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BLURB: Forbidden Romance. Best Friend's Sister. Age Gap. There are a million reasons this can't work, but Dominick and Phoebe just can't help themselves Phoebe Jackson is a Law Student looking for an Internship which she got through her brother at K2 Law Firm. There, she met Dominick Kincaid, one of the founders of the Law Firm she's interning at. Dominick is grumpy, no-nonsense, sees worst in people. They hated each other on the spot and they continuously clashed, but is it truly hate? A very thin line differentiates Hate from Love. Keep reading to see them discover their Love!

Chapter 1

CHAPTER ONEPhoebe 'Phoebe! Phoebe! Phoebe!' I was shaken awake by my friend sitting beside me, Amanda. I grimaced, I had just slept through the class of the strictest professor in my department. I could literally feel the heat of disapproval in his gaze, scorching me where I sat.'I'm so sorry, Professor', I stood up. 'I want to see you in my office after this class', He said.'Yes, sir,' I replied. I managed to pay attention, write notes, and tried not to fall asleep. This was just a complimentary class because we had just finished our exams and were about to go on vacation for the summer.After thirty grueling minutes, the class was over. I stood up, packed my stuff, and straightened my jeans and shirt. 'Amanda, you can go on, I'll catch up with you later'.'Okay, Phoebe,' she replied. Bye!' I hurried after the professor, trailing a few paces behind him. He went inside his simple, plain office that all academicians seem to have. He sat and offered, 'Have a seat'. I sat down nervously and looked everywhere around the office but him. But, I had to return my gaze to him because there was not much to see in the room. 'Phoebe Jackson', He started, 'I've had my eyes on you ever since you submitted the first assignment I gave you this semester''Thank you, sir', I stammered 'But, I'm disappointed in you. You are good, but you could be better if you just exert yourself. As far as I'm concerned, you need practical experiences you can only get in a law firm and a court. Have you thought about going for an internship?''Not really, sir. I feel like there's still time, and I have so much to learn before going to a law firm.' 'Phoebe, the truth is, you'll always feel like you're not ready, but you have to take the bull by its horns and just go for it! Moreover, most of your classmates have started going for internships, those that haven't are sending applications out to law firms. What about you, what do you feel like doing?''I don't know, sir.''Well, I just wanted to make sure you don't stand still while your mates are making advances. That's all, you can go now'.'Okay, sir. I'll think about what you've said. Thank you.I left the office and took my time walking to the cafeteria to join my friends. The campus is beautiful and more so on a sunny, bright day like this. As I walked through the arched hallways, I couldn't help but admire the blooming gardens and the groups of friends sitting together, reading, chatting, or talking. At the entrance of the cafeteria, I saw my friends Amanda, Emily, Thea, and Bobby. I waved, and they summoned me. I raised a finger to indicate I needed a minute to get some snacks and a bottle of water.Carrying my tray, I approached them. 'Hi, guys.' 'Hi, Phoebe.' They chorused.'What were you guys talking about?''Nothing much, just the same old thing.' I rolled my eyes and laughed at their ridiculous answer.'What did Professor Winston talk to you about?' Emily asked'He talked about internships for the summer. Have you guys thought about applying for any?''Yeah, we talked to you about it, remember? I applied to a court down in Wisconsin, and Thea also got accepted at a law firm here in New York. The others just applied.' Emily replied.I don't know what to do, I was thinking of offering legal advice at the women's shelter.' I sighed and took a sip of my coffee. 'I guess I can do it at the same time or some other time.'We continued talking about other mundane things, finished our food, and then said our goodbyes. As I was walking to my dorm, I concluded that I'd speak to my brother, DJ, about the internship, and he gives the best advice. I arrived at my dormitory a few minutes later. I share the room with Amanda and Thea. The dorm is cute, cozy, and perfect for me. My parents offered to get me an apartment off campus, but I refused. I wanted to get a full college experience and to not live as my parents' pampered child.As I got to my room, I sat down and read the notes I took today. When it was evening, I decided it was time to give this exhausting day a break. I took off my clothes, freshened up, and slept off.DominickHelp! Help! Help! I woke up once again to the horrible nightmare that has been plaguing me ever since I could remember. I stood up from my sleeping position, drenched in sweat, my heart beating rapidly. I rested my head on the headboard and closed my eyes to catch my breath. I opened them, looked at the clock on the bedside table, and it read 3:38am. I groaned, I only slept for three hours, but it was still better than yesterday's 2 hours. I've been besieged by insomnia for at least ten years, I've met a lot of therapists and used a lot of drugs, but none has worked for me yet. I stood up, wore my sweats, and went to the gym in my apartment. I live in a penthouse that my money could buy, it overlooks the New York skyline, and it has the latest equipment and appliances. I grew up dirt poor, and I ensured to live in a place completely opposite where I grew up.After hours on the treadmill, I washed up, ate, and prepared for work. I make sure I'm at the office by 8:00am although the opening time is 9:00am, I abhor lateness. I founded the law firm K2 Law Firm alongside Tristan Kennedy, my friend and roommate, since my college days. I handle family and divorce laws while he handles business and civil law. Our law firm has risen to be one of the best and most sought after in New York City. I went down through my private elevator(perks of living in a penthouse), greeted the doorman, and drove to the office. The law firm is on the second floor of The Mitchell Building, located in Manhattan. As I arrived, I was greeted by the security guard, and I made my way to the office. 'Good morning, Mr Kincaid', my secretary, Dorcas Weston, greeted me with a cup of coffee and my favorite bagel. She's in her sixties and a grandmother to three kids and runs my office with an iron fist. Most people stay clear of her because of her sharp tongue, even I am wary of her.I nodded at her.'You have 12:00 pm appointments with Mr Micheals, and you have to be at court by 10:00am for Becky and Jonathan Murray's divorce'Okay, Abigail, thank you.'I'm representing Becky Murray, she helped her husband build his business from the ground up and he cheated on her and has refused to pay alimony. I rarely go to courts, but I've not lost my defending skills. I sat in my office to go over my notes and prepare for the case.As expected, I won the trial by a landslide. Tristan and the other lawyers wanted to go and celebrate, but I was not in the mood. I called my driver to get me home, I opened my phone to see four missed calls and a message from DJ, my closest friend. It read; 'Hey, guy, it's me, DJ. I'm in New Yokr, and I wanted to see if we could meet up. Call me when you see this'. I was tired, but i'd always make time for him. He managed to stay my friend for so long, it shows how good of a person he is.'Okay, bro, I'll message you', I replied, closed my eye, and enjoyed the ride home.

Chapter 2

CHAPTER TWODOMINICK 'What do you think might be causing these recurring nightmares?' My fourth therapist of the year, Dr Hudson asked me. I rolled my eyes at the ridiculous question, 'If I had an answer to that, Doc, I wouldn't be here right now. He raised an eyebrow at my response, I stared him down, and he looked away.'You should revisit your past, maybe you could find the source of what's plaguing you. How's your insomnia?' He asked'The same, it's erratic and fluctuates daily, but I don't sleep past three hours''Mmmm'. He wrote something in his notes. 'I'll prescribe a new drug for you. Hopefully, this will make you sleep better. Our time is over, I hope to see you next week, Mr Kincaid'. I collected the prescription note from him, shook his hand, and went to collect my drug at the pharmacy next to his office. I got in my car and drove.

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