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The Don's Wife

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You think I will marry you? The person who kidnapped me? So go ahead whether you kill me. O still will not marry someone like you. Demon turned in a serious manner on speaking like this. And came very close to her and stopped infront of her face. He was so close that Abigail's was having trouble breathing. Ah, said what.. A person like me. LIsten .. You have to live with a person like me for the rest of your life. Now it is your choice, get married with me or live without marriage. He grabbed her shoulder, he jerked her shirt. But due to his force her shirt was slightly torn from the shoulder. And Abigail stopped a sob. He looked her like an hungry animal and after saying his words, he did not stop and went out immediately.

CH:1 The Happy House

In the middle of the night, there was a pulse in the silence. Like the outside, the room was pitch black, with only the light of the moon breaking through the darkness.

Keeping her hands on the side table, she was rotating the tip of the knife around her hands. The sound of the knife ticking in the dark room was revealing her mental agony, she just couldn't get the knife into her stomach and end herself from this world. And if not, mutilate her face with the same knife or with acid. She feels disgusted by seeing the face on which he is devoted.

But no, she was not a coward, nor did she want to be a coward. She wants to tell him that she was not a weak girl that he could easily rule over.

'He will have to pay a heavy price for all this.' Thinking angrily, she hit the tip of the knife hard against the wall, so that it got stuck. She tied up her loose hair, she wiped her chapped lips with her hands so hard that; a thin line of skin scrunched out from her lips.

Her white scarf was draped well, in such a way that the edge of the torn shirt was hidden from the shoulder. The clear red veins in her eyes were the proof of her immense anger, she closed her eyes and leaned against the bed. The conflict in her mind had come to a halt, because; she had finally thought about what she had to do now.


"Are you getting up or should I throw a jug of water on your face?" She shouted. She was standing on his head waking him up. When he didn't wake up. She pulled the blanket from his mouth with a shrug. The same old trick.

"What is the problem?" He sat up annoyed because it was obvious that Abigail was not going to let him sleep anymore.

"Let's get up and have breakfast first, then drop me at the library." She ordered him. Even seeing him upset did not bother her because it was the daily coffee.

"What are we going to do there?" He threw the blanket away from his body and stared at her face. Still, the anger was evident in his eyes.

"To go look for a bride for you..." She sarcastically taunted.

"I have to issue a few books and for what else can we go there? Abigail responded angrily to his foolishness.

"My bride is standing in front of me, why do I need to go to the library? She is Miss Abigail!" He was looking at her with mischievous eyes, her cheeks turned red after hearing this.

"You always have to think upside down, in your upside-down skull. Let's get up and go to the washroom. Hurry, fresh up and come downstairs." She spoke strictly to nullify the effect of his words.

"Yeah, Yeah, do it, do it, be very strict with me and one day, I will take all my revenge from you..." He said meaningfully.

Zach understood her nature very well, he knows his limits and her shy behaviour. He got up and walked towards the washroom laughing. While Abigail smilingly fixed his bed sheet and came downstairs to the dining hall. She came and sat next to her grandmother.


"Did Prince of the Dreamland get up?" After seeing Abigail coming down and pulling a chair. Grandmother asked Abigail.

"Oh dear grandma, you know your daughter's abilities. He is in the shower, he will be down here in a few minutes..." Abigail informs her grandmother about the arrival and departure of Zach. Otherwise, she would not have known about it.

"What is the need to do police work? There is so much business. But no sir, there is a different tune dancing in his head. After selling the whole business, he became a police officer." Grandma was muttering angrily.

She was always irritated by this job of Zach. She had only one son, her husband had already passed away, and her son and daughter-in-law also died in a tragic car accident, she did not want to lose Zach. This is why she is always worried about Zach's well-being.

"Grandma, Why are you taking so much stress? You know your health is not going to be good if your BP will not be normal. Please, let it go and have breakfast." Abigail said and put the omelette on her plate. Otherwise, she would have not let Zach go to work and didn't eat anything all day. Abigail smiled looking at her eating quietly.

"Good morning, Grandma." He greeted. He is wearing a blue shirt and black jeans, he came down the stairs and hugged his grandmother.

"I know, I know, I am sorry, I would not come late again..." He promised. Zach knows she is upset with him, but she cares for him too much!

"Don't make promises that you can not keep. How many times I have told you to leave this job? I don't even know when you come home and when you go. My heart beats all the time." She had started again.

"Grandma, I know you get worried about me. But both life and death are in the hands of God. You say this yourself, then why do you worry? Have trust and faith in God. He will always keep your son in his care." He is lovingly holding her hands and explaining it to her.

"Grandma I love to do work. I love my job. Please, don't be angry with me." He smiled. And she can not be mad at him anymore.S She kissed his forehead and smiled.

"Okay!" She said.

"And anyway, as far as coming late at night is concerned. Today, Zach is treating us to shopping, plus dinner as a penalty." Abigail said while eating an omelette from her fork, ignoring his stares. Because Zach had told her yesterday that it is important for him to go to work today. Yet, she is ceasing him by saying this in front of his grandmother. Zach came and sit on his chair.

"It is not possible today." Buttering the bread, he spoke solemnly.

"Why is it not possible? I will not hear any excuses. Today you will take us out." Grandma ordered. After listening to both of them, he said looking towards Abigail.

"Don't you know that I am stuck in a case these days?" He protested.

"So, what? My daughter wants to go out and we will go. Abigail is more important to you than any case. I am already upset that you both are taking the time in getting married. If it would have been in my hands. I would have to get you married today..." Grandma stated her wishes clearly.

Abigail shy away and bowed her head at her talk, Zach stared at Abigail angrily.

"She is important! Are you my grandmother or her?" Zach tried the last alternative to not go to shopping with the ladies, but it was not heard.

Abigail is sitting quietly eating now because she had the support of grandma and she knows and uses it very well.

"I am your grandmother then it does not mean at all that I will not support Abigail."

"Abigail is not only the daughter of my best friend. But your love also, and you people's relationship is fixed. I will support her as a mother-in-law, and everywhere you will find me as her supporter, so all your talk is useless now." Grandma ended the conversation. Zach wiped his hands with a napkin.

"Let's go to the library now and shopping later on..." He said in a helpless tone. Grandmother and Abigail looked at each other's faces, at which Abigail couldn't control her laughter.

"Yes, let's go." She stood up, wiping her hand with a napkin. She had finished her breakfast.

"You stop this... Why did you do this?" While taking the driving seat, he was staring at her with fake anger at which she laughed.

"Well, I don't mind, you drop me at the library, I will tell Cassie to come and pick me up. If you would have gone to work on the holiday, grandma would have been more upset with you. So, that's why I said to go shopping." She took a breath and fasten her seatbelt.

"Don't worry, you go to work, I will tell her that, I was not feeling well, so we will go another day," Abigail said. She was looking out of the window. The car was now moving on the main road. After listening to Abi's words, he turned his face toward her and now he is looking at this beautiful girl who is very beautiful inside as well as outside, she is like her mother.

"Thank you, Abi!" Taking her hand in his, he could only say this.

Abigail turned to see him and said. "That's alright"

But her eyes were reflecting her emotions. Zach was drowning in her eyes. She looked away from Zach and blushed.

"Be careful!" She screamed and Zach looked ahead from where the truck was coming from a short distance. At the warning of Abigail, he quickly moved the car to the side. Otherwise, they both would have died today. Abigail covered her eyes with her hands and shouted. She was still in shock so she let out a little scream. The car stopped.

"Oh, sweetheart, if you are with me, nothing bad can happen to you..." Zach said and laughed. She punched his arm. Even after this trouble, he spoke in such a charming manner that Abigail smiled.

"You are a very kind person, Mr Policeman. Now start the car like a good child and drive, this time looking at the road." Now he is smiling and starting the car. He knew that Abigail's cheeks were red, so if he would say anything meaningful now, she would pick him up and throw him out of the car. After dropping her to the library, he told her to take care of herself and drive away to go to his work.

CH:2 The Diamond Deal

"Sir your flight for Portland will be ready in half an hour..." The worker said professionally. She was now waiting for the next order.

Demon inhaled a big whiff of the cigar as he sat in the rocking chair by the door. His back was towards the door because at that time there was no mask on his face, so he spoke without turning. The room was filled with the mist of the cigar.

"Ok, I will be right there, you may go now."

After telling her to go, he put the cigar in his mouth once again. He was now talking to someone over his phone when the door banged again, keeping the cigar on the side, he had now covered his face up to his nose.He turned and saw Freddie standing in the doorway with his head bowed. Beckoning him to come in with his head, he was now engaged in the conversation over again...

"Look, George, if you are not gonna agree then tell me, I have other people and other ways to do my work. But remember rivalry with me, you will


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