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Déra Brown

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About me

🖋️✨ As a writer, my heart and soul dance across the pages, conjuring emotions, painting vivid pictures, and carrying readers on unforgettable journeys. 📚💫


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Kiera Scott, a pretty single Lady. She's a well respected lady and very pampered by her parents. A high class lady that can get whatever she wants at the tip of her fingers. Kiera works in a very popular company and has secret crush on her boss He's Tibby Wilf ... Tibby Wilf is a freak, crazy, mean, extra arrogant, He hates being corrected... But Kiera keeps crushing on him. Her mom would always tell her her to quit her job since she has a boss as like him, but she keeps refusing cos she loves him but she never knew he was a s*x addict. He'd always scold her when she's wrong and not...till she got used to it ********************** Kiera heard a female loud voice as she hurriedly ran to a room wondering who could that be She doesn't wants to be seen by anyone cos her boss said so. If she by mistake let anyone see her in his house she'd lose her job. Panic took over as she ran in...just then Wilf walked out of the bathroom with towel around his waist "you!!" he called as she turned back shocked to see her boss half naked. "arrgh!" she screamed and shut her eyes closed "what you doing here?" she asked "I should ask you that!" he fired back as she opened her eyes ' hot' she gasped in her thoughts "I'm hiding... please" she whispered as she walked closer to him "hey... stay back" he hurriedly said as she staggered back "arrgh!" she screamed as he pushed her back but unfortunately... his towels fell of his waist.

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"You need to get a lady pregnant!!" Aurelio Dad's loud voice rang in his head and he slowly put down the magazine he had used to cover his face giving his dad a questioning look. "Dad... excuse me?" he replied clearly shocked by his dad words. "you should know by now that your grandpa doesn't want things to end in a generation, he likes his things ongoing from generations to generations and in this case you're demanding for power.. that is what you need to get it from the both of us" His father replied leaving him shocked again. "Since when did the both of you start this.. off course getting a lady pregnant isn't bad or hard, I can" Aurelio replied with an appealing look. His dad scoffed at his reply, his facial expression showed he was ready. "This is not just to get a random lady pregnant, a lady that you'd raise your child with!, a Lady you'd be sure you can leave with!" he demanded as Aurelio rolled his eyes, he was wide-eyed "Seriously all these Dad? just because of what!!" Aurelio groaned aloud throwing the magazine in his hands away. "No more words, your grandpa and I already agreed to it" His dad said before he left his room. **** Aurelio Bertram, a 24 years old handsome billionaire, Grandson of a mob boss and the son of a highly recognized business man in the City, and for Aurelio..he is the combination of both but was temporarily nothing. His family happened to be one of the most feared and respected family in the city. Just when he had thought of taking his revenge on one of his childhood rival and an enemy to his family, and to go for one of a huge party event, his dad and Grandpa weren't ready to allow him but since he was of age to take over their family business, he put a condition that Aurelio must get a Lady that'd get him a child to be a heir to him but it didn't go as expected. Aurelio Bertram is known as a Man wh*r* in his family and he thought it'd be easy to fulfill his task but no, this time no single Lady got pregnant after weeks and months until he met, Erica James, A middle class hotel waitress, she's simple, has a very good body shape that'd make men drool over her. Her parents left her since highschool since she didn't further her educations for her own reasons, they believed nothing good would come out of her. But then after one night Aurelio spent with her, she became pregnant and thought of running away with the pregnancy out of shame but how would she run away with the All powerful Aurelio Bertram's Child...?? A child that would be his heir?!... "Even in the woods I'd find you Babycakes, from now on know you belong to me and all that has to do with you and my baby" Aurelio said to her ears sending shivers all over her.

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" Layla!" Ace growled as he barged into her room. what was he looking for in her house? Her room? "How dare you call my name like that!" She fired back at him. They had an open argument earlier in school today and she won. Could it be he came to deal with her? "You don't know how you look like with that face, get a straw, you s*ck!" She clicked her tongue with an irritated look on her face Before she took a step, in a Swift motion, Ace stood before her grabbing her neck and pushed her to the wall. "Arrgh!" She yelped and grabbed his hands. "You know I could sl*t your throat right now, I could kill you Layla! Don't push me" he growled beside her ears and pulled away to see a tear roll down her cheeks. With an unreadable look on his face, he stepped back. "You can insult me, throw me around, beat me but you can never kill me!" She yelled at him with an unknown confidence " And why's that?" " You, Ace, I've already got you wrapped around my fingers and I haven't even done anything!" She pointed at him. ******** Layla Fulton is an 18 years old beautiful teenager from the Hill pride pack, she doesn't know what it's like to shape shift since she hasn't yet. Just on her first day of resumption to her dream university, she got on the nerves of no other guy but Ace Anderson; Feared by all pack members and respected by everyone, very proud and arrogant, wealthy, dominant and very possessive. As the pack leader of a Everbite wolf shifter clan, he became tasked with protecting the last of his kind from an enemy pack; Layla, he could not help but notice he was slowly getting attracted to her. And when they both realize they're true mates, he needs to decide between killing her and wanting her.


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