'd raise your child with!, a Lady you'd be sure you can leave with!" he demanded as Aurelio rolled his eyes, he was wide-eyed "Seriously all these Dad? just because of what!!" Aurelio groaned aloud throwing the magazine in his hands away. "No more words, your grandpa and I already agreed to it" His dad said before he left his room. **** Aurelio Bertram, a 24 years old handsome billionaire, Grandson of a mob boss and the son of a highly recognized business man in the City, and for Aurelio..he is the combination of both but was temporarily nothing. His family happened to be one of the most feared and respected family in the city. Just when he had thought of taking his revenge on one of his childhood rival and an enemy to his family, and to go for one of a huge party event, his dad and Grandpa weren't ready to allow him but since he was of age to take over their family business, he put a condition that Aurelio must get a Lady that'd get him a child to be a heir to him but it didn't go as expected. Aurelio Bertram is known as a Man wh*r* in his family and he thought it'd be easy to fulfill his task but no, this time no single Lady got pregnant after weeks and months until he met, Erica James, A middle class hotel waitress, she's simple, has a very good body shape that'd make men drool over her. Her parents left her since highschool since she didn't further her educations for her own reasons, they believed nothing good would come out of her. But then after one night Aurelio spent with her, she became pregnant and thought of running away with the pregnancy out of shame but how would she run away with the All powerful Aurelio Bertram's Child...?? A child that would be his heir?!... "Even in the woods I'd find you Babycakes, from now on know you belong to me and all that has to do with you and my baby" Aurelio said to her ears sending shivers all over her.

Chapter 1: Oh what a Grandson

It was night in the City of Los Angeles, Erica had just left the hotel heading home after a long day. She couldn't deny how stressed she was and how much her body aches her.

"Oh damnit I think I'm beginning to wish I had a super power" she groaned lowly.

"I wouldn't waste my time to take steps instead I'd rather fly home.. but come to think of it, wouldn't it be stress to?" she thought and stood where she was with her head low to thinking but then passerby around stared at her wondering if she was okay.

"Arrgh.. I forgot taxi existed" She screamed and threw her head up making her hair go all over her face creating a mess. “Pft!” she clicked her tongue and ran her hands through her hair, as far as she could see she was okay even if she is seeing people around stare at her like she was a mad person.

"Uh.. I'm sorry" she whispered and rushed to stop a coming cab.

In no time she went in and laid on the chair at the back seat immediately after releasing a heavy sigh and groaned aloud.

"SunLilly's road please" she managed to say to the cab man and he drove off.

Today was the first day she had been so stressed out, even though she works as a waitress in the hotel bar.. today turned out to be so stressful probably because there were too much customers unlike before and at the same time she does the work of a room service.

She shut her eyes slowly to think of herself a little,

Was she wrong about the decision she made then? because of what she chose her parents left her and before then they always said she was good for nothing.

Every little thing she does to please them doesn't get appreciated, Even in school then whenever she gets a second or third position she would still be scolded and punished by her dad, he stopped sponsoring her school fees for a term and she raised the money herself, Her Mom?

She couldn't say anything but let her husband have his way and that's what made Erica hate her the more , those time she needed her Mom to defend her she wouldn't do anything but let her husband and on the other hand, her elder sister Jemma didn’t say a word too, Since Jemma had more interest in education..her parents focused more on her.

And since Erica couldn’t get the family she wanted she left to live her life and her family and the other hand left her. She couldn’t further her educations so she stopped at her high school level and worked in Restaurants, malls, boutiques and all that just to raise money for her feeding and shelter, but within the past week she left New York for Los Angeles so she can be far from her so called family. She didn’t bother herself about having a friend nor a boyfriend…not after what her Ex boyfriend Ronald did to her.

Her family discriminated her enough and that made her have no single friend but she got used to it so presently, she knows no one in Los Angeles but herself alone.

Luckily enough for her she got the Job of a waitress in one of the top hotels in the City and earns so well

A lot of thought ran through her head, she wondered what it would look like if she eventually went to college, could she probably be working In the big company or own her own company?.

she wouldn't be so stressed would she?

Erica shook her head and shrugged her head, “Whatever it's has happened already life goes on” she said to herself lowly and drifted off to sleep.

Few minutes later the cab pulled to a halt before her apartment. “ma’am you’re home” the cab man said but Erica had already gone to sleep. He repeated himself but the same thing there was no reply from her then he turned back to check up on her himself and found out she was asleep.

“Miss” he called lowly tapping her shoulder and slowly brought her back to reality..

She jerked back up to see she had already arrived at her house and then she yawned stylishly. “ I am really sorry I slept off, here’s your pay” she said to the cab man and paid for her ride before she walked down the car.

Erica tiredly dragged her feet into the compound, so good enough for her she had been able to rent an apartment, She has no neighbor to disturb her, she lives alone in her house and with that she stepped into her house and turned on the light switch, without hesitation she fell on her couch with a loud sigh.

“oh goodness!!” she yelled out tiredly doubting she would get up again for the day.

Just as she thought, she didn’t get up again but slept off on the couch..


In this building, all the families of Mr Maynard, Mr Bertram father meets here, to have good time together, eat and chat, talk business and make plans, carry out their plans too and many other things but most of the things done in here are dark and secret to the public, activities carried out here the most needs no one else involved but the family alone and the family men.

Mr Bertram had just walked down his car walking into the building with his men behind him, all the security men around saw him and bowed their head in greetings.

“Which way?” He asked Raymond his personal assistant.

“He is in the lobby room Sir “ Raymond replied with a slight bow and led the way to the main entrance.

This is it, Mr Bertram had left his mansion to come see his father, he heard his dad had been going through a lot especially from the Black Titans his rival clan. There had been some attack of recent but his father men were so strong and skilled to not get hurt but in some cases those idiots escape before they get caught.

Mr Bertram walked in majestically into the building, He tagged behind Raymond till they made their way to the lobby.

He had a thought immediately, he knew his dad goes to the lobby when he means business so what could probably be popping now?.

And in no time, he arrived.

“Where are the rest? “ Mr Bertram could hear his dad growl

“We were only able to get this one sir, the rest of them escaped… we are sorry sir” a male voice was heard.

“And this one fish isn’t saying a word, not bad.. your loyalty is gonna send you to your grave, I’m not sure you might even get a befitting burial “ Mr Maynard replied and picked up the silent pistol gun smiling at it.

“I’ll ask you this the last time…where are the rest of you hiding? “ he demanded as he took slow steps to the guy that was already beaten black and blue, his hands and body were tied up to a metal chair but still with it all he is refusing to speak up.

He shook his head refusing to open up his mouth.

“I won’t let you know, just be prepared.. the same way you made my Boss lose his woman is the same way you’d lose yours “ he spat out and then Mr Bertram had just walked in.

He stood by the entrance, the room had a little light in it but he heard their conversation before he went in.

Mr Maynard turned to the door and saw his son then sighed. “at the right time.. I was just wondering what to to this punk “ he said and stepped back as Mr Bertram pulled him to a hug.

“So what’s up with him.. I heard his last words” Mr Bertram said staring at the figure before him

“he doesn’t look human again though “ he scoffed and then his dad got himself a stick of cigarette.

“he thinks I killed Nolan’s Wife or should I say side chick.. I wished I did though” his dad laughed and passed the gun to Mr Bertram and he took it with delight.

“so what do we do to him?” he asked and ran his eyes through his body.

The guy seated glared at them with a death look, “looks like you have a death wish” Mr Bertram laughed and pulled the trigger at his knees.

“Argh!! F*ck!!!!” the guy yelled out in pain, Mr Maynard went to get another gun and pointed it at him.

“You want it this way so get it” he replied and pulled the trigger at the other knee.

His screams sounded like a beautiful music track in their ears, they laughed out immediately and this time Mr Bertram walked to him and pointed the gun straight to his forehead.

“for the last time..where are the rest of you?” Mr Bertram glared into his eyes but the guy remained mute groaning in pain, sweats were all over his body and at the same time blood was all over his body.

“see you can leave his clan and join mine, live happily like everyone here..your family gets a good life.. just if you answer my question” Mr Maynard said softly to him but the guy said nothing then Mr Maynard sighed.

“Okay not bad..I see you don’t want to live” Mr Maynard chuckled and pulled another trigger at his feet.

Immediately he screamed out and Bertram threw a punch at his face angrily. He gripped his neck collar and pulled him more closer throwing another punch at his face, at this time the guy looked lifeless and then Bertram walked away to his dad clenching his fist.

Mr Maynard then raised the gun at him and slowly placed his hands on the trigger smirking at the poor guy.

“any last words?” he smiled but wasn’t given a reply.

“okay i—” Mr Maynard trailed off. The guy cut his words short immediately.

“Okay ok I will speak up.. Mr Nolan sent me here with two of his men, the others escaped and he is planning on sending another gang by tomorrow to attack Bertram’s company and staffs, he would send them to sneak in at night time through the emergency exit and—” Mr Maynard cut him short raising his hands in the air.

“I see and I understand perfectly.. you’re too good you know but you’re not loyal” He said into his eyes coldly.

The poor guy raised brows at his statement, Mr Maynard took slow steps to him with a smirk. “Not loyal, you went against your clan instead of you to die for” he laughed

“But I already told you what you wanted” The guy screamed out shaking on his seat.

“I know that but go to sleep” Mr Maynard whispered and pulled the trigger straight to his forehead and watched his head fall low.

He released a sigh then took out his cigarette stick shaking his head at him “clean this mess up” he ordered and turned to his son Bertram.

“ we’ve heard him clearly father, next is the plan right?” He asked him

“ I’d work on that don’t worry, leave it to me” Mr Maynard said rubbing his son shoulder.

Mr Bertram sighed lowly and replied “ Dad you’re not getting any younger, you should step down a little” he Said lowly and his dad laughed walking away.

“I know son believe me..why should I when there’s no one I’d pass it onto, you’re a business man and your son?” he raised his brows at him.

Mr Bertram paused, that’s true..he hasn’t heard from Aurelio yet.

“Aurelio…where could he be? The last time we spoke he was at the company” Mr Bertram replied.

“So what could he be doing now?” Maynard folded his hands

“probably reviewing today progress..right?” Mr Bertram paused


Aurelio laid on his King sized bed with his chest opened and his arms apart. He had left the company like 6 hours ago and didn’t inform his Dad knowing the consequences.

A hand slowly moved on his thighs going beneath his towels and slowly took off his towel making him release a soft moan.

“How do you want it honey?” a female voice was heard seductively

He had invited a s*x worker to his room for no reason and his dad mustn’t find out.

“ How do you think I do?”

Chapter 2: a d!ckhead returned

Aurelio wasn’t disturbed a little, no maids came knocking by his door, not a single person and that was how he wanted it.

All by himself…

Just then the lady hands slid under his towel to grab something strong and erected,

He released a soft moan immediately and shut his eyes in pleasure while she crawled over him and took off his towels staring in bewilderment at his erected cock.

“ Daddy… .” She was already drooling over the size and immediately covered her mouth in it.


Mr Maynard didn’t hear any reasonable reply about his grandson whereabouts.

Mr Bertram thought of it then called Sasha, one of his employees he had left in the hands of his son Aurelio.

She answered the call immediately and spoke up.

“ Mr Bertram, good evening Sir “ her voice came up

“ evening Sasha, is Aurelio there with you? “ he asked immediately and she cleared her throat.

“ I’m really so sorry Sir, he had left for


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