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The Billionairess Secret Memoirs

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Loved two men at the same time; one for money and the other for her heart. My name is Veronica Villamor and this is my secret life. I do not want to divulge my forbidden secret, but, my heart wanted to expose it to the whole wide world. She dreamt of becoming a successful woman someday, a female billionaire. She wanted to reach her dreams through thick and thin. Loving someone is not the only way to survive in a messy environment. Loving both men to get what she wants and needs their constant care. Daniel Montenegro gave me a ring and put it on my finger. Soon he fell asleep in my arms, in each other's arms, I knew that I captured him, like a prisoner in a cage! Veronica Villamor continued her studies with the help of Raymond Montelibano who supported her from A to Z. Even in her deep soul, she knew that all of these were just stairs to heaven. The most important things that she can revive in her weaknesses are those that destroy her dependent personality. But even though she has experienced hardships in her existence, she still aims for any hope within herself. Fighting adversity is not for Veronica Villamor, and she has no intention of avoiding it. She has a wonderful way of disabusing herself of what she has learned to fake things that have come into her life. Will she reach her dreams to the fullest?

Chapter 1 The Dreamer


My name is Veronica Villamor, and this is my secret memoir.

It was in...the year 1976, in Bacolod City, on the island of Negros Occidental, Philippines:

I met Raymond Montelibano in the College of Commerce Department at San Agustin College, Bacolod City, in the province of Negros Occidental. The City of Bacolod is the capital city, one of the developed cities of the Philippine archipelago that fights for the growth of structures and business establishments, where students from different towns also -study for their college degrees and to find their lives. Different people with different aspirations meet and trade for their dreams. This is a place for new jumps to discover what this place means in their lives.

We share the same academic course with Raymond Montelibano, and every day, we have time to discover ourselves together. I took the Commerce course which pleased my father. I am not interested in taking this course, in fact, I hate Commerce subjects. I cannot give an interesting value to my whole being. It's natural for me to be there inside the classroom, just for the sake of going to school and finishing my course. I am too young to understand things from the proper perspective. I fell in love with Raymond Montelibano, who triggered my inner feelings and attitude to continue studying. He is the driving force behind my motivation to complete my course. Raymond pushed my studies for the life I was walking and my future. He is a man with a simple outlook on life, but the courage to face the world with dignity. He is brave enough to face the things that matter in his life. Raymond's character is comparable to mine which is a weak one in terms of finding a better life for myself and for him. A strength that I could not see in my personality, almost, in our life in Bacolod City, I depend on him.

My ambitions in life and loving Raymond had formed a doubt within me, in which, I had no decided feelings about which way to advance; dig deeper into my love for him or find my own course after graduation.

I was enveloped in financial incompetence like my parents, and I had no means of financing my college education. I gathered enough courage to think of a solution that could give me positive action in my current situation. Raymond has helped me with every task I have done, even helping with my daily living. He lied to his parents about the whereabouts of the money he always asked for his education. To add to my pointless situation, we lived together under the same roof without the sanctity of marriage. Our parents have no knowledge of what is happening in our lives in this area. We continued to study this type of setup. We want to be together always.

I tried hard to find a job to ease my situation and help with my studies but in vain. Raymond can endure hardship, but I can't. I want a life that is comfortable enough for me, my ambitions, and my love.

I always sit in the public square when I'm tired of looking for work.

One day, while I was sitting alone and thinking about my broken situation, looking at the far distance of the seashore at the Bacolod Seawall, suddenly a woman sat next to me and I thought negatively. to her. She smiled at me and introduced herself, "Hi, my name is Emily," extending her hand to me. I accepted her right hand but I stand by my actuation. I smiled at her and answered, "Hello, I am Veronica ... Veronica Villamor ...."

"I saw you sitting here in the square when I passed by on my way to work the last few days. And, I think you need help or, maybe a friend? I worked in a restaurant as a waitress, just across from the main street," as she pointed her finger to the west bank and became agitated.

She looked at me properly and said, "How are you? How are you? Are you studying? Working? Do you have a job?" Her demeanor is more than a sister of mine.

And I answered, "No, I've been looking for a job for about two months now, but..." my words didn't form into a sentence but I looked and measured her.

"Do you want to work in the restaurant?" Emily Villar asked with a smile on her face. "There's a vacancy now," as she approached me.

"I don't know of a restaurant job, but I'll try... I really need a job to support my studies. You know, Emily, I'm in college now... maybe I can ask the manager for in my work schedule? Is that possible? "I asked her with constant confidence in my heart that I need a job right now.

"Yes, I will recommend you. Come with me, I will introduce you to my manager."

As we walked into the restaurant, the glowing light around me multiplied a billion times, I expected something good to come. The crumbling dreams that troubled me for hours suddenly disappeared as quickly as bubbles in the air. Not even in my imagination did I feel so close to my feelings and thoughts. What I hope, really at this moment for me to climb up even though I know, how hard it is to push negative things to be accomplished.

Working at the restaurant with a salary to rely on, built my renewed confidence, which helped sustain the rigors of my daily endurance and continue my college education. I have done a lot with my learning system, where I have developed my character to get the freedom to do things that I can somehow learn. The negative thoughts inside my head were blown into many rays of hope for my goals in life; the addition of some motivated aspect of my ambition prompts my inner divinity to extend basic human emotions.

I continued my studies with the help of Raymond Montelibano who supported me from A to Z. Even in my deep soul, I knew that all of these were just stairs to heaven. The most important things that I can revive in my weaknesses are those that destroy my dependent personality. But even though I have experienced hardships in my existence, I still aim for any hope within me. Fighting adversity is not for me, and I have no intention of avoiding it. I have a wonderful way of disabusing myself of what I have learned from the fake things that have come into my life.

I started discovering things the hard way. I worked as a server in a restaurant near my boarding house. Some customers want to meet me personally. Others befriended me. At first, I thought that these people wanted to raise my well-being and to prolong some wonderful things that I wanted in life. I consider my situation and feelings cultivated by what I value as a new adventure to me. They discovered me high enough as mountain climbers reach the top of the mountain. It's like a sense of building my inner self into people who want to dig deeper and deeper until I don't understand the deepest evil inside me.

After my work hours, I am with them, every day what they want from me, as what they shape towards the new day; drinking alcohol, partying, and drugs. Nightlife seems to be the breathing substance of my soul. I discovered it, I loved it, but in my heart, I knew what it meant to be with them. However, I continued to study but my soul and strength could not withstand the hardships of a daily event. No matter how hard I tried to run away, still coming back, I kept coming back and wanting more.

The things of the earth captured me like a prisoner, like a virus eating my flesh, and released the happiness inside me. Believing that I can extend the wonderful feelings discovered, researched, and tasted; my discovery made me a fool until I found myself making the madness of mankind; money, drugs, and s*x.

The more I value my vices, the more I surrender to their essence that I dare not taste them; every minute of it. The happiness I felt gave true meaning to what I wanted all my life. But, little by little, it destroyed my self-confidence and even my whole personality. It changes the core of my soul, my personality, and even my heart, resulting in my downfall. The reduction of energy within me continued negatively. The goals I cherished have faded over time. I found myself weak, lonely, and alone.

I could not cope with my life in the city, being alone, and Raymond took care of me, who helped, who was ready to help at any time.

Even my friend Emily Villar helped me without limits. I released the very center of my being to the people who loved me. Emily and Raymond are the two people who always lift me up for any problems that I have tied up in my vices.

Emily Villar and Raymond Montelibano nursed my soul back again. Knowing that I can revive my spirit and pursue the ambition I have. They stayed for a while and encouraged me in all ways.

"My best friend, are you all right now? I'm very happy with the changes... I mean, the changes in you. Glad to know you can work again. I'll tell our manager about your return ... You know, he was asking about you and I lied, I know I want you to work there again. Yes, my friend. " Emily asked me one day.

"Yes my friend, now I realize ... how stupid I am ... how weak," I answered crying.

I started concentrating on my studies for two consecutive years which I gave it real meaning. The important things that matter most to me are those that fuel my motivation to grow. The prosperity which I had almost conquered was tending to be mine; for my excellence for all my subjects, extra-curricular activities, and friends. However, it is a revival!


Chapter 2 The Changes

I joined the college publication to explore the possibilities of motivating my inner self to reveal what was inside me. A written form of expressing my thoughts and feelings; poetry, short stories, drama guild, and gradually recovered. Most of my time, I spent in these activities, not knowing that I was changing the important things in my life.

My life now has been the opposite of what I experienced during my first year in the city of Bacolod.

My first poem is titled: "Closer to Me"

Your beauty captures my heart; Your soul surrounds me wherever I am. Perhaps, you are the Goddess of beauty? I feel you are limitless.

My vision is centered on you, turned towards the light.

Perhaps of an accidental but definite direction.

I am attracted by the deepest awareness of you that searches my heart, to think of you and feel your soul all my life.

I know I still feel so small, Oh, what a wonderful feeling it is to see your soul! Unable to see y


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