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Rejection. It's all it takes to make one stronger, to become a better version of yourself, they say and that was all it took for Kyle to become the youngest billionaire in the country at twenty. He swore that if he ever saw Mirabel ever again that he would make her suffer but that all happened all to quickly. But what he didn't know in his revenge plan was that the person he'd thought was Mirabel, was actually her twin sister who'd always had a crush on him ever since they were little and never recognized her. He oddly finds himself falling slowly for this girl he'd never noticed, 10 years later....

Chapter 1

Rejection makes you stronger, they say. But it hurts alot when you are still young and fragile. "I like you" 10years old Kyle confesses to Mirabel handing her a flower. "Please accept it"Mirabel crosses her arms."I refuse to""Why?""Because you are ugly, fat and poor." She blurts out before turning her back at Kyle and walking away from him. Those words had hit him hard and made him swear that he would be successful- no matter what it takes. And 10 years later, he seems to have accomplished his goal. 20years old Kyle stepped out of his red convertible car all dressed up in a black tuxedo and black shades as the reporters struggled to get his picture. He is now the youngest billionaire and d*mn, does he oozes out fineness! Kyle tugs at his collar before smirking and walking into his company. The company he has built with his own sweat and blood. Thanks to that rejection he'd received as a child, he was able to dream big and make something out of himself. If he ever sees Mirabel though, he promises to make her suffer!. Kyle alongside his bodyguards got into the elevator as they slowly approached the 14th floor, where his office was located. As the door dinged opened, Kyle was in awe to see a sea of people Infront of his office. "Is something happening today?" Kyle asked Leo, his bodyguard. "Ah, your secretary is recruiting some staffs to fill in the marketing department as we are short of some hands"Kyle nodded his head. "Ah."He was about to walk into his office when he saw her. Never in a million years did he imagine seeing her here, this early, right now. She was dressed in a white shirt and black shirt looking as though she was nervous for the interview. Her hair which used to be black when they were kids was now brown and it was packed up in a high bun. He couldn't believe his eyes so he had to confirm. "Who is she?"he asked Leo. "Ah. Her name is Mira Mesa. She is-""Stop".He gestured raising up his hand to silence Leo. She had the same surname and she could have easily changed her name from "Mirabel" to "Mira". Her eyes caught his and he hastenly removed his gaze from her and walked into his office. Why did she come here? Did she think he was going to easily give her a job for old times sake?. Well, she couldn't be farther from the truth!. If at all he was going to give her the job, it was to make her suffer. A soft knock was heard on his door."Come in"Katherina, his secretary walked in. "The interview is about to start, sir"Kyle smirked. "Let them in". Outside his office, Mira couldn't help fidgeting in her seat. She was nervous, yes but not about the interview. She was nervous to meet Kyle again!. She'd always had a huge crush on Kyle ever since they were little but he never noticed her. Maybe it's because he was so blindly in love with her twin sister, Mirabel. But after 10 years, Mira had decided that she wanted to be close to Kyle once more and that's when she'd heard of the interview. She didn't just come here blindly in love, no. She also had skills in the marketing field. Her legs shaked as the secretary called out her number."Applicant 47""Yes, that's me""You may go in now"Mira adjusted her clothes, took a deep breath before walking into Kyle's office. She couldn't keep her eyes off Kyle. He looked radiantly handsome as he scribbled whatever rubbish he was writing on a piece of paper. He looked up and their eyes met and that instant, she could feel her heartbeat stop. She took a seat as she greeted him. "Good morning, my name is Mira and-" Kyle raised up his finger gesturing her to keep quiet. He looked down on the paper in his hand. "In your resumè, I can see that you have two hubspot marketing certificates"She nodded her head. "That is correct and I -" Kyle cut her off again throwing a paper at her. "Fill it"Mira picked up the paper as her eyes bulged. She just got accepted? Just like that?. "I-I "she stuttered. Her mouth couldn't form words. "What about the interview?""You don't want the job?" Kyle said reaching out to take the paper from her but she stopped him. "I'm filling it" she hastenly picked up a pen and filled the paper. When she was done, she handed it back to him. "Congratulations, Miss Mira, welcome to the company" Kyle said with a smirk. Mira happily bowed her head as she rushed out of his office. She couldn't contain her excitement. She happily hailed a cab and headed straight for home. When she got in, she screamed. "Easy, girl" Mirabel, her twin sister said descending from the stairs. Mira hugged her sister happily. "I got the job!"Mirabel's eyes bulged as she squealed. "Congratulations!""Thank you"Mira refrained from her sister "That reminds me, how was your blind date?"Mirabel grumbled. "Urgh, please don't remind me. I'm trying my best to forget about that disaster right now""Why?""Everything was annoying. He was boring and to top it all, he wasn't even handsome and you know how I'm particular about looks""I know" Mira replied as she remembered when Mirabel had rejected Kyle 10 years ago. She had happen to be in the playground that day and after hearing the rejection, she'd walked up to Kyle . "Give me the flower"she'd said stretching out her hand "Why?""You just got rejected. It will hurt less if someone accepts the flower from you so give it to me"Kyle pouted his lips "No" "Why?""I don't like you. I like your sister". "It doesn't matter.""Why? Do you like me?" His question had caught Mira off guard and flustered that she couldn't reply. "You see, you are just like your sister. You care more about a person's look"Kyle brushed past Mira but she wasn't just going to let him off the hook like that . Sh grabbed the flower from his hand before running away from him. Kyle ended up chasing her but after a long run, he'd given up. Mira smiled as she recalled the memory walking into her room. She opened her window where a small flower pot which held a single yellow daisy could be seen. She watered the flower as she smiled. "I saw your owner today". She chuckled deeply. She threw herself down on the bed as she couldn't contain her happiness. She was sure she was going to sleep well tonight. ***

Chapter 2

Mira grumbled as her phone rang.Damn, she loves BTS but right now her ringing time was the most annoying thing in the world to her ears. She grudgingly got up from her bed and shrieked as she saw the time. It was 4am . She was going to give the caller an earful, she swears!She picked up her phone and laughed at the screen. "An unknown caller? Seriously?"She slide across the screen."Who is this?" She asked ready to start a fight. "Are you asleep?" His deep voice asked. On hearing his voice, her phone slipped from her hand. That was Kyle's voice! How did he get my number? She thought. "What to do?" She muttered. She picked up her phone from the floor. "May I ask how you got my number, sir?""You filled it in the papers you'd signed earlier"Mira smacked her hands in her head. Of course! how could she have forgotten?!


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